Panels ScriptUI migrated NO AE 2015 in 2015

ATTENTION: Scripts and script UI panels is NOT migrated in the update, even when one selects "keep settings". It goes the same for keyboard shortcuts. I wonder, if this is only the case with me? You experience the same behavior?

See this:

migration settings and plug-ins for after effects CC 2014 (13.0). After the effects of interest area

Who wrote for the previous version, but which is still true, except that you must get new plug-ins for this version, as explained here:

plug-ins and after effects CC 2015 (13.5). After the effects of interest area

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  • Sync/migrate settings CC 2015

    Anyone know how to migrate libraries of custom brush in Illustrator from one device to another?  No longer see a sync settings icon.

    Have you tried to export the settings?

    You should get a file that you can transfer to another device.

  • Adobe 2015 LUTs available in the color of missing Lumetri

    I am interested in the LUTs that are available for people in the tutorials on Youtube, and they have a large selection of available LUTs (5 d, 7 d, etc.).

    Screenshot 2016-08-10 23.21.18.png(source: Lumetri color Panel explained - first Pro CC 2015 - YouTube )

    I have like 9 available for the high-end devices. What should I do to get the integrated lut? I would use the 5 d LUT color correction, but it is not available for me.

    Here's what it looks like for me:

    Screenshot 2016-08-10 23.18.18.png

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Kirill Volguin

    Those you do reference is in the "Legacy", Lumetri/LUTS/Legacy folder on a PC.

    On a Mac, I think that you must "unpack the package" of the program or something like that to get "there".


  • Why am I forced to accept April 7, 2015: Terms of Service?

    Suddenly last night, I noticed that my icon creative cloud (CC) on the Mac's Menu bar (the bar at the top on the screen) has a red pyramid with an exclamation point. By clicking on the CC icon opens a panel with old (April 7, 2015) terms of use that I'm supposed to read and I accept. Why do I get the old conditions suit?

    Hi all

    I was able to find some info on what happened - a small number of creative Cloud users were incorrectly invited to re - accept the terms of use. There was a bug in the application that has since been fixed. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

    Thank you


  • How can I downgrade prelude CC 2015.1 to 2015.0?

    I've been Googling for most of an hour and that you can find ways to install 2014 or 2015.

    Feature of my 3rd party Panel prelude is horrible on 2015.1 and I need to revisit 2015.0 others are reporting that it works very well.

    Please and thank you!

    I found a statement that 2015.0 should be listed under previous Versions of prelude in the Mine of CC. was not, however, after uninstalling/reinstalling of the prelude, the list shows now the prelude 2015 (4.0)

    I hope this helps someone else.

  • Help me to customize these panels of 2014 cc


    Windows 10, hearing cc 2015 and my laptop windows 8.1 with hearing cc 2014

    I have a problem with cc 2014, I can ' t customize as 2015

    This is a screenshot of cc 2015


    and here you can see the cc 2014


    as you can see in the second screenshot, where I put the red arrow I have all the separate Panel

    I have CC 2015?

    Thank you

    It's just the different way that the graphics are drawn in the two versions of the hearing. You cannot modify CC 2014 to look like in 2015, 2014 has tabs, 2015 only. Otherwise, the panels are identical.

    But how is it you are still ongoing hearing CC2014 on your laptop? Surely he should have himself upgraded 2015 automatically now?

  • Adobe Exchange packets my extension already packed

    I'm trying to present a panel of first Pro CC 2015 I created, but the uploader keeps placing my package in another package.


    -Extension is intended for first Pro CC 2015, Mac/Windows

    -Development and test everything is done on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    Here are my exact measurements (with photos!):

    1 packed my extension using ZxpSignCmd:



    2. test the installation using ExManRoot:



    3 downloaded the package on Adobe Exchange:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.39.51 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.40.31 AM.png

    4. the file downloaded FROM the Adobe Exchange website:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.42.10 AM.png

    5. test the installation of the package shipped with ExManRoot:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.45.02 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.46.18 AM.png

    As you can see on the last screenshot, it simply puts the package in the extensions folder. No wonder he gets rejected! It seems that, despite the fact that I chose 'file ZXP"as the type of file to upload, it is always re-packaging packaging and causing the installation fails.

    I doing something wrong or the uploader is wrong. I tried to contact [email protected] directly, but they do not handle individual cases and only suggested that I double check how I'm sending package. Well, not sure I can do that more clearly than above. Please help!


    you have just packaged your extension as zxp. So you can download it in a single file and not use "create a new package:


  • Extensions unsigned on Mac

    How unsigned extensions photoshop on Mac?
    I turned on PlayerDebugMode via the terminal command
    write com.adobe.CSXS.6 PlayerDebugMode 1

    (also ran for CSXS.7)

    Files are located in/Users/martindahlin/Library/Preferences/inside two plist files:


    The same panel runs on Windows, after I made the corresponding registry change, but it never appears on the Mac.

    I placed the panel inside: / Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions
    I have another Panel in the same folder (downloaded on the net) which works very well.

    You updated manifest version brought to 17? I also think that expansion slot by default CEP was under ~ / library, no/library. And check from Davide survival guides

    HTML Panel advice #21: Photoshop CC 2015.5 survival guide | Photoshop, etc.

  • The Adobe Extension Builder 3 works to run a project in Photoshop CC2015.5 without getting "the extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed.

    Hello world

    The Adobe Extension Builder 3 works to run a project in Photoshop CC2015.5 without getting "the extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed"?


    Is there a way to convert my panels that works perfectly in CC2015 up to the CC2015.5version?

    I hope someone can give a solution, because everything that I could find were unanswered questions.

    Thank you all for your generous contribution


    You have set the indicator of debugging for 2015.5 CC: HTML Panel advice #21: Photoshop CC 2015.5 survival guide | Photoshop, etc ?

  • Can someone summarize how Lumetri and SpeedGrade fit into the workflow?

    I always use the old fast corrective color and individual video color adjustments. Coming from a photography and Lightroom, doing it this way is a monumental pain in the *.

    I don't know what's the best practice for the treatment of my images in terms of exposure, contrast, selection of specific color channels to saturate, since dark shades and clear data recovery, adding sharpness and recording it all to a preset so that I can re - use?

    What is the point of SpeedGrade if ranking can we already in first? Looks like Lumetri have some kind of advantage of speed (for example, faster exports) in comparison with regular and other presets?

    I don't know what's the best practice for the treatment of my images in terms of exposure, contrast, selection of specific color channels to saturate, since dark shades and clear data recovery, adding sharpness and recording it all to a preset so that I can re - use?

    Exhibition, including details in dark and light tones, is dealt with in camera, for most of us, not in the post.  Only RAW formats allow a good setting of these parameters.

    Sharpness is ideally also dealt with behind closed doors, more precisely with a better lens.

    The rest can be adjusted using the Lumetri Panel.  Here is a video explaining how it works.

    Lumetri color Panel explained - Premiere Pro CC 2015 - YouTube

    SpeedGrade is the professional version of the Lumetri group for those who need more control (and know how to use it).

  • Sense of the trace for compound?

    With a selection of a compound path, the attributes Panel (Windows > attributes) in CC-2015 does not display a sense of the route where I can change to the compound?

    In the attributes Panel menu: "show options".

  • color correction

    How do you make more light

    Lumetri color Panel explained - Premiere Pro CC 2015 - YouTube

  • Add point to CC libraries does not work


    In my control panel CC libraries in DW 2015.1, icons to add items to the library to remain greyed out. Image, text, colors, nothing. Too slippery for example a photo in the library does not work.

    However, if I open Photoshop I can add items to the library, and they are ommediately in Dreamweaver. So I guess that there is not a network problem. Also. I can add images Adobe stock.

    I have no idea what could be wrong. Anyone?

    (I'm on a MBP OSX Mavericks)

    Thank you


    For now, the only assets that can be added to the libraries of CC of Dreamweaver are Adobe stock images. See Dreamweaver Help | Libraries of creative cloud in Dreamweaver for more details.

  • Cannot install a previous version of legacy

    Hi all

    I run after effects CC 2015 on my Macbook pro laptop computer, but since the version migration 2014 to 2015 sequelae ram preview is really terrible and I can't really work effectively. I've seen on various websites that you could reinstall previous versions of app on the cloud to create th. Now my question, I tried to do this, but I don't seem to find how do. If you look at my screenshot of the box from previous versions I get only three choices of software. Capture d’écran 2015-10-09 à 09.16.33.png So if you guys could give me a heads up on how to install after effects CC 2014 that would be great.

    Thank you

    Click on the below link, Sign In and open Photoshop Elements download link.

    Do not close the page, just keep it open.

    Note: * If we do not keep the page of items in Photoshop, we will have access denied error message when file downloading install direct.

    Then click on the link after effects CC 2014.

  • CSS styles double-click Properties


    Everything worked well on my previous version of Adobe Dreamweaver cc 2015. This all started when I updated my CC 2015 build Dreamweaver 7714. Before when I double click on my definition of css rules rules Css Panel opened very well, but since I've updated my Dreamweaver whenever I double click on my css rule it will take me to css properties panel. So my question is how can we cancel it?

    The screenshot No.1


    Screenshot No.2


    Screenshot No.3


    The old Panel Styles still exists in 2015 CBWMS. If you have CSS designer open and click Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P it will come back, however it has been deliberately hampered because Adobe wants everyone to switch to CSS stylist. I guess this will be finally taken from the program altogether at some point.

    Personally, I hand code all my css by using the indicators of code in Code view. It is much faster than trying to scroll through all options in the CSS designer panels or the CSS Styles.

    You could go back to a previous version of the program if you like by following the instructions here: How to find and install the previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015 | Adobe Customer Care Team is really the only way to return to a fully functional CSS Styles panel unfortunately.

Maybe you are looking for