pairing phone with bluetooth

I have a laptop LG GD710 and I can't pair it with my new 700-210 HP Envy xt computer.  It starts at the pair, and then disconnects.

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    Alonesoul, when your pair is done, is it your alphebatically sort of address book? my boss had the 8310 and its address book sort alphebatically but when it improved the 9000 the thing just decided to cancel the alphabetical sorting, any ideas?

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    I have associated my first phone Motorola Photon my F-150 with Microsoft SYNC without problems. It connects automatically and correctly uses the directory. Unfortunately, I can't associate my second phone. When entering the six digit pass code displayed by SYNC, the keyboard of the phone suddenly closes after I get back only from 2 to 5 digits. The phone displays a message that there was a problem with this phone for pairing. Some put the wrong phone or telephony hardware has a problem?


    I found a trick somewhere on the Net and it helped. Simply continue scrolling after that you get the six digit code and you arrive at a menu that will display a code of alternative access - for me, it was four digits 0000. It worked like a charm.

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    Hello Iva

    A friend of mine has Satellite M40 and I know that this unit is shipped without BT module. If the unit has BT module, you will find labels of BT on the underside of your laptop.

    To establish a BT connection with his mobile phone that he uses the key USB BT.

    By the way: fact Iva comes from Zagreb, Croatia?

    Good bye

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    Any suggiestions?

    What error message do you get?

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    I installed a Bluetooth Dongle on my Win 7 PC and am tring to connect my cellphone Samsung Galazy Y / mobile.  The phone there dongle. but then asks me to pair it with a PIN.  I don't have a PIN code.  The default PIN is 0000 or 1234.  I have try the two default values.  It will not always pair.  I don't know what coupling means or why it should happen, but imagine that it means that the dongle and the phone will be allowed to communicate only when it is associated with.  Can anyone tell how I can connect?  Samsung system is may be incompatible or something?

    Hi Mick,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community!

    I understand that you are unable to connect Samsung Y to computer via Bluetooth. I will try to help you with this.

    (1) you receive an error message/code?

    I'd like to have you go to the link below:

    Find & pair it with Bluetooth devices

    Let us know the status of the issue. I will be happy to provide you with the additional options that you can use to get the problem resolved.

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    Your phone uses the different operating system, unfortunately I can't find it in this list: - 1044333 & platform = tcm:245 - 1044335

    But you can always send from your phone to your printer.

    Kind regards.

  • Bluetooth android smart pairs of phone with pc but unable to connect to each other.

    Original title: Bluetooth pair android smart phone with the pc but cannot connect between them.

    My smartphone HTC android on s one can be paired with windows 7 based sony viao laptop but unable to connect between them for any other action.
    How can I connect my mobile with my pc using bluetooth?  Waiting for a response. Thank you in advance.


    1. what exactly are you saying then?

    2. do you get any error messages?

    3 did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    4. What is the model of the phone?

    I suggest you to see the site mentioned below:

    Change settings for a Bluetooth compatible device

    I also suggest you get help from HTC on the site mentioned below:

  • How do I pair iwatch with two phones? I have updated to 3.0

    How do I pair iwatch with two phones? I have updated to 3.0


    More than one Apple Watch can be coupled to a single iPhone, but a single Apple Watch cannot be combined with more than an iPhone at some point.

  • Pairing with bluetooth device

    I have a MacMini 2012 and my bluetooth is on. I just bought an external speaker, Sharper Image and it is supposed to be found by bluetooth from my computer, but it is not.  I followed the instructions that came with the external speaker and have re-product the steps to pair with Bluetooth several times and still my Bluetooth is not find the speaker.  What is the problem please?

    OS X El Capitan: Configure Bluetooth audio devices

    The speakers work with another device?

    If the speakers are connected to another device is the device not included? Speakers can connect to this device and not the Mini

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    No device is currently presented, it shows just looking...

    What can I do?, is it is a problem of bluetooth?

    You will find that you need to cancel your your iPhone Bluetooth device pairing (or any other device that already, it can be associated with) until you can pair it with your watch. If it is paired with your iPhone:

    • On your iPhone go to: settings > Bluetooth.
    • Look for the device in the list, then tap Forget this device.

    To connect a Bluetooth headset or other Bluetooth with your Apple Watch device:

    • Turn on your Bluetooth device in discovery / pairing mode (follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the device).
    • On your watch, go to the home screen (via a simple press on the digital Crown) > tap Settings (cog icon) > Bluetooth.
    • Your watch will now search for Bluetooth accessories that are in discovery / pairing mode.
    • Choose your Bluetooth device when it is shown.
    • If required, enter a password or PIN.

    More information:

    Use the Bluetooth with your Apple Watch - Apple Support Accessories

    Listen to music on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • will be ipod nano pair with bluetooth 3.0

    I'm trying to pair my iPod nano 7th generation equipped with older Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth 3.0 but the nano don't recognize it yet.  It is possible to combine, or technology will not talk to each other?

    You use the steps described on page 52 (Chapter 12) of the user guide for the 7th gen nano? f

  • Problem pairing and using Bluetooth THE TI sensor Tag with Z10

    I can't pair and use THE TI Bluetooth sensor Tag with my Z10 on OS version

    I can find out the sensor with bt_disc_retrieve_devices Tag, but when I try to pair with bt_rdev_pair, I get an "Operation not permitted" error (EPERM). If I skip the step of pairing and just the list of services with a bt_rdev_get_services, I get an error "No such file or directory" (ENOENT). Same thing happens in the settings menu bluetooth where I can see the device, but it fails to the pair.

    And then, when I try to connect directly to a service with bt_gatt_connect_service, I get an error 'No such device' (ENODEV), which leads me to believe that I have to be paired first to connect to a service.

    The sensor Tag I pairs and connects very well with an iPhone 4S and on the flipside, my pairs fine Z10 with other devices THE bluetooth so I don't know which side prevents matching. I was actually at the session of JAM62 to BB Live 2013 and devices we were seemed to pair well with the TI sensor tag. Not sure if the version of the OS has nothing to do with it.

    Anyone else having these issues with the TI sensor Tag matching or know of ways to solve this?

    Updated the Tag TI with TI WHEAT SDK 1.3.2 sensor and now it matches successfully. Thank you!

  • I have a question, I'm trying to connect my phone via bluetooth with my laptop, but I can not connect, I can not find my phone bluetooth device is a photon with sprint 4g

    I have a question, I'm trying to connect my phone via bluetooth with my laptop, but I can not connect, I can not find my phone bluetooth device is a photon 4g with sprint, if anyone can help me I appreciate it.

    Check with the manufacturer of your celllphone or Sprint to make sure your phone has this feature, and if so, what is needed to get there.  It should be in the documentation for the phone manufacturer or Sprint web site.

  • Bad his pairing with bluetooth aptx.

    Me and my wife has a problem of matching to external headspeakers with bluetooth aptx. The sound is very very bad (you don't hear even what music it is) and high. We're trying to connect to a speaker without aptx and this isn't a problem. Does anyone have a solution to our problem?

Maybe you are looking for

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