PAP2T loses the connection when the external ip address changes

I have a PAP2T adapter connected behind a Netgear DG834GT router.  Usually, I have no problem, however, my ISP has been known to change the dynamic IP address from time to time.  In this case the adapter will stay online until the reg expires during which he is not able to save the time and I get the error "unable to connect to the server.  Therefore, the only way I can get the adapter to work again is to restart the router, then restart the adapter.  If I reboot the adapter only it will not connect.

I have the router providing a fixed ip address via DHCP. I have active STUN and the I the active NAT and NAT keepalive mapping.  The "reg expires" is set to 60.  When the adapter is connected correctly, it shows the external IP correctly.  However, it will not update after the external ip address change until I have restart the router and adapter.  I thought to get a static IP address, but try to avoid paying for it. Is this a common problem?

I'm rather new to VOIP and I hope I have given you enough information.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


I finally got to work.  It turns out that I had to do an update of the firmware on the router and then place the card in the demilitarized zone.

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    It seems that DNS is not enough - Security Server seems to respond and connect using only the external IP address configured in the external URL field PCoIP - is this correct? If so, then to do a substitution for the external URL so that internal untrusted traffic doesn't get routed the external IP address - this creates a lot of unnecessary traffic, mess with QoS, etc..

    Another idea would be to allow untrusted clients to connect directly to a login server instead of sending them on the Security Server, but I don't think that it is a best practice...?


    As Linjo says the simplest solution is to set up a server for additional security to point these clients (no need of another server connection, you can pair it with the existing one). Today, you are required to provide an IP address for PSG, so if you need to send it to another, you will need a second server.

    Of course, if they are completely not reliable customers, then you can force through the external access point still but looks like you need avoid the cost of additional traffic from this approach.


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    Y at - it no vCloud API Java, who can give me the pool of the external IP address list for a particular network of org. ?

    Kind regards


    Check the examples 6-10 and 6-11 in the vCloud API Programming Guide ("' an Administrative organization network overview").

    Although the 6-11 is abbreviated, 6-10 seems to suggest that the AllocatedIpAddresses element may contain what you are looking for.

    I don't know how the Java SDK surfaces this information.

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    Hello and thanks for your help.

    For months I could access my desktop from my laptop (via Remote Desktop) / Tablet (via PocketCloud), both inside and outside my network.

    Recently, the external IP address for my router has changed. As this happened, I was not able to access my desktop to the outside.

    Other possible factors:

    -A had a problem of invalid system disk on my desktop which has been resolved by changing the boot order.

    -J' I registered a domain name, which I redirected to the old IP address. I have since updated the domain to redirect to the new IP address.

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    Thank you


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    Thank you


    Here's an excerpt from one of my workflows in test I use to inspect a vApp on vCloud Director with vCO 5.5 5.5:

    System.log("=== Network Configurations ===");
    var networkConfigurations = vApp.getVappNetworkConfigurations();
    for each (cfg in networkConfigurations){
        System.log("href: "+cfg.href);
        System.log("Description: "+cfg.description);
        System.log("isDeployed: "+cfg.isDeployed);
        var netConfig = cfg.configuration;
        System.log("ipScope: "+netConfig.ipScope);
        var routerInfo = netConfig.routerInfo;
        if (routerInfo != null){
            System.log("External IP: "+routerInfo.externalIp);

    I would like to know if this is useful, I just double it checked by running against one of my vApps has a similar configuration (NAT and Port Forwarding) and it displays the correct external IP address for me.

    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.514] [I] === Network Configurations ===
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.515] [I] href: null
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.515] [I] Description: This is a special place-holder used for disconnected network interfaces.
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.515] [I] isDeployed: false
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.515] [I] ipScope: null
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.516] [I] href: null
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.516] [I] Description:
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.516] [I] isDeployed: true
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.516] [I] ipScope: null
    [2014-02-18 11:41:33.516] [I] External IP:

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    Please can any one help on what the problem with my computer loses its connection to the internet whenever I come out of the bathroom and it does not connect to the gaming sites only for war games all educational .and thing you think it's some technical problem maggot.or piracy which is demanding.  Need your help on this kids brake into tears... help!

    Original title: philip k653

    Hi Philippe,.

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    a. what operating system use?

    b. is the Internet - wired or wireless?

    c. What is the brand and model number. your computer?

    d. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    We need to know the version of the OS and the type of internet connection to provide targeted assistance. In the meantime, please visit the following links and tell us the results after following the steps proposed in the support links.

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

  • The network adapter could not establish the connection using the external ip address

    Hi team,

    Please look in the attached files.

    I installed db 11g on my desktop machine (Windows 7, with a local network) and then I created a data source connection in tomcat which was also in the same system and then I deployed my sample web application, everything works fine, I am able to access web applications.

    But once that I kept my system with external IP address (excluding local network of my company), oracle gives these following errors when tomcat start

    Here is the following URL will display the error during the startup of tomcat.

    The network adapter could not establish the connection,

    In these two files, listener and tnsnames ora ora, need to change the configurations if I change the Ip address of the system?

    even I tried my address keeping external Ip instead if host in these two configuration files, yet this does not work.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

    Because as I explained - your listener is listening on localhost only. localhost is never accessible to another machine.

    Stop your listener, change the listener.ora to listen to on the real machine name and start the receiver.

    In addition, your tnsnames.ora points to localhost...

    Stop using localhost, unless you only want things to work on the same machine.

  • Files on the external drive have changed to shortcuts, can not access.

    I click on an element and it says the following to "the item this shortcut referred to in jaemaat.scr has been changed or moved. "so this shortcut will no longer work correctly you want to remove?" but the record still shows the same amount of spaced used as before that the question (32.8 GB used from 265 GB). I clicked to display hidden files as shown here, but has not seen a virus when I click on new folder. I scanned with Norton and it found 2 problems and fixed but I can not access anything whatsoever. How can I recover my files? Also does it matter if I'm not on the same computer I have initially oploaded files from, he gave me a little old and slow.

    I try on a windows vista computer, my old one was a version of windows 2004


    I suggest to refer to this link and follow the steps in this link and check if that helps:

    It will be useful.

  • Lose Internet connection when the AnyConnect

    I can connect to Anyconnect without problem, but when I try to access any website I lose connection (Internet & VPN disconnected). I want to mention that when I use the host name for a Web site on the url bar as it is when I am offline, but if I use the IP ( directly I disconnected.


    You have configured by the XML profile with the DNS name? You have an installed SSL certificate using the FULL domain name?

    Thank you

    David Castro,

  • USB loses the external connection with hardrive


    I have a new HP pavilion touchsmart 15 notebook PC 15 - n058ed with some problems on USB 3.0 in combibation with the Toshiba external hard drive.

    Sometimes, the connection is lost. So backup refuses to go. The message to reformat the drive to use it again.

    The hard drive is still powered. The laptop does not work. Turn off at night.

    Nobody knows what is happening.

    Best regards Jan

    Hello new probably,

    I'm sorry that the solution I linked you was too difficult to understand. I can certainly understand that as the site is not exactly easy to use. I'll give you a few steps to try until find us a solution that works for you. Please, try the steps what I am stating to you below:

    Step 1. In the tile Menu type 'Control Panel'

    Step 2. Click on Control Panel

    Step 3. Click Security / Power Options

    Step 4. Click on change power settings

    Step 5. Click on change advanced power settings

    Step 6. Scroll USB settings and disable the USB selective suspend setting

    This will prevent your system to put the USB drive in mode 'sleep' and should solve your problem. Please if the problem persists re-post and we can try additional steps. Thanks for posting this topic on the Forums of HP. Have a great day!

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    I can receive emails fine.

    Under the server settings, there is a parameter for the name of the server, which remains the same, and user name, which I changed it to [email protected]

    Under the main parameters, at the bottom, there is a drop-down list box to select the outgoing server, and there is a list of all accounts I have. However, the one for the account, I changed still says [email protected] - host name, and no [email protected] - hostname, and I can't send through this outgoing host.

    I have to delete the old account and add the new account, save my outgoing messages so that the outgoing mail server be correct?

    OK, I finally found it, just above the 'Actions of account' at the bottom of the list of all accounts. I totally didn't see that entry to date. I've included an image in case someone else is so blind that I have. Thank you.

  • Ubuntu not guest no internet connection when a static ip address is assigned to host windows 7

    Good day/night everyone

    I really need help;

    I am running vmware workstation 9 Windows 7, my guest OS is ubuntu 12.10.

    I'm able to get to the internet when you use the dhcp on my NETWORK (host) card, but can't go anywhere by using a static ip address on the same NIC...

    What settings should I use in order to have working...

    Thank you in advance...

    Doesn't look like to me your /etc/resolv.conf file has been loaded correctly. I don't see your name in there servers.

    Assuming you can get ping on Internet via IP (i.e. use to ping or connect to Google).

    I think I'll try editing this file (like su) and adding:

    nameserver A.B.C.z


    It will get overwritten the next time that you start but will allow you to test.

    Mine looks like this:

    # Glibc resolver (3) generated by resolvconf (8) in the file /etc/resolv.conf Dynamics (5)
    # OpenDNS rescue (configured by Linux Mint in etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/tail).


  • With replacement of the router IP address change. No link to a wireless printer

    Hello. Recently, I replaced my modem/router through my cable company. I now can't print anything on my HP 3050 printer wireless. I know that the IP has changed, but I can't manage to get a link. Any suggestions?

    Try to reset your printer, so he can get a new IP (turn and turn it back on should work). The printer has an LCD screen? Usually, you can go into the settings and see the IP address. You may need to add back in Windows.

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    Outside, need to change IP address on the network of the company, including essbase servers. We have two servers set in place for essbase, one is the database (SQL server) database server, another is for all services (Essbase, EAS, Share services) related to essbase. I was wondering if the forum can provide some guideance on it. Change the ip address will affect the performance of servers? Some tips on how to prepare for this?

    Thank you

    If you run a full report registy to produce the output html and then find the IP address, if you do not see the IP address then it does not have much to worry.

    See you soon


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    I recently bought a Satellite L300 and installed Windows XP. While I installed all the devices available for download drivers my wireless connection is still not working properly - the IP address shows as lost after several minutes of functioning and on several occasions the laptop froze and had to manually turn off (if the wireless connection is turned off to this isn't the case)

    You have ideas or suggestions on why this is happening?

    Thanks in advance for your support!


    Check if the most recent BIOS is available for this model of laptop and if yes, then try to update.
    As next update Win XP to the last State. All MS patches, updates must be installed.

    I m not very well what WLan card you but you are trying to install the WiFi adapter driver on the WLan card manufacturer site.

    Finally, and especially if you lose the WLan IP address and then start the CMD (in the window RUN) and type this command:
    ipconfig / renew

    Check it out!

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