Password for Compaq mini 110 - 110SA

Need a password for Compaq mini 110 c-110SA. Turned on the laptop and it's just a matter for a password have trid three passwords and then comes the S/N.

S/N {information}


Can someone give me a hand?



Please try (al low cases)

e9lov3pdb7 (3rd tank is a tiny letter L).

Kind regards.

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  • Compaq mini 110 c-1010et: password Bios Compaq Mini 110 c problem

    Hello. Ask the BIOS password and I do not know the password. Please help me. Model is compaq mini 110 c-1010et and series is [personal information deleted]. Thank you for everything.


    Try: e9lof1f9u9

    all are lowercase letters
    third letter is small case L
    fourth letter is small case O
    is the sixth number one



  • Reset password bios Compaq Mini 110

    Hi HP staff.
    I have problems with a HP Compaq Mini 110 with a BIOS password preventing the operating system from loading.

    System hault code is:

    CNU92372VF (edited)
    Can someone help me with this?

    Thanks for the attention.


    In this case, try to enter: e9lo7fx768

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Recovery disc for Compaq Mini 110 c-1100DX


    I contacted HP support several times over the past 2 years without success (a few times when I first bought this PC), so I thought I would try these forums.  I bought a Compaq Mini 110 c-1100DX with Windows XP a few years ago and wanted to create a recovery disc for it.  I followed the instructions, but I find that the typical HP, who is referenced in my manual, Recovery Manager does not exist.  HP support has confirmed this, but refuses to communicate any recovery disks support or operating system.  They said I could use the Roxio software that never worked to create or restore images.  I refuse to pay $16 for something my other HP computers 5 all allowed me to... create the factory recovery disks.  I have an external DVD burner, I have USB flash drives, and I have a desire to find a way to recover the original image.  I know that I can make an image of the disk because it is today, and I can use another software to create back ups.  I don't want to do that, I want the original image.

    Does anyone know of a place to download this image, a line of support that might be willing to send me the DVD recovery, or a way to connect with a more high level and preferably American, support staff?  I have 5 HP computers and printers HP 2, and I know the tech support/customer service line is a waste of time.  I'm good enough at the end of my rope with HP, and despite the fact that computers and printers have always been good support so so incredibly awful that I can't buy them more if I can't get this simple application is complete after 2 years of trying.  Any ready HP there at Carillon?

    For reference for anyone else having this problem (or any other issue, with the support of HP), I called 650-857-1501 (HP corporate), went to the business operator, explained my problem and the issues I had with the support of the founded India, she was very polite and transferred me to a very useful case manager named Emily and it solved the problem in 5 minutes.  I can't believe how much it was easy after suffering through hours and hours of race around the line of standard support.

  • Parameters of the BIOS for Compaq Mini 110 c - what are the default settings

    Hello - when I look in the bios for the compaq mini 110 c, it shows:

    Boot Priority Boot Device 1st - disabled Devixce

    When I hit enter then displays:

    SATAM - WDC WD1600BEVT-60ZCT1 disabled

    As I sat at a white screen with a cursor blinking with only the f9 and f10 options, I'm looking in the bios.  This information is correct?  If this is not the case, how can I change?

    Thank you.


    Excellent - it worked!  Thanks for all your help - it starts now.


  • Compaq mini 110: enter qurrent password hp compaq mini 110

    need a password

    product: compaq mini 110

    s/n: [personal information]

    Code: NZ794EA #AB8

    model #: 110 c - 1020ST



  • Compaq mini 110: problem of password bios compaq mini 110

    I have compaq mini 110 .my problem bios password is not

    the messsage CNU9249P6X screen?



    Enter: e9lo7vo2g4 (to be noted that in both cases, the 3rd character is a lowercase L)


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP mini 110 c: I forgot my bios password for HP mini 110 c

    Hi, need passwprd reset for hp mini 110 c - 1111EV... to stop code CNU9380G1R have already removed cmos without success... Please help me


    Enter e9lofu1h3b

    Use this code to go into the BIOS.

    Disable all passwords that are enabled.

    If demand for CURRENT password using this code.

    Request NEW password just press ENTER.

    If asked to hit just to CHECK password to enter.

    Save and exit.


  • recovery password for HP mini 110

    I have hp mini 110, S/N: (personal information)

    I FORGOT my password for months there is any help please?


    Enter: e9lofx7a0e (to be noted that the 3rd character is a tiny L and 9 equals zero)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP mini 110-1117nr: Bios password for hp mini 110-1117nr

    I'm locked out, it says enter current password. I use hp mini 110-1117nr. CNU9392H7R. Can someone please help me unlock


    Please try (all lower case):


    Kind regards.

  • Compaq mini 110: bios password for compaq mini cnu9243n8

    NetBook demand current password at startup to the top


    Enter: e9lo7vf09u (to be noted that the 3rd character is a lowercase L and the 8th is zero)

    If the code above does not work, shut down the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and then remove the battery.  Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.  Plug the power adapter (leave the battery for now), start Notepad and try entering the code again.

    Otherwise, try entering the code via an external usb QWERTY keyboard.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP mini 110: I forgot the password for HP mini 110

    I tried every password I could think of, but none of them work. This mini has not been used for 2 years now. How do I log in if I can't rmember my password?



    In this case, try resetting the link utility.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Intel Atom: Reset password for HP Mini 110

    When you turn it on and it asks for a password put code in.

  • Mini 110-1125NR: password for the mini 110-1125nr GB check failed

    Password check failed
    Fatal error... system halted.


    Enter: e9lovgpn64 (in both cases, the 4 rd character is a lowercase L)


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP mini 110-1038TU: give "enter the current password" for hp mini 110-1038TU (CNU9329ZN1)

    need bios password


    Enter: e9lof7o093 (3rd character is a lowercase L and the 8th sucks)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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