Pavilion 17-f042nr: backlit Chiclet keyboard for computer or laptop 17-f042nr

In terms of how to feel the keys, I love my keyboard. It is quite easy to type simple phrases etc. All that does not require a symbol - of the normal stuff. Problem is, I'm big enough coding, I play games, and I often use my pad. This keyboard chiclet-style boring, combined with the fact I'm touch-typist and work in conditions of low lighting makes everyday, my keyboard basically useless and extremely frustrating when I'm doing something more than just searching for words.

I can not easily use f3 to search for because I have to press fn and f3... and pray that, while I'm uncomfortable stretch my hand of the fn for the function keys, I hit f3 instead of f4, lest I lose what I'm trying! I can not easily go back without hitting accidentally all the other keys around the button annoyingly small and moved. I can not easily remove delete button without accidentally hitting the "home" button. And heaven help me on how many times I accidentally turned off numlock without knowing it, than to try to use the number keys and end up with a huge mess of cursor moved and to reach the mouse because of the absence of witness bright numlock.

Basically, I'm at the end of my rope with this design trend that is disgusting to put form over function. (Newsflash: keys are grouped together and have been for decades for some reason.) But since I need the computer and so forth (and well beyond the point of return, anyway), well... I hope someone can help me upgrade to a much better keyboard.

I'm looking for is a backlit chiclet keyboard (which I guess is more likely to be found) or a normal-style, bundled keyboard for my laptop 17-f042nr Pavilion. I'll even take a chiclet style which brought together key (ex: Esc |) F1 F2 F3 F4 | ...) where | is an extra/double spacing key compared to how it is now (ex: Esc F1 F2 F3 F4) and with the best space between the keyboard and a numeric keypad. A biggest delete key would be great, too. But I know that it is above all a chimera. Just, please, someone tell me how to get a usable/retro-illuminated/non-chiclet keyboard in this thing.


Through 82, 83 Page in your manual:

It's a no to what you're asking, as far as I can make your product manual. Is anything of your choice in the list.

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