Panorama has blown highlights!

I sewed a Panorama from 3 Tiff images. In the Tiffs all the highlights are fine, that I was preparing before! In the stitched Panorama of DNG, among the highlights are blown! So I can't use the Panorama!

Create a panorama with TIFF files produces a DNG file with cut highlights in the raw data. Here's the view in RawDigger showing the capture of raw data:

I exported three TIFF files with a - 1.0 exposure setting to work around the difference of ~1.0 EV exposure 'in the know' and the panorama DNG has no clipping (as expected).

The solution is to shoot with fixed aperture and the shutter speed (i.e. the manual exposure mode) settings. Doing so prevents the exposure compensation to be applied during the mail merge to Panorama. The best solution is to use raw files, which creates a panorama DNG with the raw image data unmodified regardless of exposure setings.

EDIT: I checked one of my raw panorama file sets with an EV 1.0 as the difference in exposure to lead shot. The panorama DNG has sunk areas that are fully recoverable in the original raw file. So the only way to avoid this is to shoot at an opening and fixed shutter speed. Counter on the area most brilliant to prevent highlight clipping.

Tags: Photoshop Lightroom

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    Manda moo.

    Test two monitor DVI - D ports, using a different cable, DVI - D and, hopefully, another computer.

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    He does, but reducing exposure definition also, - 1.5 color becomes visible

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    Any suggestions please?


    Unfortunately, the highlights are overexposed so far that there is nothing there to improve.  Just solid white pixels.  Unless it is a JPEG from a RAW file, the only thing you could imagine doing is painting or clone in some color, but it won't have to look good.  If it is a RAW file, you may be able to resume some highlights reducing exposure and increase the recovery of high lights, as a RAW file contains more data than is in a JPEG made him.

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    "To the halftone printing at their best, they must have a strong point of not less than 2% and a shadow of not more than 98%. This can easily be adjusted in Photoshop under curves. »

    Is it as simple as opening the curves and setting up and down the diagonal line at 2% and 98%?  I tried to get help Adobe but you have not found an answer.

    And if it's just a matter of drag this diagonal line on the top and bottom how to check the settings later?

    Thank you :-)

    All they mean is... See attachment.

    I separate the screenshots just to be able to show the values of output separately. You can make two adjustments at the same time.

    This adjustment is simply that you have blown highlights or shadows muddy.

    I hope this helps.


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