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Get windows not geninun error after upgrade to windows 10 auto. How to fix it.


Thank you

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    I want to buy a new printer for my office.  I am looking for a wireless network and scan option available in it. pls suggest.


    Please see the following links:

    Please choose one according to your needs.

    Kind regards.

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    I'm new to the germ of HP, I was scanning documents and when I save as to send to my boss he will save only as a sproutdoc, no other option is available on the menu drop down, if the document does not open on his mac from apple.

    could someone help me with this please.

    Thank you


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    I can not connect with internet with Ethernet or WiFi, I have already installed new Windows 7 32bits.
    I donnot have driver handy cd I lost it. So when I went through the problems of window 7 it says windows can not find a driver for network card, but even after that I searched a fair bit for the pilot that I couldn't find it anywhere someone could help me with that it would be really appreciated thank you

    Thank you.

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    I accidentally deleted the recovery disc. can anyone help.

    Thank you

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    A few days ago, I bought a new computer hp laptop 15 ay503tx. I had installed all the drivers and everything is perfect, but when I tried to play games on battery games are shifts and work perfectly as a weak graphics card. but when I plugin games charger works well with maximum performance.

    I already have the win 7 high performance battery performance setting and advance system settings too, but still I am facing the same problem.

    and when I opened the amd radeon sometimes windows and work stops automatically shows also the bar close programe.

    I hope that the information provided is sufficient.

    Thank you.

    Pls suggent

  • Pavilion 23-q152m: support of HP 1800-970-0394 - without charge-free | Call for technical support | HP printer technical support |

    Starting the display is grainy and the colors are not true.  A pale line in the middle of the screen and a slight jitter is also visible on the screen.  Sometimes the problem clears up on its own - sometimes, it does not work.  The AMD/HP software is the 15.201.1301 - 150819 a - 188593c - HP version AMD Catalyst Software Suite which is the latest version of blessed HP.  The graphic chipset AMD is the graphics card AMD Radeon (TM) R6 / BIOS version  The HP PRINTER is model # 23 - q152m, product # N0X19AV #ABA.

    I also have similar question

  • G1 and G2 of spectrum spectrum: the support of HP 1800-970-0394 - without charge-free | Call for technical support | HP printer technical support |

    We have 2 spectrum. Both generated bluescreens throughout the day. everything is updated. BIOS, drivers, we have used install original HP on the ssd - 30 times of the new cd installations, company W10, company LTSB W10, CD-ROM software HP, NOTHING. The same bluescreens again and again. Also - the monitor on the G2 model becomes black and continues in the same second.

    does every 10 minutes it 1 time. never saw on the G1 model.

    The source of the bluescreens every time is another - Olivier sound ntfs.sys bluescreen, Olivier grafic, blue screen memory. HP what happens?

    HP - it is the least expensive and most of the materials pc and laptop worse on this planet.

    New spectrum G2 Modell: bluescreen, bluescreens with audio disabled windwos, new driver installed - bluescreen, disabled by windows 10 - spectrum rerun while 2 h and blue screen of the driver of the motherboard. Now - new wlan driver of HP original - installation failed, failed, failed to install. Oh no - not installed manually - installed by HP support assistant! He said the success of the Installation - and the same message - installation failed and you need to reinstall.

    The two Modells spectrum amounting to 90 degrees cpu in IDLE MODE. incredible stupid thermal management.

    HP - please STOP BUILDING PC COMPUTER. You have NO intelligence in the PC. Your laptops PC PORTENDS even worse hardware. Back to server systems - this is something you really good.

    I love your server. But your are the Builder of PC/Notebook/Tablet never seen worse.


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    I see WPF c# Binding in the developer's guide, but the examples use only WindowsForms.

    What using XAML/WPF applications SPROUT.

    Thank you

    No resolution that I guess.

  • Remove the back panel for Pavilion AIO 23Touch q012

    How can I remove the back panel for Pavilion AIO 23Touch q012. I am wanting to upgrade my RAM. I had all the shots to come off, but there seems to be something in the Center which is not coming loose. There is a notch 'lock', but nothing to explain how to use it, it still means something to remove the back. All other indications I can find are for other models.

    See if this info is in your guide of upgrade and maintenance / 7902091/manuals

  • I received an alert that I had a virus and he was invited to dial a toll-free number; Is it a scam?

    I received a notice that I had a virus and I had to call a toll-free number to contact apple immediately.  He said that my personal information had been stolen and that I should contact apple to be walked through the steps of removing him.  I never got this kind of message or prior warning.  Is it a scam?

    Yes, it is, don't call him.

  • Toll free customer support number

    Toll free customer support number

    your online responses are not even close to solving the problem it until they are useless!

  • US Toll Free error internal

    Currently, when the composition + 1-844-xxx-xxxx or + 1-855-xxx-xxxx us Toll Free numbers and internal error occurs.

    These numbers are composed in the same way as + 1-800 and 1-888 which connect normally.

    After speaking with a representative of Skype, they stated that it is a global problem of Skype and is currently under development.

    Y at - it a date when this will be fixed and where we can look at the site periodically to see if the problem is resolved?

    The latest version of Skype for Mac, 6.15, added support for numbers of 844. 855 numbers also work with this compilation, in my tests. To use these numbers, you can download the new version here:

  • Using phone dialer to dial a numer of toll-free by using cut and paste.

    I would like to use cut and paste to have phone dialer to my phone line. However, he continues to compose (ater, I turned off the phone card...?) 1-8-555-... It will not dial 00. Why? and why he would try to use a card to dial a toll-free number?  Thank you.


    ·          Which application cut you and paste the number into the phone dialer?

    ·          Are you able to cut & paste any other number in the Dialer?

    You must use the canonical format to dial other numbers that the number cannot be dialed correctly.

    In Windows Vista computer, type the phone numbers in the following format:

    + (Area code) of theCountry/bounding Numeroabonne

    For example, this is the format for a Subscriber in the United States of America in canonical format:

    + 1 (nnn) nnn-nnnn

    For more information, see this link.

    Dialing rules may not be applied to tools such as Fax and phone dialer on Windows XP and Windows Vista-based computers

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • My Hp Pavilion laptop 2244sa g6 does not come with the product key for windows8. Is this normal?


    My Hp Pavilion laptop 2244sa g6 does not come with the product key for windows8. Is this normal? I can't see it anywhere, should I worry?

    Some laptops, like my Envy 17-3002ea loan, have the certificate of authenticity Windows hidden in the compartment where the hard drive and the battery are.  First try.

    Other portable latest and which may include yours, have the Windows license key encrypted in the BIOS.  There is a thread on the Microsoft communities that verifies that. The thread is worth reading.

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