Paper jams periodically with the HP1536 MFP dnf during the feeding process while in scan mode

Someone has advise for us all by using the HP1536.    We have paper jams periodically during the process of feeding in scan mode.

We use this machine for a 1 year without feeling the pain.


There are a few things I would check if the printer is having recurring paper jams.

* Make sure the paper is a paper clean and crisp

Take all the paper in the input tray and use a flashlight to look into the status bar.  Make sure that he took not in rolls of paper entry.

* Check the printer rear access door to check that there is no small piece of paper stuck in the rollers from the back.

Thus, there is a document with the steps to solve the problems of paper jam.  The document can be accessed here.  Let me know how it goes.

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  • Constant Paper Jam session with HP PSC 2355

    I am using Vista with a printer HP PSC 2355.  Sheet of paper passes to halfway through, then stops.  "Paper jam" message.  Cleared jam and OK pressed to continue.  Next sheet of paper does exactly the same thing.  Printer on and off, same problem.  Printer has left during the night, same problem.  I tried the program MS FixIt, no error found.  Nothing is ever printed on documents.  Help please.  Magic lure.

    The game, July 29, 2010 20:44:20 + 0000, magic lure wrote:

    Thanks for your help.  I contacted global printers that HP laser printers service and had a chance to talk with someone who is used to working on HP home printers.  He suggested that I be follow paper supply channel and look for any kind of sensor that would leave the printer to know that the book has arrived at the location suitable for printing, or go and buy a new printer.  After about 10 minutes of searching, I found a small piece of plastic broken off the coast up close to the rolls of paper.  Nearby was a spring lever that controlled a gear.  The upper part of the lever was broken.  Both put in correspondence with the breaking point.  When the lever was a thing, if it was another.  I finally found a way to get the two pieces together and then taken apart, added instant glue and put back them together again.  It worked once then broke off the coast again because it was not sitting correctly together.  I have two choices: try with a different type of glue, or go and buy a new printer.   Thank you again for
    your help.

    My guess is that you don't succeed him if you do that again, fixing or
    that even if you do not succeed, it will not last very long.

    On the other hand, there is no downside to try again before giving
    to the top and buy a new printer. It's worth a try.

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  • Printer color LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw keeps saying paper jam after clearing the jam

    Paper jam in my printer.  After graduating page printing, the printer has always said that there is a jam.  I tried turning off the power, unplug, open to all possible places to see if I missed something.

    It is likely that there is always a small torn out of paper that still arouses a jam.

    If you can't find it, it would be possible to help erase using a sheet of paper more rigid in the relevant paper tray.

  • I get a paper jam when using the duplexer

    I'm on my 3rd oj6500a.  I had several problems.  The most recent is 2 sided.  I've been in touch with technology services and they replaced the whole printer again, except the duplexer. This is the same as that supplied with the original printer.  two-sided printing does not work and I suspect the duplexer that hangs on the back.  Can I check on before going again to technology services? I already logged 8 hours with them.  I am close to giving up n this model!

    I finally got the printer working.  The store that I bought the printer exchanged the bad Duplexer for a person on a new printer.  Guess what, it worked.  Technical service, after their diagnosis, sent me a reconditioned printer that was supposed to solve the problem.  I kept telling them it was the duplex unit.  I'll send the printer reconditioned to them.  I had a discussion with one of the supervisors tech today and was sorry that I had so much trouble and that he agrees with me on the back of the printer.  Now that it works, I like it.  It's so much better than what I had before.  I just hope that it continues.

  • PIX 6.3 SNMP MIB, problem with the CISCO-PROCESS compilation - MIB.oid

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    Hi Edgar,

    compiling the MIBs is necessary only when you are using HP OpenView or something similar. With the cactus, I confess that I have never used myself, but I'm pretty confident that you can just set the OID in Cacti and it will just make a periodic SNMP query for that object.



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    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

    Please run the Microsoft Genuine Diagnostics Tool then copy and paste the results into an answer here for further analysis:

  • Facebook, Gmail and MétéoMédia works does not for me with the last update, even in safe mode

    That pretty much sums up it. Since yesterday, with the most recent update, firefox does not display correctly these sites. Someone else posted a question similar to this topic. It has been marked as resolved, but there is no solution posted. Here's his question: I have the same problem as him with fb. In addition to the problem with fb, Gmail doesn't end loading. And MétéoMédia do not display the weather forecast. I'm sure that many other sites are affected as well.

    All sites work properly in Seamonkey, which I use once again, now. I went to oldapps download v. 22 of ff, but whatever the most recent update changed only came when I installed v.22. The problem persists. I could uninstall it completely and then new installation v.22, I guess, but I'm afraid that my browsing history, sessions, passwords, etc., would be affected, and I don't want to find all the files and support first. It's a hassle. Since the sites work in Seamonkey, I'm guessing that's not the fact that I have updated flash at the same time. I don't know how much these sites use flash, either. But if it's a problem of flash, I tell myself I should have the same problem in Seamonkey, and I did not.

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    A general gripe is that when I bought the Mac Mini, he ran the Cougar and ran beautifully with not the slightest hiccups all worked wonderfully. Then, I upgraded to the Mavericks and had Wifi regularly do not activate at startup from sleep, Safari not stopping sometimes, then finally went to Yosemite and ended up with the boring flat dock, always intermittent WiFi slow to start sleep, as well as the Mini seemed slower at startup and slower to close some programs. Now I always try to download the upgrade of El Capitan and it is so slow that I gave up. I fell like I'm back down old Windows PC.

    My wife has recently improved its mobile Windows 8 to 10 of Windows, and all downloaded smoothly, the laptop set to level and beautifully runs without any problems, to the point where I plan to return to territory of Windows. I went to Apple for reasons obvious a few years ago when my old Windows PC died, and it was great, until I moved to the top of the Mountain Lion. Losing love for Apple computers now.

    The most recent OS versions are maximized to run better on new hardware: faster processors, better cards graphics, etc, etc. You also need an absolute minimum of 4 GB of RAM - 8 is much, much better - or your computing experience will not be perfect.

    If your audio hardware is not compatible, and if you have a full backup (bootable clone would be easier), you can return it if you wish.

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    Hi all

    I'm building a pretty simple VI that should work in the following way:

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    3: write data to both channels of the AO. (A button control if the output of the AO is either 0, dependent on the entry)

    More important is that the delay between real HAVE and AO transformed is reduced to a minimum.

    Following several examples I came with the attached VI.

    There are two problems:

    1: Although the principle of synchronization works without the Subvi data processing in the meantime, integrating the Subvi and all screens

    makes a sinusoid of simple test of a function generator with a lot of defects (not being is not smooth). I know all the screens to slow down time of the loop, but those which are essential

    for the application. Any suggestions?

    2: although it runs, it keeps giving E - 209802, something with the task without name, is not really make sense to me.

    Thanks in advance for any help,



    I think that only timed material point is appropriate for this application, however, I suspect that you will have questions turning over 10s of Hz on Windows without eventually see such errors that 209802 as the OS itself may decide to suspend your application for a quantity of unpredictable weather.  I recommend that you take waveform graph remains out of your IO loop.  I would recommend that you reduce your loop to display a little, because she's still going to pull data from the queue and update shows as quickly as possible.  I think this logic added to wait a number of elements to be present in the queue before the queue and display of data can be reasonable.  If you do this, you'll wait also added 'queue' function in this loop so that you're not the queue to vote and by using too much CPU as possible.

    Point single timed material, DAQmx will always return the most recent example.  This means that if your loop runs slowly, you lose a few samples.  If this is acceptable for your application, then receives the 209802 error may not be important.  You can use the DAQmx in time real property property of the knot, '' convert errors late warnings in custody '' to make it a non-fatal condition.

    My final suggestion is to determine which parts of your code are taking the most time to execute.  If you know where you spend your time, it can direct you to the places where you can optimize and remove some run time.  To do this, you can try to remove parts of the logic and see how it affects the rate of the loop, you are able to maintain.

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    Recently, I tried to download the track for Photoshop Elements. While trying to extract the files I kept gettting 101 error code, which means that I have enough space on the hard disk in question. I went on the hard drive and he looked, and found that I have more than 300 GB of additional space on this disk... now I would like to hope that photoshop is not needed THAT much space just to download. I had this problem already with the download of this real product from Wacom for the Tablet, I bought them last week, although this error code has focused on the file is corrupt.

    I know this has nothing to do with my computer because I tried to download it on two different computers and my main office for the process of the track and the product itself. I don't know what seems to be the question and I would really like to find the question soon. I feel I'm just bad luck brian when it comes to anything photoshop at this point...

    Hi [email protected],

    Please see the solution to troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant -

    If you continue to experience difficulties, you can try to start a direct download by following the steps listed in

  • Define a VI to run when starting on the myRIO when programmed in scan mode

    Salvation of the forums,

    Hoping you can help me with this please. Of course there must be a simple way for me to do, but can't seem to find anything through research on the main site of NOR...

    I work with the platform myRIO and simply want a VI to run as soon as the myRIO is powered (no instruction of the user interface). I found the instructions on How to do it if the myRIO has been programmed using the FPGA and the host RT configuration but unfortunately the right click options are not available because my project/myRIO are set up using the analytical engine style mode (giving access to the range of myRIO etc.).

    Ideally I'd rather avoid having to recode the system using a low level of coding, including FPGA due the heavy compilation for each iteration of the code using real data (with simulated test on PC e/s would be faster, I know, but it is unlikely to show me bugs in my code for what I need).

    So in simple, could someone please point me in the right direction for setting a VI to run at start up/boot for the myRIO when it is configured and programmed using the scan engine?

    Thank you very much!

    It turns out, after all this (several hours trying to find missing options and research methods of how do!) this is because the Application Builder had been installed and as such has been activated, but NI License Manager was always waiting to finalize activation (activation running Assistant required).

    Seems to work now but at least! No doubt lost a lot of time with her, but it's a learning curve!

    So for someone who is struggling to find options to create a .rtexe file, make sure that your Builder Application is enabled!

  • "The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process" while trying to connect to the internet.

    Original title: the account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process

    while trying to connect to internet, I get the message "connection status: unknown the account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process" that you start happens out of the blue. When I run the diagnostic and repair tool it says that Windows cannot resolve the problem, contact admin or your ISP. I know that my internet service works very well. I am currently on an e-machine running Windows Vista Edition Home Premium and it connects without problems. My problem is that my most recent top of office (gateway also on Windows Vista Home Premium) receives connection problems. IM connected to the internet (DSL) with the ethernet cable from the Yukon. All the lights are green on the wireless gateway, so I know that the service is very good. Strange thing I noticed, when I go to network status and share and view Gateway desktop computer shows the "Yukon Ethernet controller" as the connection while the e-machine device says Im using "Intel (R) PRO/100VE Network Connection" Im using the same cable (Yukon) and put in place for both computers, so I was wondering what that was all too. Any help is appreciated.


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities. From your problem description, I understand that you can not connect to Internet.

    1. have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?

    2. the problem occurs in safe mode with networking?

    Please go ahead and follow the steps mentioned and later a update on the State of the question.

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