Pavilion 15 laptop: DVD does not play correctly

Hello experts,

Last year, I bought a HP Pavilion 15 laptop but not the has not used to play DVD until last night. When I inserted the DVD, the computer gave me a bunch of files, I assumed they were the video clips. When play you a DVD on a TV screen, you see the main menu, and other options such as subtitles or film scenes that you can select to start. But I could not see these selections on my computer screen. However, at some point, they have shown. When they showed up, I was not able to click on them. Basically, I could only click Arrow Start to start the movie in its entirety, if I stopped and wanted to select certain scene in the middle of the movie, I was out of luck and unable to do so. At least three times, the DVD stopped playing and says was a mistake, then I had to restart the whole thing again.

Frustrated, I took my old laptop Dell Windows XP and played the DVD disc it. My old machine actually has everything I wanted to, it has a control panel with all the buttons to play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, forward and sound Volume, etc. He worked as a TV and listed all the options/movie scenes I could select on what I intended to choose.

I have a hard time believing that a one-year-old Windows 8.1 has fewer features than an old Dell XP. Is there a setting that I don't tip? Someone has an idea, which is not set correctly?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @greengem,

Thank you for your query.

I understand that you are having difficulty playing your DVDs to the point 8.1 of Windows but it will play well in your XP machine.

Microsoft did not include as many files codec in Windows 8 as in previous versions.  Here are a few links that I think can be useful:

Windows 8 Codec Pack (from

Playback of DVD for Windows options (from

Won't play DVD in Windows Media Player (from

Please let me know if this helped.

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    If there is a problem with the DVD material he would play no video at all so we can exclude. I'll tell you that it is a software problem so you only problems for real part of copyright subject to digital rights management. If you're ready to experiment a little, I might suggest that you try to download the VLC media player free, that will play DVDs and see if it's better.

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    Whether you use Vista Basic, the chances are that your Lenovo may not Compatible Windows 8.

    Have you checked to the Lenovo Web site for support of Windows 8 before installing it?

    And see if you meet the system requirements.

    "System requirements" Windows 8 ".


    And you should ask your questions in the Windows 8 Forums, not the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

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    On the other hand, he plays the music very well on the native Windows Media Player. I have not tried video on my laptop.

    I make me quite frustrated and don't know what to do. Does anyone have an idea if this is a problem of HP, beats, or Windows 7 (or a combination of all three)?

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    Eihalcon, welcome to the forum.

    It seems that you have not installed Adobe Flash Player .  At least, I suggest to start with that as a possible solution.

    Please let us know if this solved your problem or not.

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    I think he must have other formats too, not only BUP. Please try the video player next, he'll play almost all video formats.

    Kind regards.

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    I would try each of the steps in resolution 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the link below.

    One of them can work.

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    1. What is the exact error message that you receive?

    2. what type of files does DVD contains?

    3. do you try to play the same DVD on another computer and check what is happening out there?

    4. What is the operating system installed on your computer?

    Method 1:

    I suggest to run the fix tool from the link provided below and check if it works:

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

    Method 2:  Download and install the latest codec on your computer.

    To do this, please see the link below:

    Reference: The problems with DVDs and movies in Windows Media Center

    Thank you.

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    Hi, Jawad

    Please could you describe if it's a Flash Player, Silverlight, or another program causing the problem?

    If it is a problem of flash player please refer to this page from Adobe, which will guide you through the uninstall process:

    Keep us informed.

    Kind regards


  • The video does not play correctly

    Hi guys,.

    I use Lightroom 6 and I have problems with video playback in my library.

    If I try to play the video it really struggling play correctly. I use one of the new macbook pro 15 "and only lightroom has problems playing video. Pictures and imovie, finalcut pro have no video playback trouble what so ever.

    Does anyone have an idea?


    Over the years, many people have complained about problems with video playback and there seems not to be all solutions that have worked regularly (although I'd love to be corrected).

    You could try clearing the cache on video and by increasing its size thanks to preferences > file management > video Cache settings. But who will probably not help (although that prove me wrong!).

    Long ago, I gave up on the video display in LR on my full load 15 "Macbook Pro.   I mainly use LR for the cataloguing of the video (and I have only a few hundred), I don't mean to change in LR, and I always watch the video in an external player.

    While you can do by right-clicking on the thumbnail of the video and do display in the Finder, there are two plugins that do that is more convenient, open directly and my any file.  Using standard Mac keyboard shortcuts, you can assign a shortcut (I use Ctrl + O) to the command open any file, which will open the selected file in the default application for the file type. (You wouldn't need to use other features in any file).  I'm sure you can do the same thing in open directly, although I have not tried. If you have a VCR, directly open is free;  No file is not free, but you pay what you want.

  • exported DVD does not play


    I'm still using cs4 ( on my Win 7 Home Premium (last updated 2010-05-25).

    I created a dvd with still cs4. in preview, everything works fine (all the buttons and video work).

    Now, I want the DVD export.

    1. I tried to export the DVD folder. -> My DVD software (DVD Toshiba drive) does not have the content of the DVD-folder created.

    2. I tried to export as a DVD Image. -> My image-tool (Virtual Clone Drive cannot open the image.

    Other DVDs and images can be played normal.

    I looked again the export parameters. On the disc-info, the size of the export is 5.13 GB.

    After the export as DVD folder and DVD-image created size is a bit smaller.

    The image of the DVD - has only 4.74 GB.

    Maybe my problem is caused by this. The question is how can I solve this problem?

    Does anyone has some useful tips?

    You will probably have a lot more luck, if you use elementary/primary workflows for your motion Menu, i.e. a single video only and a single Audio file only. For audio only, I would use PCM/WAV or fully compatible DVD AC3 DD and don't use files Multiplex (combined Audio and video streams).

    Multiplex-2 MPEG files are almost always a problem, and I stay away from them.

    Good luck


  • Pavilion dv7: my Pavilion Dv7 laptop computer does not start the system recovery options

    So it told me to turn my phone off, then back on whilist cling the key F11. But when I do it my is laptop beep loud noise and rest on the logo hp, whilist is on this screen is says 'System recovery F11' in the lower left corner and does not move on the screen, how to fix this?

    Hi @Jaytee2 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read on your HP laptop and get a blank screen or black at startup. Try perform a reset.

    When you perform a hard reset note remove all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.

    Here is a linkto computer does not start for Windows 7.

    Here is a documentthe performance of a Windows 7 system recovery.

    Do you have records system for this laptop?

    I'd be happy to help you if necessary. How can I find my model number or product number?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

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    Follow the steps in the link below and check if the problem persists: your CD-ROM drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    A selection of media is a file with a list of media files in it. This is not
    contain any real media.
    "cel80" wrote in message news: fc512ab1-61 6-4cff-90da-c2c0316c9d2a...
    > I have a laptop and a computer. both have the same windows vista. Now, I have
    > stored a media playlist windown file on a USB key that I transferred to my
    > laptop. But on the Windows media player to my laptop I couln t play the
    > file. Why?
    > There is to say, that the file was a Skype conversation I
    > registered with a named logitech webcam. But why would I played it my
    > computer and I could not on my laptop with the same software.
  • HP Pavilion g4 laptop keyboard does not

    I have a laptop HP Pavilion 1015dx g4.

    In recent weeks, my laptop was very loud and also work well. So, I read an article in the HP website on the cleaning of the fan.

    So I disassembled my laptop and cleaned the fan. Then, I put in place what it was before (at least I think I did). Then I turned on the laptop and the keyboard was not working. I checked Device Manager and it showed 'keyboard works correctly. So, once more, I disassembled the laptop and I couldn't identify the problem. There are three bands of clamping plastic connected to the motherboard of the keyboard case. It runs from the power button and the other two for the touchpad. So I don't see any wire connected directly to the motherboard of the keyboard. In Device Manager, it shows the PS/2 keyboard.

    I haven't lost any laptop internal parts and to the best of my knowledge, I kept things as they were. Can someone help me with this problem?

    Yes and again one thing... There was a BIOS update before do me all these things.

    Never mind. I forgot to plug in the cable to the motherboard keboard.

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