Partition the drive, then restore from Time Machine?

An iMac that I just died. She used Time Machine as a backup to an external drive. I want to resurrect the content of the iMac on an existing MacBook Pro, I own. Does make sense to partition the hard drive in the MacBook Pro and then migrate all data on the hard drive partition? The MacBook Pro is on OS 10.11.1; the iMac ran an earlier version of El Capitan.

Does make sense to partition the hard drive in the MacBook Pro...

and then migrate all data on the hard drive partition?

Not really.

Mac OS X is basically a system of multiple users. If you do not create a user, it does not behave differently. Daily use with a user, it can give the illusion that you have the entire machine, but this isn't what is actually happening.

Mac OS X keeps always files in home directory for each user completely separate from each of the other files of the user (if any) and which is separated from system directories.

What would be much smarter is to carefully consider the names of affected users. If they are already different, simply migrate data iMac user a new account on the MacBook.

There is no need to have another partition, another copy of an almost identical system or additional copies of applications - you need the data of the user and must use Time Machine to restore all this user account, and no more.

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  • I just got a new hard drive and restored from Time Machine - CS4 apps will not open. How to reinstall or upgrade the license?

    How to reinstall or upgrade my license?

    We still all drives, box and documents

    Thank you for the presentation of reports. I am pleased that you are facing up and running.


  • iMac in suspension after restoring from Time Machine

    Sorry - closed my previous thread by mistake then publish again for assistance:

    Hi - I had a late 2012 27 "IMac El Capitan 10.11.4

    A few days ago a reboot is required after (I think) an upgrade of the El Capitan, but the machine hanging after the reboot, showing a gray screen, a small circle in the middle with a grey diagonal line in the circle. Under the circle turning another circular graph which gives the feeling that I have to wait for the machine to do something.

    In any case, the machine was stuck in this mode then after a lot of messing around, I went for a full restore from Time Machine (which is held on a NAS). Everything seems to be going smoothly, taking 20hours. He said full restoration and did a restart, but I am now stuck on the circle of greg with the diagonal line through it again that does not heal a re-boot. Utility disk V13 (450) shows on the left:

    • Drive internal
      • Macintosh HD. I can select Macintosh HD disc and verify and repair run correctly. It shows 852 MB free space of 1.11 TB of capacity
    • Disk2
      • System basis of Mac OS x, check disk is fine. It shows 38.3 MB available 1.19 GB capacity

    Maybe some sort of thing disk permissions?

    Thank you

    Try to start in Safe Mode, as in > try safe mode if your Mac does not commissioning - Apple Support

  • Problem restoring from Time Machine complex


    I never tried to do a restore from Time Machine.


    2009 iMac internal drive is unreadable. *

    Previously saved on Time Machine before the problem of disk internal.

    Replaced the internal drive with 500 GB ssd

    When I try to restore the iMac via Time Machine, after providing the Time Capsule password, I get the following error:

    "There was a problem connecting to the server"Xxxx - airport-Time Capsule.local.""  Contact your system administrator.

    When I try to connect the iMac to time Capsule, which sees the iMac, after providing the Time Capsule password, I find myself in the same place above.

    When I try to use the Migration Wizard, same result.

    * I am told by the technology that has installed the new SSD, the system on the old internal drive is corrupt... but the data files are always accessible if the old drive is installed in an external enclosure that appropriate connector and wiring.

    Then... :

    1. How can I check the Time Capsule password?

    2. What is the answer to ' there was a problem connecting to the server "Xxxx - airport-Time Capsule.local." "  Contact your system administrator. » ???

    3. what other methods can I use to restore the backup?

    1. How can I check the Time Capsule password?

    The password is fully accessible using a soft reset.

    Press the reset button on the TC 1 s (that is, between 1-3 s).

    All passwords will be at default for 5 min.

    You can access the passwords via airport utility... No other router in the world, it is so easy and, therefore, has such low security like the Apple.

    Everything is revealed.

    2. What is the answer to ' there was a problem connecting to the server "Xxxx - airport-Time Capsule.local." "  Contact your system administrator. » ???

    The correct answer is $$ @ # $% * (! TC darn stupid..!)

    There's a good chance you have permissions issues. This makes life that little bit more difficult, but all will be revealed.

    I highly recommend you plug the TC by ethernet on the computer and do a full factory reset on it... and then set it to the top of all operating system has been installed on the iMac.

    No files are lost on the hard drive and you will delete all the other problems.

    So if you can't access the backup, it really is a permissions problem.

    3. what other methods can I use to restore the backup?

    Connect the original on the Mac disk using a USB key on his birthplace of SATA. See if you can get your files directly from the original source.

    You can also do something similar... Buy a USB... format correctly in Mac extended if it isn't already... and connect it to the TC... didn't check the TC on the disk. In any case, it's a good idea to protect your backup. You have to start no new backups on top of the old before you get your files.

    Plug this drive into the iMac and set permissions... you can not do this TB... only with the drive connected locally. You should then be able to access the backup.

    Migration is the best way to make the transfer, assuming that you have loaded a new computer specific OS...

    Just be careful of issues using a different user or the same user as the original computer.

    See here the instructions of Migration... which are a little outdated but show details much more than what apple has documented.

    See also questions still arise.

  • is it better to restore from time machine or from a backup cloned

    I just got my replaced Mac hard drive. Of course, I did a backup first - two, in fact. One is my Time Machine stored on my Time Capsule backup. The other is a backup cloned, made with SuperDuper!, stored on an external hard drive.

    Now, the mac is back with it's all new hard drive, and I was wondering: is there an advantage to restoring from a backup vs the other? Is "Restore from Time Machine backup" a better option than with SuperDuper! to restore the clone bootable? Or vice versa? Or does really make any difference at all?

    Additional info: the TM and Clone were both looking at the same time (give or take a few minutes) and the Mac, at the time where it has been saved, ran the Mavericks. I also asked Apple to install the Mavericks on the new hard drive instead of El Capitan.


    Thanks in advance.

    It really makes no difference that you are restoring from.

  • This update (Security Update 2016-001 El Capitan and security update 2016-005 Yosemite) broke my iMac. I had to restore from Time Machine 2 times!

    This update (Security Update 2016-001 El Capitan and security update 2016-005 Yosemite) broke my iMac. I had to restore from Time Machine 2 times!

    Please correct this update security update 2016-001 El Capitan and security update 2016-005 Yosemite.

    My screen freezes during my login on my i - Mac!

    I tried 2 times with the same result. Restored my i - Mac 2 times!

    My iMac after this update of market with gray screen too, very bad update in safe mode.

  • Partition missing after restoring from Time Machine

    Hello world

    I use an iMac 27-inch mid-2010 and have a WD1230 external 2 TB disk attached to it. I partitioned the external hard drive to allocate 1 TB as a Time Machine backup repository and the other 1 to to put in music, movies and images files to save space on my system aging 1 TB drive.

    Good thing I put up this way because one day my system comes to refuse to start. I went in the mode utility and used the Time Machine restore feature to help me get back on my feet. After a restoration of 18 hours, the system is now purrs with all files and settings affected. Bravo for the process of Time Machine!

    However, this is the number I noticed during the restoration, formatted system partition on my external drive labeled "STORAGE" which contained my music and movies. I know that the files are there but I need to know how to access these files again as the STORAGE drive is so more appear in the Finder. I did a scan Disk Utility on the hard drive external with no luck either. Can anyone who has gone through this similar situation help out me? Thank you very much in advance!

    Restore using Time Machine to copy a game on the disc that you point to backup. It performs no operations on any drive or partition other than the one to which it is to copy the files. If Time Machine, neither utility restore formatted or partitioned external hard drive (unless it is more what you're saying.)

    It may be possible to recover lost files from this drive using a disk utility such as restore data of Prosoft. As a former tech, it's my go to software. There is no guarantee that it will work. Dril drivel is another recovery program people I know recommend but I never used it.

  • After restoring from Time Machine MacBook Pro displays all my pictures, Documents etc. as 'other '.

    I recently installed a new HD in my mid-2010, MacBook Pro that the original was defective, I then restored from a time Machine up which was recorded on an external drive. My MacBook is now going great but I noticed the problem with how my saved items are displayed, I have about 110 GB of Photos, documents, etc. and all are showing as 'Other' when they should be distributed in the divisions 'Apps', 'Movies', etc.. I'm not sure how to solve the problem, I tried a Migration Wizard, but it says 'User needs Attention' so don't know where to go from here really. Any ideas?

    If you use the 'about this Mac' view, be aware that there is a bug in the program that it generates and should not be relied upon.  Sometimes, but not always, he will correct a reindexing of Spotlight:

    If you want specific information about the data on your HARD drive, download OmniDiskSweeper and Grand Perspective (both free) Internet and open them. They will show all your files and respective sizes.



  • Cannot find files on clone super duper, I can restore from Time Machine backup?

    First of all, my apologies for cross posting.

    I hope I can explain my situation with enough clarity so that someone can help out me. I feel a little bit of panic.

    I've had a Mac mini that I sold so need to wipe. I first backed up using Time Machine on an external hard drive. Then, I used Super Duper to clone on a second hard drive. I didn't need a bootable copy of the training, but need access to data, applications, etc. on it from time to time. My intension was to access the data I cloned and stored on the hard drive of my current Macbook Pro. Well, that day came and I went to access my cloned copy of the mini and only see a list of users. I'm not able to find files, documents, and etc.even if I use spotlight to search for. So my questions are:

    1. Can I view the contents of the double machine differently to see more than a list of users? (that is WHERE IS MY THING?)
      1. I have error somehow in my approach?
      2. If I made the mistake with the super duper close, can I restore my time machine to the top of an external drive on another external drive? I want to restore my MacBook hard drive.

    Thank you!!

    I was running just an another SuperDuper! Clone.

  • Merger VMDK file after restoring from time machine recognized not


    I'm having a problem with Fusion 3.1 recognizes no not my Virtual Machine copied from time machine. I did what I did and the below error code.

    Question: I just installed a new hard drive and performed a clean installation of Fusion 3.1. After that, I used time machine to restore my virtual machine to Windows 7 x 64 at the previous address. I then open vmware fusion and looked for the virtual machine and click Open. The virtual tried to start but I received the following error message:

    Could not open the file "/ users / / Documents/Windows 7 x64.vmwarevm/Windows 7 x64.vmdk ': the system cannot find the specified file.

    I checked the contents of the package, Windows 7 x64.vmwarevm and the file is there. I don't know why he is not recognized. I have attached a screenshot of the file hard text, text log file and the contents of the package.

    Thanks for your help.

    Dmillz80 wrote:

    WoodyZ - is there a way I can rebuild this section?

    If you can find the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk" within the structure of the backup folder Time Machine which is closest to you, you might get lucky, but really all depends on what exactly in this segment of the disc.  I use the find command in a Terminal to find this file because I do not think that you will find with Spotlight.  If you can find the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk", then in an attempt to at least be able to mount the drive with VMDKMounter in order to try to recover all the data, you can you can always replace the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk" with a segment of fake or another as duplicate file "Windows 7 x 64 - s011.vmdk" and rename it file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk.  FWIW, it will really depend on exactly what was in the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk" about what you might be able to recover with VMDKMounter or even to start the Virtual Machine.  I actually had the results mixed in the past where only data could be retrieved and cases where all data have been recovered and in some of these cases, the Virtual Machine is bootable and in some not so it all comes down to what was in the missing segment.

    At this point you have nothing to lose and everything to win then to give a try.

  • Photos say too old version after restoring from Time Machine

    I tried to update my wife 5 c's iPhone but iTunes (version kept saying unknown error (-50). I read that a possible problem might be something on an xml file in the pictures with a conflict or missing. I thought that this might be a good time to try my first restore with Time Machine. I thought I would restore Photos only a few hours of this day. While I was doing that in the middle of the restore, Time Machine was trying to make it's hourly backup and I got an exclamation point saying that he was unable to save. After the backup is complete, I tried to open the pictures and it says "library old Version, please update your library 'Photos' using iPhoto free library upgrade available at Apple. So I downloaded the file .dmg and still nothing. I don't want even if an earlier version of Photos, I want to what I had and I thought of making a time Machine would be restore was supposed to get back to how I had it. My Time Machine works again but the new backup, he's trying to back up my photo library. I know because I recognize the size of the backups as being the same size as my library of Photos. I went about this Mac and checked the storage. He showed my disk as empty and my regular hard drive on my Macbook Pro (retina 13 "- beginning 2015") showed use of backup almost exactly the same size as my library of Photos. A few moments later my external drive shows correct usage, but big backup on my regular HD space always shows the same backup use suggesting that it stores my library as a backup, or at least that's my guess. One thing that I tried was the Option key pressed when opening pictures to try to select another library that I have an old migrated iPhotos library in my folder of photos I thought that maybe Photos was trying to open. As a side question I was wondering if I could remove the migrated iPhotos library as whenever I click on it, more or less said that he has already been migrated, he discovers in a compatible version of Photos. I hope that I have given all the good news. If I'm missing something I apologize. I'm under El Captain 10.11.6

    I thought I would restore Photos only a few hours of this day. While I was doing that in the middle of the restore, Time Machine was trying to make it's hourly backup and I got an exclamation point saying that he was unable to save. After the backup is complete, I tried to open the pictures and it says "library old Version, please update your library 'Photos' using iPhoto free library upgrade available at Apple.

    What did restore exactly the time Machine? You write "Restore Photos", indicating you restored the Photos app, but the error messages seem to apply to the photo library.  You have restored a library of old Photos?  If you restored the photo library, try to open it directly by double clicking it or dragging it to the Photos icon in the Dock.

  • Strange behavior of Yosemite after restoring from Time machine


    After having passed my MacBook Pro to El Capitan, I tried the same thing with my Mac Mini (mid 2011).

    Has not completely, because the system is stuck on the gray screen with the bar locked (10 hours) in advance. Impossible to get on this screen (sometimes P - ram reset restart, try Mode safe without success), I decided to return to Yosemite using my full time Machine backup.

    This operation was successful, but with a few strange things:

    • Normally, my system language is set to French. But at startup (i.e. asking the password), the system speaks English. It's extremely confusing, because the layout of the keyboard is also different (for example, the first key of the letter is 'Q', where on a French keyboard the first key is 'A', other differences of keyboard also). Once a user is logged on, the system returns itself to the lay-out French!
    • The new pit of backup Time Machine does not start. It remains suspended in the "preparation of files for backup" (= free translation).
    • The fan is working at high speed.

    Repair permissions and restart didn't help.

    Someone has an idea?

    Details: Mac Mini (mid-2011), Yosemite 10.10.5, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5

    Thanks much, much in advance!

    First D1 in the 1st article linked.

    Troubleshooting of Time Machine

    Solving the problems of Time Machine

    Yosemite: If Time Machine still at the stage of the "preparation".

    Try a SMC reset. Article covers when necessary, but this will not affect anything.

    Reset the SMC

  • Fusion drive: restore from Time Machine - "the disc cannot be erased."


    On a new iMac (end of 2015), I need to wipe my drive of Fusion of 3 TB (El Capitan, unencrypted, just 1 partition, no Boot Camp partition) and then restore a backup Time Machine (made on a previous iMac, also with disc Fusion of 3 TB (El Capitan, unencrypted, just 1 partition, no Boot Camp partition).

    According to the document from Apple: 'restore from a Time Machine backup' I...

    1. restart with cmd + R (later also tried cmd + alt + R and also a USB bootable of course El flash drive)

    2 selected "backup restore Time Machine"

    3 selected my external backup disk, Time Machine

    4 choose the most recent backup

    5 selected "Macintosh HD" as a destination and click "continue".

    ... but then the following message appeared "disc cannot be erased.

    Then I tried to erase 'Macintosh HD' via disk utility:

    1. restart with cmd + R (later also tried cmd + alt + R and also a USB bootable of course El flash drive)

    2 choose disk utility

    3 choose "Macintosh HD"

    4. click on tab "delete".

    5. click on the button 'clear '.

    ... then I got the error message:

    "Clear process failed..." Details: Dismantling DIS3 - deletion of logical volumes of the logical volume group - cannot remove the basic storage logical volume. Operation failed... »

    I was in the 'loop', the only way out was to "Reinstall Mac OS X", and then after many hours, he had once again my old installation flubbed with everything I wanted to get rid of!

    How to restore my backup Time Machine - nothing more or less - to my new iMac?

    I lost 3 days now with this problem. I really hope someone has a solution.

    Thank you very much!

    Apple did not provide an easy way to recover from this condition. If you are not able to carry out these instructions, please someone more experienced to help you get. One option is to take an appointment 'Genius' on an Apple Store.

    Starts the Internet recovery mode by pressing the key combination command-option-R to start ringing. Release the keys when you see a spinning globe.

    Note: You need an Ethernet or Wi - Fi connection permanent Internet to use recovery. It will not work with modems USB or PPPoE, proxy servers or networks that require a certificate for authentication.

    In the OS X Utilities screen, select

    Utilities ▹ Terminal

    in the menu bar at the top of the screen, not one of the items in the OS X Utilities window.

    Follow the steps in this thread to ASC to split the fuser unit. The long string of letters, numbers and dashes you will need to enter will be different in your case. Copy and paste into the command in the Terminal window.

    This will remove all data from the fuser unit, then you had better be sure of your backups.

    Quit the Terminal, and then repair the Fusion drive (see "Troubleshooting" on the linked page.)

    Quit disk utility. Then you should be able to install OS X and restore your data from a backup in the main screen.

  • I got a new hard drive from apple. They have updated to El Capitan. This affects how I restore from time machine? A full restore allows you to copy on the new operating system?

    can I use time machine to restore everything, only the data, not the operating system

    Why would you go back to a previous operating system when you just got a new hard drive with the new operating system on it?

  • iPhoto has lost all the additions from June 2015 to 21 Feb 1016. Tried to restore from Time Machine, it still has the gap.

    The date is February 24, 2016.

    I'm studying me ways to copy the library iPhoto in full on an external drive. I've been in the Finder > my username > photos, simply by looking at the dates, and I'm not aware that I made any changes.

    I was adding a handful of photos every day for the last week or two.

    I noticed that the file system is not quite as it was a week ago, and it seems that the last event is June 29, 2015, up to an import on February 22, 2016. In other words, it seems iPhoto has restored to its state of June 2015 then accepted imports from February 2016. I had not yet been in Time Machine!

    In the Finder > username > images, from now on, I see there: -.


    "iPhoto Library", type - package, with a white page icon folded, created may 2012, 30.8 GB, modified today, version 9.4.3.

    'iPhoto Library (original)', kind - iPhoto Library, with a colored icon, created may 2012, 27.46 GB, today, no modified version mentioned.

    «Past 7 days»

    "iPhoto Library (2 originals)" type - package, with a blank icon page folded, created may 2012, 30,77 GB, modified February 19, 2016 (its Feb 24 today), version 9.4.3

    In Time Machine, I restored version Feb 19, I find that the library was complete at this date, but the library has the same gap to date.

    I would be grateful for any suggestion. I didn't have it backed up to the cloud. Please have mercy, I'm not that tech-letter, so I would appreciate instructions step by step to the intermediate level.

    A big thank you Doug - greetings-

    You do not use the finder in any way with your iPHoto photos - when you launch iPhoto see you - especially in the last import, and last month "n"?


Maybe you are looking for