Palm Pre crazy symptoms: 'phone in offline mode', won't charge battery, won't start, message error "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved.

This is a long description of a series of problems with my new Palm Pre. You can search text to find your specific problem. There is no solution in my post. Looking for possible answers in future responses.

I bought my Palm Pre 4 days ago and it arrived 2 days ago. Phone was working fine. Last night I plugged the phone and updated the operating system. After, I've selected "Done" and went to bed.

-First set of questions: 'Phone offline', will not charge battery.

In the upper left corner of the phone, there is the message "phone offline. Although the phone was in charge all night, it reads "battery of 26%. I called the general number of on the Sprint tech support and we tried the following things:

(1) the phone reboots (press on and hold the power button / stop, then select 'Disable'. After setting down, hold down power button / power stop.)

(2) to reset the phone (several ways - call tech support so that you do this properly)

The individual Sprint and then sent me to another tech support person, likely to level 2.

-Second series of questions: message error "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved;

#2 Sprint tech support person had me also to restart and reset the phone in a number of ways. In his own words 'we tried all the palm pre stuff I know' and whenever the phone was insensitive. Often, we received the message error "the phone is in offline mode. We did a full erase and after that the phone will not re-start is no longer. At this point, the error message came up saying "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved" that referred me to for assistance. I think it's important to note here that this was not the typical error message (black screen with white letters) but rather the blue sky with a translucent box on background with white text.

#2 Sprint tech support person then me connected with the support of the Palm and the dance continued. Yet once, we tried a whole bunch of reset and restart and the erasure of the options. Palm support asked me to go to: to download WebOS Doctor, which I did. I downloaded the file. Although that was the case he had hold the button "volume +" and connect the phone to the charger. This caused a USB symbol will appear on the phone. When the record was complete, I got an error message which could not run the file. Palm tech support person seemed surprised. I mentioned that I was on a Mac and he said he couldn't help me. He me transferred to another person from Palm support that works with Mac users.

Palm #2 tech support person advised me that I should have selected the download option 'mac' on I verbally walked him through the series of Web pages, telling him it is said that you need Windows (any version) or Mac (whatever version), but that at no time was there a possibility to download another WebOS doctor for different operating systems. After an exchange of views over she told me that she would have to have someone call back me tomorrow.

-Third series of questions: phone stuck on the USB symbol.

So for the moment, the phone is completely useless. Not fantastic. I started the mac on Windows 7 and downloaded WebOS Doc and received the same error message. I also ran Windows Vista virtually and received the same error message. Later this afternoon, I head into work to try the same thing on Windows XP.

In the meantime, I got on this forum and found a thread that has provided a direct link to the necessary file:

After downloading this file, I realized could totally be a virus, I was able to get WebOS Doc work on my computer. It took that I recharge the phone before, and now it's on the screen that says 'do not disconnect your phone' and the full file of 3%. Only... it was completed for almost 30 minutes to 3%.

I hope that Palm will follow-up with me tomorrow, but I'm leaving on a business trip at 7:00 and I would love to have the thing work. All suggestions are welcome, even if you can just tell me how to get her think disconnected safely before my flight tomorrow. I want to get through security with my phone plugged into my laptop.

Thank you.


I picked up the phone at the local Sprint store and the sales ago replaced the phone. They were unable to understand what went wrong and, essentially, has declared a complete failure of the unit. I'm sorry that I'm not able to offer better news, but I hope that this info is useful to you.

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    Apart from this, the applications work correctly.  I tried to restart the phone and also to remove the battery and reboot, but it did not help.

    Anyone has an idea on what could go wrong?

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    What if you use a wired headset? You will hear the calls?

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  • SMS does not work with T - Mobile CZ and Palm Pre

    Hi, here is my problem:

    I bought a Palm Pre from the Germany. Everything works fine, but there is problem with sending messages. I tried to ask in the Czechs, precentral forums or my carrier and no answer has solved this problem. So I ask the heart of the problem, the Palm developers.

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    So guys, what do you think about this? Where is the problem? How to solve it? Can anyone help? Are there any other DB where phone reads the parameters?

    Yes. My Palm Pre has been activated with my Czech SIM T-Mobile without problems and App catalog works as well.

    Edit: And here's problem at the main post resulution: I ask the new sim card (I had an old since the time of Paegas (10 years ago)) and everything is now ok.

  • Speckled in the Palm Pre screen

    Sprint replaced my Palm Pre because of a defect. Twice, they tried to give me a refurbished device where the screen has a model strongly and irregularly spotted, as if it were very dirty from below. The result is it is difficult to read the text in small print, and I get nauseous since a session extended with the phone. The Sprint Store recognizes that it's new and unusual, and they are at loss as to what is happening.

    Sprint is yet another phone comes in next week, which I hope it will not have this problem, but nobody knows what's going on?

    Sprint has been able to find a phone handed to nine without the mottled screen, so I am now a happy camper.

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    I'm considering buying a Palm Pre Plus with Verizon service.  I've also seen a Palm Pre Plus Black.  Anyone know what's the difference between the two?  If there is a difference, which one is better?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello Mindy and welcome on the fourms Palm.

    I'm not sure that there is a difference.  All Palm Pre and Pixi phones come in only one color: black.

    Mr. Henry Ford would be proud.

    Alan G

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    There is no way to locate now, unless the one who found it exerts a force on you contact on this number you posted

    The good news is, since you have find my iPhone, they will not be able to reuse the phone even if they are trying to restore. Unless they know your password, or you have a valid proof of purchase AGFI won't be deleted.

    So if the person who found the phone knows about it, he or she would rather go back because it would be of no use to them.

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    At first, I thought maybe Sprint a signal outtage questions (due to cold front?), so I waited a few days and I'm still having the same problem.

    I called Sprint and they have tried to reset my connection and then asked me to stop and remove the battery for 3 seconds. I did it and I'm still going through the same problem. I called Sprint again and they told me to take my phone to the nearest Sprint Store to get a diagnosis. It is such a waste of time. Everybody runs into this same problem?

    If anything, I'll just buy another phone (never a Palm again)

    I've only had problems with this phone:

    -Memory leaks/major lag

    -When I try to close an application by dragging it to the top, he comes back down

    -When I only have 2 cards and try to open another, he said that too many cards open. I close all the cards and open just this one alone, and he says the same thing. I have to restart the phone, because everything works super slow

    -Memos 'mysteriously' disappear and then re-appear again

    webOS updates - screwing my (mafia game) Apps

    Unfortunately, you just need to start disabling the services until understand you that one hangs luna.  I began by killing the accounts of instant messaging, calendar, contacts and finally struck by e-mail when he stopped with the stupid phone offline behavior.  Pretty well, I knew it was e-mail, but wanted to exclude anything else causing her grief.  Pretty sad, the device cannot handle 500 emails in the affirmative, but I think that I have even more than that in my Inbox and it works.

    Such joy, pay for the device, markets service and crappy sprint as end users have to work around their bugs, redo our emails and others to adapt to their ideals of how things work on the interwebs just to make it work.  More disconcerting, it's Palm never bothered to acknowledge or respond to one of my posts on the debacle, sprint is clueless to do something with 4 back with probably 10 hours of support calls (typical cellco), and obviously it's not just me as the wheel that squeaks here...

    This behavior began in 1.0 and apparently is present through 1.3.5.x with many complaints on the way, so wtf is palm doing to fix this?

  • Help! Where is the CAMERA ZOOM in/out on PALM PRE PHONE button?

    Someone at - he found how ZOOM IN & OUT when shooting or shooting mini videos on their Palm Pre phone? It's so frustrating that a simple application is so hard to find. I do not compare, but my old Samsung BlackJack even had this simple application. Can someone please HELP?

    Hello and welcome to the forums;

    At that time, the pre doesn't have a function of zoom of the camera or VCR. If this could be added as a software update, you can request this option to where our developers monitor applications for clients for changes and updates.

    Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing.


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