Pavilion DV5-1118es wireless and Bluetooth issues!

I have a Pavilion DV5-1118es am not able set and activate wireless & Bluetooth, can someone help me to do these things?




Your model is without bluetooth.

You can check the specs here.

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  • Satellite Pro S300: Command wireless and Bluetooth and save this config


    In the normal state, I want to have active bluetooth and the wireless off (it would be good if it can be activated by pressing Fn + F8)

    Problem: Every time is turn on the laptop (or reboot), the without wire is activated and not the bluetooth. So I have to press Fn + F8 to turn off Wireless (which turns off wireless and bluetooth) and then press Fn + F8 to select bluetooth to activate bluetooth. How can I save this config?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately, it of not possible to save these settings.
    But as far as I know that the settings should not change after a reboot of the laptop.

    But you can check the Bluetooth settings in the folder utilities Toshiba.
    There is a general named tab that contains a few options.
    Check this box

  • 15 HP r015dx Notebook: 15 HP r015dx - wireless and Bluetooth controller driver

    Hello. I have a HP 15 laptop r015dx. I've just recently demoted it to Windows 7 Professional 64 bit window 10. I installed most of the necessary drivers except for the wireless and Bluetooth. I search all the possibilities to find a driver for my laptop and was unsuccessful. I read an article Solve: pilot Wifi HP 15-d006tu Windows 7 64 bit where Paul Tikkanen brought a solution to the person who has had a similar problem.

    Does anyone in this forum can give a solution to this problem that I am facing.

    Need help... AS SOON AS POSSIBLE


    Hi, Bill:

    That's exactly what I need.  Yes, you have a different wlan with bluetooth card that showed the parts list.

    Here are the links to the wireless and bluetooth drivers you need for this model of the wlan card.

    This package contains the installation package driver for Ralink wireless LAN controllers in the laptop models running a supported operating system.


    This package contains the installation package driver for the Bluetooth MediaTek/Ralink in the laptop models running a supported operating system.


  • HP 550 wireless and Bluetooth problem on win 7


    I had a problem with the wireless and bluetooth connection, since I upgraded to windows 7 x 64

    The problem with the wireless, it's that I can't find not all devices wireless in range (even if I have a wireless router at 2 meters far from providing internet to a laptop computer and two mobile phones)

    I tried the drivers on the HP site, but I only need to support vista x 86 drivers.

    I also tried the drivers from a previous post on this Board link here (the broadcom wireless drivers) and even if they normally show on Device Manager window, always get a "turn wireless capability on" when I solve the problem. And Yes, the light on the wireless button is in blue (not yellow)

    The other thing with bluetooth is that I get some unknown bluetooth devices on the window of device as in this photo manager.

    I have no idea what to do now so please help.

    Thanks in advance.


    Check the guide below:

    How to install the driver Bluetooth HP Windows 7.

    You will need this driver:

    HP wireless Assistant here (ver for 32/64-bit Win7)

    Bluetooth wireless here (ver for 32/64-bit Win7)

  • Y at - it Windows 7 drivers for this wireless and bluetooth device?

    Have a DELL XPS 8700 with the following wireless and bluetooth chipset/map:

    Intel wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + HS adapter

    Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 7260

    Are there drivers for Windows 7 64 bit for this chipset? Reason why I asked was when I tried to get DELL to install Windows 7 Pro instead of the Windows 8.1 on my machine, their excuse was that there were no drivers for these 2 items in Windows 7. I do not quite believe them.

    Having someone here "converted" Windows 8.1 (not pro) for Windows 7 and you have the mentioned chipset here?

    The guide says:

    The schema partition and target system type set as default system BIOS or UEFI computers MBR partition and can be used in most cases.

    In the rare cases where you need to install on a 3 to or more large drive with a SecureBoot/UEFI BIOS select GPT partition system for UEFI computers (I have not tested).

    So, if I did not need to install Windows 7 on a 3 TB drive, it will be better to disable the secure boot and UEFI to legacy? Or do I only in order to disable secure startup, but the setting UEFI?

    Reason why I ask, is that the other installation of Windows 7 guides you need to disable these two parameters, but in the guide you sendt me it seems that the only thing I should maybe change the start setting secure. Or maybe not?

  • How can I turn off wireless and bluetooth via the bios?

    "How to turn off the Wi - Fi in bios maps?


    I have a laptop Toshiba and Windows 7.

    Some specifications are necessary for me to work on a remote network. Bluetooth and Belarc test still does not work and I get the message"wireless cards must be disabled in the bios. »

    Without thread is DISABLED in the BIOS, also, I went to the network and the Internet and chose WIRELESS DISABLED ON HARD WIRED CONNECT and network cards, I DISABLED it. Also, I went to the network and sharing Center and changed the settings of the adapter to DISABLE.

    Wireless Configuration Utility > Broadcom Wireless Utility > "No currently no wireless available and active devices."

    Bluetooth is UNINSTALLED

    What else can I possibly? I would appreciate a solution.

    Thank you



    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    You want to turn off wireless and Bluetooth via the BIOS, I suggest you ask to contact the manufacturer of the computer for that.

    Please do not hesitate to post, if you face problems with Windows in the future, we will be happy to help you.

  • HP Pavilion dv5-2135dx: get active bluetooth / work?

    I operate bluetooth. but it seems that I hit dead ends and nothing done yet to get bluetooth working on windows 64-bit 10.

    I tried the two drivers of bluetooth of the page of the official product of the hp driver "sp50180" & "sp52533".

    driver page -

    I tried running both in compatibility mode for xp sp3 and windows 7 without success, they did not

    "sp52533" generates the error "bluetooth hardware must be put on run this installation package ' but the thing is that I have yet to see/find bluetooth under devices so I can enable it

    'sp50180' outputs error "this application cannot run on this pc" as I have said - I tried compatibility mode for xp sp3 and windows 7. It doesn't work anymore

    under c:\SWSetup\SP50180 there is 'Inst.exe' and 'BTW.msi '.

    the two let me install the driver/software but it does not work, I still have not found bluetooth under > devices in the settings even after install/install these

    would be very grateful of the solution/fix/workaround to resolve what to get my bluetooth for windows 64-bit 10.

    I don't want to go back to windows 7 just to get the work of bluetooth. I just want to use my bluetooth with my laptop speakers.


    According to the page of specifications of product for your laptop, it doesn't come with built in bluetooth network.

    If so, this feature would have been listed as well as WLAN 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity specifications.

    Then I looked to the top of the model wireless network card that your laptop is in the parts list...

    It does not list a separate bluetooth module and adapter WiFi Atheros AR9285 802.11 b/g/n (1 x 1) (more people) it is the map that you see listed under the category of peripheral cards Network Manager, if not an adapter without wireless/bluetooth combination.

    So I would say that you get the message "bluetooth hardware must be on" because there is a total absence of the bluetooth hardware, which, according to all that I have written, makes sense as to why you can not bluetooth works.

  • Pavilion DV5 - 2040ca: Volume and brightness not display when changed

    Hey all, I recently formatted my laptop, a HP Pavilion DV5 - 2040ca and I noticed that (even after installing the drivers), it does not display the current volume/brightness when it is changed via the shortcut keys associated with the F - keys. I was wondering which driver will enable this function on my laptop, because it would be good to have.

    Thanks in advance.


    For your laptop, the screen on a brightness/volume is provided by HP MediaSmart SmartMenu - you can download this from the link below.

    Note:  You should have at least 1 other MediaSmart software installed (any) before installing this.

    When the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Turn on wireless and Bluetooth problem

    Hi, I bought HP Paviion 14-V040tx

    I installed laptop with windows 7 and install all drivers

    I have a problem to turn on wi - fi or bluetooth, no indicator or notice when I press the F12 key


    Your laptop uses the Broadcom BCM43142 802.11bgn 1 x 1 Wi - Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 HMC combination WLAN adapter.

    Have you installed these two drivers?  These should be the ones you need...



  • Configuration wireless and Bluetooth on HP Pavilion p050sq-15 Notebook PC

    Hello, I just bought a laptop computer (Pavilion 15-p050sq). I am using windows 7 ultimate x 64.

    I want bluetooth and wireless drivers for my laptop.

    And a second question is, wich turn wireless button or wich order fast for example fn + f12 (btw it does not work)

    I need help to set up the wireless network...

    Sorry for my English guys...


    Here are links to the drivers you need...



    SM Bus controller:

    PCI Simple Communications controller:



  • Pavilion G6-2005ax, cannot install drivers wireless and bluetooth problem.

    Hello, I installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on my HP Pavilion G6 2005ax after formatting. I downloaded and installed all my drivers from here . But '2011 Ralink 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Adapter "and"Ralink 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN Adapter Driver "doesn't install. There are yellow symbol on "Network controllers" in Device Manager. I could succcessfully install the bluetooth driver but I can't find any device, or it gets discovered. Please help someone. Thank you.


    Depending on the hardware ID will keep you (USB\VID_0CF3 & PID_311D & REV_0001), that decodes an Atheros bluetooth radio.


  • Pavilion dv7 - no wireless or bluetooth after power surge?

    Hi all

    I'm trying to diagnose a failure on a Pavilion dv7-4130sa running Windows 7.

    The WiFi was working fine until yesterday afternoon when I think he cut a power surge or a very brief power. It was not enough to reset clocks or turn off the TV, cable box, etc, but I had to reset the wireless router.

    Central heating also stopped working, due to a fuse and the defective pump - but maybe it's just a coincidence.

    Now, the wireless in the system tray icon shows a red cross with Windows indicating an error message...

    Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing.

    I know this isn't the router as my phone and netbook both work more wireless. I was thinking of doing a system restore, but I was wondering that if bluetooth and wireless cards are defective, this does not solve the problem.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

    try to reinstall these network adapters in Device Manager or recovery manager

  • Network wireless and Bluetooth card no longer works...


    I guess I did something very stupid.

    I had an Ideapad s12 via nano 2959. While the closure of Windows XP, I turned off the wireless switch. After reboot I lit it again once, the blue icon, the white light on the front edge of the dark rest netbook and wireless, nor the network card or the bluretooth seems to work more. The bluetooth of the systray icon displays in blue and Red instead of blue and white. Wireless systray icon as not connected, a scan of wireless networks you find no.

    In Device Manager, I'll see under "Bluetooth-devices" only "-Bluetooth enumerator. I don't see anything in the enumerator "Bluetooth."

    While I find the adapter wireless network installed, enabled and working properly...

    Didn't destroy my wireless devices by cutting so that the closing...?

    If so, why the adapter wireless network will show as being installed, active and functioning correctly in Device Manager?

    Hello and welcome check the Menu Fn + F5 softswitch...

    cordially KalvinKlein

  • Pavilion G6-2399sa: wireless and Ethernet doesn't work anymore since the upgrade to Windows 10

    Upgrade the laptop for Windows 10 today (8.1), or wireless or ethernet connections are available to connect to the network with since.

    Device Manager indicates that the two pieces of equipment are working properly.

    I tried to uninstall Win 8 drivers and restart the laptop. Windows installs generic drivers for devices and reports that they are working properly. The links do not appear in network connections.

    Also flight Mode light is constantly display orange rather than white even after disabling the operating system flight Mode. Pressing the F11 key does not change the State.

    Card manufacturers seem to be all WIndows 10 pilots available is HP.

    He handpicked the Lenovo's Office. I guess he will do the same on HP laptop

  • How to iphone and ipad detectable with the Mac for wireless and Bluetooth

    iMac is 21.5-in. version 10.11.5; iPhone is 5 c, version 9.3.2. iPad is version 9.3.2. Each device has the ability to drop and it works between iPhone and iPad, but no device is discoverable to the iMac.  I use the dongle Broadband Pendo, connected on router NetcommWireless. The ipad name on the screen of the computer and the computer name displays on the screen of the ipad, but they co not connect. The iPhone name does not appear on the computer screen.

    Go to System Preferences > Privacy & Security > firewall. Turn off the firewall, then restart. The firewall software (if activated) blocks Airdrop.


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