Pavilion 15n208tx: caps lock flashes

I use a computer hp laptop pavilion 15 n208tx of 1 and a half, it was perfect pc hp for me until this problem arised. When I press the laptop power button displays the wifi for the f12 screen white button on and caps starts blinking, caps lock flashes for about 12 times, exactly 12 times and then restarts again. and the laptop remains in this state until it starts itself after about 1-2 hours. I'm having this problem for about 2 months. Earlier, it was not so bad but now there has become a headache.

Guys please help me, what should I do...

I googled a lot, but it was in vain. My bios version is f.67

Some have said that it is a bios problem so I tried to downgrade my bios but f.67 is not downgradable.

Please someone help me. I'm really messed up man.

Maybe you are looking for