Pavilion 500-108es: problem with HP Pavilion 500 - 108es BIOS? password


We have a HP Pavilion 500-108es provided with

This screen. "Enter the password for start" would be the translation. Guy said he didn t wrote a password in the BIOS and swear by himself, it seems.

I tried to remove the CMOS battery, change, a clear CMOS, etc... but nothing has worked.

¿Any idea?

Thank you!


For your desktop PC, you need to move some jumpers to clear the BIOS password.

Please see the link below... Erase password settings.

Important: The instructions as you see them on the Web page are not quite correct.

I modified the instructions below...

To clear the password BIOS follow these steps:

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    I have a HP Pavilion dv4-2015dx, serial number CNU1234RXX, I need to reset the BIOS password on.   This phone has not been used in several months and I was about to restore it to the factory, but I forgot the password.  Can someone help me with how to reset the BIOS password?  Thanks in advance.


    You are welcome.

    Try to enter: 61530598

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Could someone help me with a HP mini 1000 bios password

    Can someone help me with a HP mini 1000 bios password

    I can not remember than ever the value one, but it pop out out of blue.

    The S/N is less to:


    I'm pretty much here sitting ducks.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.


    Try the code below


    Use the posted above unlock code to access the BIOS

    Disable all passwords that are enabled

    If current password request - type the unlock code

    New password, simply press the ENTER key
    Repeat the same thing to check the password column.

    Then exit the BIOS saving & exit option to save the changes.

  • HP pavilion p7-1455: bios password for HP 675852-001 MS-7778

    I'm locked in bios and cmos of the clr and the pwd clr headers remove not the password on that they just put a factory password and I don't know what that password is, I also tried to remove the battery of the bios twice once for 30 minutes and again one or more nights , but I always ask me for a password only anyone know the bios password using this motherboard.



    The clr pswd did not work is because the instructions you have seen are incomplete/incorrect.

    I have rewritten them below, and that should take care of the problem...

    To clear the password BIOS follow these steps:

  • Pavilion 1226nr: need bios password recovery

    I just bought a refurbished 17 laptop computer 1226nr HP pavilion with a bios password hashing is (D567ADAF) Please help


    Your laptop is to produce a code hexadecimal halt which is stored in the ram as a 'one stop' and is recalculated after a reboot.  This indicates that you have a FRIEND bios later and unfortunately none of the current code generators will work - surprisingly, you can usually always remove power on password of the machine by removing the cell RTC (leave the connected Power Board) then hold down the power button for 60 seconds before reinserting the RTC.

    The bad news is that the RTC is on the 'wrong' side of the motherboard so is going to require a lot of disassembly - see Page 92 of your Maintenance & Service Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Problem with my Qosmio G40 - 10F BIOS


    I m desperate I need access to my computer before Wednesday or I could lose my job. I installed an SSD that went well. I adjusted the BIOS settings and now my computer will not boot.

    He goes to logo Qosmio and logos of hard drives USB etc and crashes. I can't get into my BIOS because it seems to ignore the key to go into the BIOS (I tried ESC, DEL, F1, F2 or F8). The computer stays on the screen of the icon. I disassembled my machine and removed the rtc battery it s been one day but he hasn t reset the bios by default.

    Someone at - it ideas? Is there a jumper / switch on the motherboard to reset MIPD? Y at - it a special key to press I don t know? Where ahould I hit him!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated I will be in serious trouble if I can t get my work I know that I have ahoukdnt have mapessed ith BIOS, but I assumed the worst I would be able to access and reset.

    O thank you very much for all the advice


    Hello Phil

    Now, I found this interesting thread on your problem. What is find a solution?
    If nothing helps remove SSDS, set the BIOS settings by default (if you enter it again) and put the old HARD drive.

    General SSDs should be recognized correctly and there is not a big problem with these updates.

  • HP Pavilion slimline 5000: bios password

    Hello, I tried to do in my bios for my cpu and when I tried to open it there is a message saying I need to put a password but I never put a password on the bios of the computer and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the password by default or power reset password my computer is a product of 5000 hp pavillion slimeline No. BV528aa #aba thank you


    See the link below to find out how to clear the BIOS password.

    Look under the clearing the BIOS password section.

  • HP Pavilion 15-p101nq: BIOS password

    HP Pavilion p101nq-15 Notebook bios password forgotten

    System off and get [51183616]


    In this case, check the following points.

    1 stop (generated after 3 erroneous seizures) code that you posted is correct.

    2. turn off the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and then remove the battery.  Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.  Plug the power adapter (leave the battery for now), start Notepad and try entering the code from my previous post again.

    3. try to enter the code via a keyboard external usb.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I think that there is a problem with the cache, Rom or bios

    everything changes every time I start windows, for example I must maximize the window workstation, every time I start the pc in my previous pc once I expanded the window and I closed the windows recognize my choice "maximise window" and the window opens always maximized... also in programs like photoshop the program changes the interface whenever I turned off the pc and open it

    Hi Marc,

    Write us with the following details so that we can better help you.

    ·          What changes do you see in the interface of Photoshop?

    There is no problem with the BIOS ROM or with the cache. I suggest you follow the steps below.

    (a) open a Windows Explorer, optimize it click on the arrow next to the button of the view on the toolbar, and then choose a display setting.

    (b) on the toolbar, click organize, and then click folder and Search options.

    (c) in the folder Options dialog box, click the view tab, click apply to folders, click Yesand then click OK.

    Write to us with the details asked. We will help you to come.

  • The HP Pavilion dv7-3085dx BIOS PASSWORD

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you can help me...  I need to change my configuration of the bios, but I do not know the password, what should I do?

    When I try to access the bios, a blue box appears with the message, enter the administrator password, but I have never created a password.

    Thanks for you time =)

    Try > 43869296

  • problem with the HP Pavilion DV4-1555dx BIOS password

    Hi all

    I need a password bios reset on a HP laptop dv4. incorrect password generates a code system off of 61588701 Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance


    Enter: 74480327

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion g7: my bios password locked up on me with disable code 80833978 on a g7 pavilion.

    Locking the BIOS enabled on me. There is a code to disable 80833978. This has happened before, but I found a web page that could give me the code but I lost it. Can anyone help please.


    Enter: 35791378

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    A system of HP Pavilion Dv7-6B55DX disabled code 77442293 need your help. Thank you!


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  • Pavilion dv7: Dv7 bios password

    Hello, I try to access the menu of the bios on my Pavilion DV7 laptop. The stop code 86966802.

    Thank you.


    Enter 39644224

  • HP Pavilion Dv6: Administrator BIOS password required after the crash of hard/replacement drive


    Hard drive has crashed, installed replacement. Try to check the HARD drive in the BIOS and I'm stuck to the administrator password screen.

    Device: HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop dv6

    OS: Win Finally 7 new

    Error code: 54820996

    Thanks for any help!


    Enter 41788318

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Pavilion 1201tx g6: bios password


    I tried to install a new OS on my HP Pavilion g6-1201tx notebook, but the bios is locked and I don't know the password. Help, please.

    Thank you


    When asked for the fair shot password enter 3 times.

    Any postal code.


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