Partition recovery satellite L850 - 19 c: removed. How can I create a new?

Laptop Toshiba Satellite L850 - 19 c (PSKDLE)

Hi, ich have new partioned my HDD, befor that i have deleted all them were leaving! :-)

I installed the new operating system, everything is ok and works well, I loaded all the drivers for the toshiba homepage...

I need a description of how to create a new recovery partition empty, so that I can make a new backup with Recovery Wizard!

Thank you.



Unfortunately you can not do more. You must install the original recovery image using recovery media and this restore partition is created automatically.
Have you created DVD recovery or recovery USB before you changed the structure of the partitions?

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    You can simply create a new empty layer and then go to Edit > fill and choose either black or white

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    How can I get the 'sync' back page set up for him?
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    Hi, go to and do a right click on an empty part of the page. Then go to view page info > Security > see cookies > clear all cookies & try again later.

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