Password di accesso

Ho inizializzato he mio portable my wants to eliminare password di accesso ogni volta che lo accendo, could spiegarmi come fare?


Ho inizializzato it portable mio my I like the ordine di accesso Ogni parola eliminare volta Che lo Accendo, could spiegarmi come fare?

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  • Accesso protect ssh

    The e questa domanda: best-known by protect sistemi Che I vostri exsi?

    Ho che nei miei host noticed this sono diversi attempts di accesso ssh che fortunatamente, fino ad adesso, fanta non sono a buon fine... MI sono documentato per disabilitare account di root my Giro leggendo I consigli sono di non disabilitarlo, Reed is the password for current e enough articolata, mi'd avere una sicurezza major not based on solo sulla fortuna.

    Ogni suggestions in merito e ben are...

    Grazie a tutti

    Dal vCenter you can say it servizio deve partire d dell'host oppure no, e attivarlo al momento del need e spegnerlo dopo.

    The SSH not serve al ventilconvettore abierta.

    5.1 Dall (o 5.0 non ricordo) faccio cosi altrimenti viene fuori it alert di triangolino "hai ssh abilitato sull'host.

  • Update password

    After changing my password recently whenever I sign in this forum the autofilled password (I guess that's my old man) and I wonder to enter my password, but then I have to go and find my "other devices" and enter the digital access code... How can I change the password so I can't go through this any time, can you?


    Can try this...

    Open Keychain Access utility, then check the password on this point, change, or delete it and start over.

    You can have duplicates.

  • iPhone is disabled and ask for password for restore and backup

    my iphone screen is showing that the iphone is disabled and asking the password for restore

    I tried several times but each time the process, says need to access code for iphone restore

    pls advise.

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • Anyone know how to solve my problem? I can't import my photos from Iphone to computer. Sign says: Photos in the camera cannot be imported because the IPhone is locked with a password or read. My phone is unlocked. I've tried everything

    Anyone know how to solve my problem? I can't import my photos from Iphone to computer. Sign says: Photos in the camera cannot be imported because the IPhone is locked with a password or read. My phone is unlocked. I tried everything, every single idea. Without success! Any other idea?

    For example, you specify that the device does not display the lock screen, correct? Do you use Touch IDS? If so, try to put your finger on the device to see if it's what he wants.

    See you soon,.


  • How can I disable the password on my ipad with ios 10.0.2

    I don't have an access code unlock setting under "Settings": "General"?

    It is not under settings > general, it is fair to settings > password:

  • Every day someone is trying to connect my Iphone. Do I have to change my password every time?

    Every day someone is trying to connect my Iphone6. Do I have to change my password every time? How can I stop this?

    Your post says that someone is trying to connect 'on' your iPhone 6 - have - they possession of the phone or they try to connect your Apple from another device ID?

    Note also that there are a number of phishing scams that send e-mails that appear to come from Apple, but are not current. Do not use any links in these emails if you are not.

    If they are trying only to log in instead of sign in successfully it would be not necessary to change your password. However, you can consider on for Apple ID - Apple Support two-factor authentication or frequently asked questions about check in two steps for Apple ID - Apple Support (if available) for more security.

    If they are correctly connected, see: If you think that your ID Apple has been compromised - Apple supports

  • Photos in the camera roll on 'iPhone' cannot be imported because the iPhone is locked with a password or read

    6 + put iPhone updated to and now get the error, the pictures on the Filmstrip on "iPhone" cannot be imported because the iPhone is locked with a password or read. You must enter your password on the iPhone to view and import them.

    Working solutions proposed so far. Guess I'll have to wait for the correction of a bug to Apple...

    iPhoto 11 (9.2.3); OS X 10.6.8

    On the alert to "trust this computer" on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support


  • My preferences iCloud lost password! How can I retrieve or reset?

    My preferences iCloud password is lost! How can I retrieve or reset?

    It's the same as your password Apple ID.

  • iPhone 6s more does not accept the password for the first time

    All of a sudden my iphone 6 s more, will not recognize and accept my password.

    First screen says: "enter code". "Touch ID requires your access code when you restart the Iphone."

    Question... is equivalent to a 'code' a 'password'?

    Why she would accept my password and then 30 minutes later he rejects?

    Any ideas would be very appreciated.


    Maybe nobody over there wants to take this question!

  • Accountsd awake after macbook password need


    After woke up my macbook and from I have to enter my password 'accountsd '. It is since the Mac OS update to sierra. Someone has an idea to stop this?



    Go to Applications > utilities > Keychain Access, click on (or click on the right button of the mouse) keychain "login" in the left sidebar and select Edit settings for a connection of Keychain, then deselect the "Lock after...» "and" Lock when sleeping.

  • Update messages accepting not passwords of e-mail after Sierra

    Any ideas why after the upgrade all my devices, including my Macbook to Sierra, Messages on the Macbook are showing all accounts offline and will accept any password (and I know they are correct)?  I work from that and he will have to function to communicate with my boss.


    Go to the top of the Menu Apple left and use the ALT key to access system information.

    Open Hardware > network > locations

    On the right side of list of methods potential connection en0 works as the number for the connection?

    You can also see in the network utility Applications/Utilities

    If you Mac do not have capacity Ethernet number en0 will probably be the Wifi card.

    If missing the number en0 then delete the contents of this folder: -.

    It seems that for a very small number that any bet level and in some cased updates will result in their account (Apple ID) being blocked at the level of the server iMessages.

    The question is based on the use of serial number to provide a specific device connection which in turn means that a device is disconnected.

    The above is the only hint of Apple that they have a lead on why it happens.

    It said that some people always have to contact the Apple Support and get their account to restore the use of their Mac from the Apple ID for the iMessages server only (Apple ID issues are free to set)

    21:05 on Wednesday; October 5, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • ITunes backup password forgotten

    Hi, I set up my password for iphone cripting back two months and I know didn't realize that this password it on when I do my back upwards. And there is a problem that I don't remember the password and I already delete all contacts from my old phone i and now I can not get this constants, which are really important to me. Is there a way how I can get back my constants?

    Thanks for any answers

    Hello, here you will find the steps in case you have forgotten the password for the iTunes backup on iTunes - Apple Support encrypted backups

  • My Macbook Pro won't let me put my password, after it has been locked in icloud


    I have a Macbook pro to the end of 2013. I locked using icloud with a four-digit code. I forgot the code and had several attempts trying to remember her and now I think I found it, but it won't let me put the code in another attempt. the message on the screen says 'wrong password. try again"but there is nowhere for me to try again. someone can help me. I tried to start upward into recovery mode, but she still needs the code for it, and when I get it it takes me to the screen locked again.


    You will need to contact Apple to unlock your Mac: & PRKEYS = PL104

  • How can I add a password to an existing network of the time capsule?

    How can I add a password to an existing network of the time capsule?

    I guess you mean that time Capsule has already been configured to provide a signal of wireless network, correct?

    Do you mean that the network has no password at all right now... or... do you mean that the network has an existing password, but you want to change the password?

    What operating system are you using on the iMac that you list in your profile?

Maybe you are looking for