Palm z22 reset?

I need to hard reset my palm z22, but I don't know how to do it.

could someone explain me how to do? I would appreciate it a lot!


Is there a reason for the hard reset? Or can we help you with a specific problem with your device? If it's just a need to hard reset. You want to keep press the button and release the reset button (back) keep holding the power button until you see palm powered or powered access. Press up on the PRICE of five modes. On the bottom with screenshots also shows how to perform other resets

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  • Non-responding Palm z22

    I have a Palm z22 which I used for several years. This morning, he decided that he no longer wanted to respond to the stylus. If I use the stylus to tap or tap and hold any part of the screen, nothing happens. The buttons are always in any navigation of some and the unit is fully charged.

    I tried to do a soft reset. The same situation later. Anyone has any ideas please?

    Please see the first two discussions at the top of this section.  Those with gray backgrounds covers issues that have repeatedly called for, like yours.

    "Resolution of the digitizer (touch screen) questions" is the one you want.


  • Palm Z22 - How can I erase completely out and erase my info?

    I have a Palm Z22 and I am him giving it to someone else to use.  I want to erase all contacts, pictures, everything and put it back in the original, out-of-the-box plug.  I use Desktop 4.2.1 on a Mac OSX.5.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    You will need to reset hard pda.

  • Move the data from Palm Z22 for palm M125

    My Palm Z22 batteries do not hold a charge.  I recently bought a Palm M125, but have been unable to transfer data from the Z22, the M125.  My op system is Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Edition processor.  Is it possible to move the data?

    If the Z22 still works, the best way to transfer your data is for her beam to the M125.  At least, for the PIM of Palm of basic data (e.g., calendar, Contacts, memos, to-(tasks)).   On the Z22 in calendar, switch to the display of the day (not the order of the day).  In the menu, select the category of beam, choose the date range and select all from the drop-down list category.  Make sure that receiving IR is selected in the receiving device.  Align them face to face on one foot out and tap the beam.

    In Contacts, select the category in the upper right, then open the Menu and select the category of beam.  Same process for tasks and memos.

    Data and third-party applications might not let u their beam.   In addition, you will a newer device a lot older with an older operating system that may not work new apps.  So, after you transfer your PIM data, try beaming your third-party apps at a time to see if they run again.  The Z22 Launcher screen (at home), open the Menu, and then select the beam.  Highlight apps one at a time and try to beam at the M125.  My guess is that apps like Documents To Go might not even run, if they let u beam, because they were written for the newer versions of Palm OS than what works the M125.

    There is also an upgrade process where you can do this thru Palm Desktop when you switch devices.   But again because once you go towards the back to an older device, there are some compatibility issues with the applications, databases and files of the system, not to mention the questions according to what version you use Palm Desktop.

    Let us know if ensoupler works, or if you encounter any problems, in this case, we can go to the ugrade process.  Also, let us know what version of Palm Desktop you will synchronize with.

  • Palm Z22 defining calculator

    I have a Palm Z22 - he used to have (a former) calculator format - easy to use - it changed? by itself in a format with a lot of blue keys - it is more difficult to use - how to make the old one?

    [email protected]

    Hello wlevinson51, welcome to the HP support community!

    When the Calculator display, you can change the layout by clicking on the left button on the 5-way navigator.  By clicking on the common sense will change for other formats.

    Another way to change the layout of calc is to tap the menu button to the row at the bottom of the screen, then choose "Options".

    Now, you can select 'Basic Mode' to return to the format you had originally.

    Note: there are a few other layouts calculator really cool here too!   :-)


  • Can I use the CD that came with my Palm Z22 to install on my new computer Windows 8 2005?

    I'm upgrading from a Dell XP machine on a computer Dell Windows 8.  My old Palm Z22 driver installation CD will work to load the software into my new Windows 8 machine; or do I need to download a new software specifically for Windows 8?

    After losing almost three frustrating weekends, I finally got my Z22 to synchronize with Windows 8.  You never answered my first question [can I use the CD that came with my Palm Z22 to install on my new computer Windows 8 2005?], that would have eliminated a lot of uncertainty in my many attempts to synchronize with the download of version 6.2 has recommended you.  Fortunately, I wasn't the original CD with version 4.2, because 6.2 has toured with a bit more clear instructions and a new download of

    Thanks for your advice in any case.

  • Palm Z22 - 'lost' the game of backgammon

    For several years, I liked Backgammon on my Palm Z22, but inadvertenly uninstalled.  Can someone tell me how to get this game, I bought somewhere, but don't know where?

    shayan_doust wrote:


    What is a windows operating system? If so, then it was preinstalled.

    You can't get one from microsoft, you can play online.

    I'm sorry

    Hope this helps: /.

    Shayan Doust

    As the Z22 Palm devices run PalmOS, not Windows.

    @KenPH , we have no idea where you bought this game, but Google is your friend!

    Try to search for "Backgammon for PalmOS" and see what comes!


  • Removing apps from a Palm Z22

    I can't understand how to remove (uninstall) apps of my Palm Z22. I'll appreciate any help.

    Thank you!

    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    Press the upper right corner of the screen of the Launcher (where the time is displayed) to open the Options menu.  Press 'delete '.

    A list of installed programs.  Highlight the one you want gone and highlight it by pressing on it.  Now press the button "Remove" at the bottom of the screen.  Fact!


  • Palm Z22 unable to hot sync to computer vista laptop WHY

    I have a Palm Z22 and a Tungsten handheld device.  Last year, I bought a laptop with the vista operating system.  I was not able to sync hot or the other device to my computer.  Tried to download the updated drivers, but NO LUCK.  What can I do?

    Hello Deborah Mr. Williamson.

    1. what exactly happens when you try to synchronize these devices?

    2. you receive messages or error codes?

    You can check out the following link and try the instructions of troubleshooting for Palm and tungsten:

    Also check out the following link:

    The problems of synchronization

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How can I synchronize a palm z22 with win7?

    I have a palm z22 and need to sync in Windows 7 64 bit.

    Hello, Catherine.

    I think what you need is the information found here links

    You have already installed the HotSync Manager?  If this is not the case, try to install the application by using the compatibility mode.

    How to install a software application using the compatibility mode

    What version of Windows 7 do you have?  You may be able download the software Virtual PC XP Mode from Microsoft.

    Windows XP mode will run many older Windows XP productivity programs and who are not natively compatible with Windows 7, helping thus make savings and reduce possible operational downtime by prolonging the life of a software of.

  • Palm Z22 and GPS?

    My son just got this Palm Z22 for me for Christmas! I've never owned a Palm before, so I'm a "Newbie Uber" . I tried to search positions, but so many returns and not quite good questions. I want to know if this Z22 has the ability to organize the windows mobile OS, as I see that is necessary in order to run a number of GPS programs. Anyone?  Thank you very much in advance!

    Thank you for using the Palm help forums,

    So basically you want to load Windows Mobile on the Palm OS, unfortunately it's impossible because there is no way to Flash the Rom to another OS. This would also seriously turn your gift in a brick. Now on the right to do, unfortunately using GPS on the Zire 22 would also be impossible since the program is too large and might not work properly on your device.

    The Tungsten E2 and the Palm TX are much better devices to handle GPS software.

    Message relates to: Centro (Sprint)

  • Pilot to synchronize Palm Z22 with windows 8

    Can someone tell me where I can download the driver to synchronize my Palm Z22 with Windows 8?


    This old program for Windows Vista (32 bit) might work:
    There are versions Windows 7 or Windows 8.
    Kind regards
  • need to know the Palm update to transfer my Palm Z22 info in Windows 8.1 or MacBook Pro

    My Palm Z22 is really old and even when I installed the CD on my new computer Dell Windows 8.1 news moves on.  Any ideas on how to do it?  I also have a MacBook Pro that I could use if the CD would move on the MacBook Pro.  Thank you

    Hi Ruby,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community Forum.

    The program for the PDA device you mentioned is not compatible with Windows 8. Please check the following link for compatibility.

    Palm Z22: Compatibility with Windows 8

    In addition, please refer to this post by Carlos Atashian responded on November 28, 2012 in the following thread link:

    Pilot to synchronize Palm Z22 with windows 8

    For the compatibility and troubleshooting on MacBook Pro, please visit the Apple support as shown in the following link.

    MacBook Pro Support

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

  • Hot Sync Palm Z22 with 64 bit Windows 7

    I just bought a new Sony Vaio running 64-bit Windows 7 and I am unable to Hot Sync my Palm Z22 to my computer.  I've been a Palm user for years, my being my model 3 of the current one and it has been my lifeline, but I am very agitated and frustrated that Palm people haven't posted updates to manage my current situation.  Everything I've read here indicates that the extra money to go towards infrared and some people are not yet a success while others have long struggled to finally make sync.  Someone out there a similar situation as mine, which would be ready to give me advice as to what I have to do and how to do in order to get my Palm to connect with my 64-bit Windows 7 platform?  Thanks to all those who are able to help.

    I have a new Asus with Win7 x 64 and after looking here and there in the way of the IR. Find for less than $10 on ebay, delivered USB iRda devices. Bought one, installed, Windows downloaded the new driver and worked straightup. $10 spent wisely, will give me a few more years with my trusty Palm.

  • Palm Z22 does not illuminate

    I used my Palm Z22, put it down and back about 5 minutes later and it would not turn.  He almost had a full charge on this issue.  I plugged it again and it still not light.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    My Palm plugged the adapter to be set for the extra charge per night... again...

    About an hour later, walked by on and...

    This MARKET!  All my contacts and all are there!

    I'm pretty darn happy

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