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The ringer is a result of signaling sip of send/receive.  The flow of the voice is the result of send/receive rtp packets.  If you do not properly receive the rtp packets, the problem is usually associated with the transverse NAT of your router.

If NAT Mapping Enable does not solve the problem in itself, the usual challenge is to use a STUN server part 3d in order to help the adapter to determine its external ip address and external port numbers.  You can use any STUN server as a standard feature.

Under the tab line
NAT Mapping Enable: Yes

The Sip tab
Replace WITH Addr YES
Send an RESP for Src Port: YES
STUN Enable: YES
STUN server: (or any other)

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    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    Hello MalTom,

    Visit this link on my site:

    The information on this link to download the Service Pack 2 on the download site. Yes it say the deployment of the network, but ignore that, simply download the full service pack and install it.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: | | |

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    My thought is that there may some security policies, or maybe a protocol problem which is different with the new Windows 7 computer that does not have a connection outside the local network (via a public network).

    I also tried to set up a VPN connection integrated Microsoft: forwarded port 1723, the GRE protocol allowed to the DSL modem.  Tried all different scenarios between Win XP Home and Win 7 computer at work and cannot configure the VPN connection. I get error 678: the remote computer did not respond.

    I spent hundreds of discussions help/knowledge base and discussion review.  I have seen or followed all the instructions on the various sites of tech Web to configure VPN connections and Remote Desktop connections.

    Does anyone have an idea as to what could be the solution here?


    Please post your request in the Microsoft TechNet forum, where experts on this platform can help you with the problem.

    Please see the link that will take you on the TechNet forums below:

    Hope this information helps. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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    safety requirement

    procedure of implementation & Doc Oracle.

    Thank you


    Review pl MOS Doc 380490.1

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    I have the old version of photoshop cs a perpetual license. But I can not activate the license via internet and phone. Can you help me? @

    CS2, Acrobat 7 + Audition 3 (AND PREVIOUS) activation server has disappeared, then read below



    You MUST use the special version and the serial number on the page, not your original drive or serial number


    NOTE that CS2 will not install on a "modern" with an Intel Mac

    When you install the special version of CS2 on a Win7 or Win8 or Win10 computer, you may need to right click on the program icon and select compatibility Windows XP in the popup of option

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    Hi I have Acrobat 8.1 Professional reinstalled using my CD, after clean reinstall of Win 7 Prof, but it won't activate via internet, anyone know how I can activate it please.  I tried Adobe cat and they drop me to the community for a solution... any help much appreciated.


    This must be due to incompatibility of Acrobat 8 with Windows 7.

    Acrobat 8 is an older version and not more supported.


    Sukrit diallo

  • Why CRLF are treated differently when called via bridgetalk?

    I stumbled upon another mystery: when I run a script directly in ExtendScript, he interpreters '\r' as a CRLF. Yet, when I called him by bridgetalk, the '\r' was left as text.

    This strange behavior is if I set the target to photoshop or not. Can someone tell me why please?

    Here's the unit test (CS6, Windows 10)

    -L' script call:

    #target bridge

    var bt = new BridgeTalk;
    BT. Target = "photoshop."
    var myPath = "~ / Desktop/testCarriageReturnSubstitution.jsx ';"
    var ScriptFile = new queue (myPath);
    fOpen var = ('r');
    script var = ();
    $.writeln (script);
    BT. Body = script;

    BT. Send();

    -Test script:

    #target photoshop

    var badString = ' \rTitle\rCity, State - USA December 2015 ";

    var nouvelleChaine = badString.replace ('\n', "\n");

    $.writeln (badString);

    $.writeln (newString);

    The runtime directly via ExtendScript result:


    City, State - USA December 2015

    Result: not defined

    Result when called via the calling script:

    Result: true

    \rTitle\rCity, State - USA December 2015

    Thank you

    / Tim

    Thank you, Uwe for responding! I tried that before posting, and the result was '\\r '. It seems bridgetalk converts these escape characters to the text.

    I found another thread (Re: \n doesn't work does not correctly) addressing the question, pointing way back to CS2 times! Wonder why Adobe does not solve the problem, and/or documenting this bug to save us some headaches, or maybe they he documented in a dark place.

    Workaround to this problem is to use decodeURI and use the hexadecimal code for these special characters. In my original unit test, I have changed the script photoshop for the following:

    #target photoshop
    var title = "title text";
    var CityState = "San Francisco, California";
    var badString = ' \r'+Title+'\r'+CityState;
    var goodString is decodeURI (Title + "%0d" + CityState);.

    $.writeln (' string bad encoding: ', badString);
    $.writeln (' string right encoding: ', goodString);


    A string of bad encoding: \rTitle Text\rSan Francisco, California

    Right channel coding: title text

    San Francisco, California

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