Pavilion 6543tx: keyboard and the touchpad works do not after windows 7

Hello.. I have upgraded to windows 10 days back. But as the cursor froze a lot, I switched to windows 7 today. Now the situation is worse. The touchpad or the keyboard does not work. I tried to connect the keyboard and mouse external, but also those who did not. I am able to connect to windows through fingerpass, but unable to do anything. Please help as soon as POSSIBLE. Thank you!


HI @Milind_Thakur,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I understand that you upgraded to Windows 10, but due to a problem with the cursor freezing frequently, you returned back to Windows 7. Now the touchpad or keyboard to respond. Connect a keyboard and an external mouse also did not work. You are able to log into Windows with your fingerprint, but are still unable to access anything whatsoever.

I'll try to make a recovery to factory.   Computers HP - performing a recovery of HP (Windows 7) system. If you can not access the Recovery Manager, you will need a recovery media.  If you have not created your recovery discs, please contact HP support to obtain a recovery kit. Please contact HP to Contact HP Supportassistance. If SD not do you a backup before this all started, you will have an option during the recovery to do.  If you need it, here is a link to the computers HP - restore files that have been supported to the top using HP Recovery Manager (Windows 7).

Please let me know the results.

Thanks if it helps you to find a solution, please click the button "accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say 'Thank you' for my effort help, click on the " Up" " " give me a Kudos.: catvery-happy. "

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    Hello MikeKloss,

    Before you destroy by formatting the hard drive on your computer, I suggest that you do a restore of the system on the computer by choosing a restore point when it was working fine. You can check the link that will give you information about how to restore the system on the computer below:

  • Can the keyboard and the touchpad works at the same time?

    I play games on my computer, so I have to use the keyboard and the touchpad. Whenever I have every time I press the keys on the keyboard, the touchpad freezes. But when I plug in a mouse, it works fine. Anyway around this?

    If this switch Windows provides within the parameters of laptop does not help, try the setting as the manufacturer of your control in the old Desktop Panel.

    1. Press Windows + R to display the run box, type main.cpl , and press ENTER.
    2. Locate the touchpad settings, or if none are found, try the Hardware tab, and then click the settings button.  I can't be specific here because every computer manufacturer lets you customize where (or if) they put the settings here.
    3. If you find the touchpad settings, look for options such as 'Palm Check' or 'Rejection Touch' that could be causing your problem.
  • System Restore with the keyboard and the mouse works do not and do not know admin password

    I recently decided to update my drivers on my 9 year old bridge. Apparently the program that I used to do didn't realize a bad driver when he sees... Sort of my keyboard and mouse not responding while windows was loaded. They work enough for me to access the bios, enter the menu start and also when I hit enter to boot from a windows cd.
    I'm trying to access my restore points to get rid of the driver that has been installed. Unfortunately when I put the windows CD and try the repair option I can't log on to the volume because it requires an administrator password. I tried Admin admin admin admin and leave blank. I even ran a program to reset passwords (I do not use any which way.) still cannot log on to the volume. I also tried to pass in front of the screen to repair and installation of windows to fix this. I can hit escape and pgup and pgdown but not f8 to agree to the agreement.
    When I boot in safe mode with command prompt that it still forces me to click on an account to connect. Which I can't because the keyboard and the mouse do not work when windows is loaded.
    I can't get to the command prompt to display the box to help restore points?


    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    I suggest you to follow the steps in the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and check if it helps.


    How do I recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP startup

    Regarding the password administrator there are chances that you must have defined and now you don't remember or if the bridge keep some default password. You can also contact the Support Technology Gateway for help on the issue.

    Technical support Gateway

    Hope this information helps.

  • Satellite C850D-11 q - keyboard and the Touchpad does not

    The laptop is a little more than a year and worked ok until recently.

    Symptoms were the keyboard and the touchpad does not not on page 8 of windows logon. Pressing power to put the laptop into sleep and pressing still often got their work.

    He progressed to the keyboard and the touchpad works do not randomly points while the use of the laptop.

    Finally cleared the HARD drive and restored windows 8 alone, the laptop still BSOD quite frequently - refuses to install the updates required for 8.1 and the keyboard and mouse often do not work even in BIOS Setup page. I reinstalled the RAM and HARD drive.

    Short of ideas, the keyboard and the touchpad work and so I guess that their connections are correct - but often they just stop.

    Any ideas appreciated?

    Thank you


    > Finally cleared the HARD drive and restored windows 8 only
    I hope that you created before Toshiba recovery disks you have formatted the system.
    Did you?

    The recovery disks will allow you to reset the laptop to factory settings; on the same State as at the first day of the purchase.

    > First symptoms were the keyboard and the touchpad does not not on page 8 of windows logon. Pressing power to put the laptop into sleep and pressing still often got their work.
    Well, usually the keyboard problems are not problems system or software as the keyboard driver is part of the system and an additional installation of some drivers is not really essential and necessary.
    That is why in most of the cases the keyboard problems could be the causes of physical problems.

    However, after using the recovery disc and the parameters of the laptop back to factory State, both parties (keyboard and touchpad) should work perfectly.

    > the BSOD laptop still quite frequently - refuses to install the updates required for 8.1
    BSOD doesn't look very good. As mentioned above; parameters of the laptop back to factory settings should solve all the problems in the system. In the case where the BSOD appears even if the power has been turned back to factory State, a hardware problem could be the reason for this.

    I had also some problems with the update 8.1 Win. The system to win 8 could not find the Win 8.1.
    But the reason for this was simply. I had to install all updates to Win 8 and had to update the State system before trying to update to the next level following 8.1 Win

    So, what can I say: I will try to put the laptop initial configuration using the recovery disk.
    Then I would try to get automatic updates (a few reboots were essential too). After that, I would check the functionality of the keyboard and the touchpad. In the case where them parts would not work, I would contact the service to check if the two pieces.

  • Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD keyboard and the touchpad does not

    I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD a few days ago, and after a series of problems that I managed to fix, I woke up this morning to find that my keyboard and the touchpad do not work. Last night (about 9 hours ago) it was working fine. Anyone has an idea how can I fix?

    Problem solved. It was because of the abdriver for keyboard and mouse I have installed from the official website of lenovo, I don't know how or why, but when I uninstalled it, it started working again.

  • loss of function of the keyboard and the touchpad

    I am a rural small repair shop and received a HP/Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX to repair the loss of function of the keyboard and the touchpad. My first thought was that the Ribbon connectors came loose. However, when I first turned it on, the keyboard worked to enter the Windows password. Once started, the keyboard would not work. My client had a major sale/repair company and their solution was to install a keyboard on the screen and use a wireless mouse. I started my research in this tthinking of problem that perhaps it was caused by malicious software. Fortunately my client gave me the AC adapter while I was looking for input on the laptop voltage. It wasn't on the outer label, so I removed the battery. I reinstalled the battery and was amazed to find that both keynoard and touchpad work now.

    What could have caused this loss of function and why would be to remove and reinstall the battery solve this problem?

    It's probably that the battery actually acted as a hard reset.  A hard reset has the effect to remove remaining current EEPROM and other devices on the motherboard.

    Best regards


  • My keyboard and the touchpad are locked, does not respond to what it is.

    My keyboard and the touchpad are locked, do not respond to what it is. I activated the screen keyboard on and it works. It is a G71-340US, Windows 7. I think it happened when the battery died while in a Word doc. computer is turned off. Plugged. Turned, password screen appears, could not type anything in the box. The mouse works. My keyboard and the touchpad are locked, do not respond. Restarted, no help. Pulled the battery, no help. At least I can use the keyboard to the screen!  Thanks for your help.

    Did a restore of the system and all is well! Went back 3 days of the last update of windows. I hope this helps others!

  • Problems with the keyboard and the touchpad after installation of Windows updates.

    Original title: last updated

    the last update has disabled my keyboard and the touchpad on my laptop.  What happened.

    Hi Janthea,

    Other Toshiba users encounter the same problem and ShadowedMare posted a possible solution in the following topic:

    Post back if you need help with the registry.

  • Function keys not working do not after Windows 7 installation

    Function keys not working do not after Windows 7 installation. After I installed Windows 7 on a Sony VAIO laptop, the function (brightness, volume) keys stop working. is - anyone know how to fix this in windows 7? Thank you

    What can I do with this? I want to re install windows. ?


    This thread offers you everything you need to install the right keyboard control drivers and utilities for your function keys working again:

    Don't forget to keep your model number of the laptop at hand for the page of the driver from the Sony site.

  • The mouse and the keyboard doesn't work do not after Windows 7 update

    I have Windows 7 Home Edition.  My CPU is the last Windows Update during the night, now the keyboard and the mouse do not work.  I rebooted and unplugged both several times.  I go back to my login screen, but I can't do anything from there.

    I prsume your keyboard is USB?  If you can find a friend who has an older keyboard with a PS/2 connector, you can try this, F8 again and select last last known good configuration.

    There is no updates yesterday in itself, because I have them on my PC (I hate the 2nd Tuesday of the month because I run around the House like a crazy woman by ensuring that 1 Vista 64-bit, 2 Server 2008 R2 64-bit, 2 Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit 4 are all downloading correctly and restart if necessary.) All keyboards and mice are works well here.

  • Keyboard and mouse not working do not after Windows 7 installation

    Windows 7 has recently been installed on my Dell computer and now won't work neither the keyboard nor the mouse. I tried all the USB ports available without result. I have an old MacBook and the mouse works on that so I know that's not the mouse. I can't begin to solve the problem if I can't use the computer. I read the instructions on how to use a computer without a keyboard or mouse but they all say "Click on Start" How can I click if I have no keyboard or mouse? Help, please. I need my computer to the wrong House and right now it is totally useless.

    Hello Suzanne,.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    1. have you tried to use another keyboard with Windows?
    2. What is the model number of your Dell computer?

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    I also realize the inconvenience that you are experiencing the problem of keyboard and mouse. I will definitely help you.

    Problems of mouse and keyboard can occur for the following reasons:

    -Cables are not connected properly.
    -Incorrect device settings.
    -Missing updates.
    -Corrupt or incompatible drivers.

    I suggest you use the steps in this article and check if it helps.
    Mouse, touchpad and keyboard with Windows problems

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • Keybourd & mouse works do not after Windows R2 2012 starts


    I have connected to 4 Server KVM switch same brand same specification, all servers are with KVM normally, 3 days before one of these servers do not work with KVM over. I try to use directly connect the keyboard and the mouse, but the same thing, no driver detect for any keyboard and mouse. I'm trying to install the driver for mouse & keyboard, but nothing works. Keyboard and mouse work in bios, but when to start widows is no longer works. Work normally USB port for USB stick or external HARD disk.


    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.

    See you soon.

  • WIFI connection works do not after Windows Update installation

    Original title: update windows

    My daughter who has just an update running on Windows 8. He wrecked his WiFi connection/settings. His internet now works on the wired only. Is it safe run a system restore?


    Tip: Never, EVER to use system restore to 'Cancel' an update, Service Pack, or upgrade of IE!  Instead, uninstall the update, Service Pack, or updated IE & restart.  If that does not resolve the problem, then try System Restore.

    Restore to before the update was installed check Windows updates and hide the update so it would not automatically reinstall and the program works.

    The time and date of this moment in Washington, United States of America is 16:14

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013
    The time Pacific daylight time (PDT)-0700 UTC

    UTC/GMT is 23:14 Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    Current weather conditions in Seattle

    Just55 ° F / 13 ° C
  • G570 keyboard and the touchpad does not work

    The new computer about 6-7 months ago. Was running Windows 7 that has settled on the laptop. I had some malware on my computer, tried many malware removal tools such as malwarebytes, adware cleaner, finally had to use system restore. Then I ran Security Check. Now, I can't start in safe mode or in normal mode. When I turn on the computer, he'll go as far as the login screen and then does not allow me to move the cursor or type my password. It behaves as if the keyboard and touchpad are locked. I have to remove battery to shut down the computer. Same problem reappears when I turn it on again.

    Hi reeder2,

    What you read is correct. After hitting the key recovery key, fall into place the machine and directly to the recovery menu.

    Do try and let me know.


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