Packaging of multiple applications in a single AIR file?

I know it is possible to create multiple applications in a single project AIR, but when I go to export a .air file, I can choose only one application. Is it possible package multiple applications into a single .air file? I want to be able to distribute a single .air file and it install several applications, complete with the creation of several icons on the desktop.

Thank you

> Is it possible to package multiple applications into a single .air file?

No, Flash Builder (and AIR) does not justify that.


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    Watch it again once and document Scanning how-to - for Windows 7, I don't see that Preview Scan must be turned on to scan several pages.

    You can check again to see if you can get this works by following the instructions in the document.

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    It's a nice way of saying 'Thank you' for help.

    While I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

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    Hi Manorani,

    The Pack of Adobe PDF allows to combine several files into a single PDF file. For more information, please visit



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    It is impossible in the drive.

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    The only method I know is to use the slideshow Editor. You can include images with text.

    Create > slide show

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    I don't think that there is an option to specify for a particular client of Skype API access. API will focus on any client running.

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    Information provided by yosoh is correct and will work for your condition.  You must carefully read the API.

    Here is an article that deals with something similar, I hope that you will be able to use this to give you some tips on how to implement your requirement.

    How - to define a rollover for an application icon
    Article number: DB-00467

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    The app is actually defined by their app id, which is defined in the config.xml file. If two app have the same id: com.adobe.phonegap.helloworld, they will override the other.


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    Please try:

    Double-click the icon of the printer on the desktop,
    Select scan a Document or Photo,
    The first page on the glass (face-down)
    Check the options (size, dpi...) and select document Scan to file,-(note: dpi ne doit pas plus de 300dpi)
    Click on Scan - machine will scan the first page
    Delete the first page on the glass, put the second page,
    Click on + (plus sign) it is located on the left side of a red x
    Machine will sweep the second page, put 3rd page on the glass and click on + again... until the end and then click Save
    Click done after save

    Kind regards.

  • Scanjet 5590: Scanning of multiple documents in a single pdf file


    My scanner is to save each document that I analyze each page individually, in separate files.

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    My only options are jpg, bmp, tif and png.

    I tried all possible settings and I can't understand it!


    What application to use for scanning?

    You can scan like the HP Scan or the HP Solution Center software, which is available as part of the full software features.

    If you have not installed the software, in devices and printers, click the right button of the Scanner and select remove device.

    Unplug the cable and install the following software:

    Hope that helps,


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    Thank you

    What operating system? ('Command Prompt' looks like Windows)

    UNIX/Linux: a shell script with multiple calls to sqlldr run in the background with '&' (and possibly nohup)

    Windows: A file of commands using 'start' to start multiple copies of sqlldr.

    Published by: Brian Bontrager on May 31, 2013 16:04

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    Asked me to prepare a reprint of a magazine about 80 pages. For reasons that I don't know, the magazine exists only in 9 separate pdf files, so my question is, if it is possible to link these files into a single file - and how to do it.

    All files are in the format in the same way, with 2 columns, same margins, etc. right page.

    Thanks for your help.

    You can indeed

    You can use Acrobat Pro to combine documents.

    In Acrobat, go to file > combine

    then order the PDF files for Assembly

Maybe you are looking for