Pavilion dv6 2170 clock problem after replacing the CMOS battery

Hello world. Sorry for my bad likely English

OK, so the problem started since I changed my laptop CMOS battery. and to be honest it wasn't whit any problem the clock when I replaced it but I if this may be the cause of another problem that later I figuered what the problem was because of the RAM.

in any case, I changed the Rams and this problem has been resolved. I just set the clock of the BIOS and rebooted the system. After awhile I figuered that windows clock is not fair. I restarted again and saw the BIOS clock. It has been reset for 2009! even when the laptop battery and power supply are attached the BIOS and windows continues to change clock! I even changed my windows and I replaced the CMOS battery with the former, but nothing helped. It seems really strange, but I don't think it's maybe a hardware problem there a driver or something for the CMOS battery... need your help! Thank you!


You mentioned that the BIOS has been reset for 2009? This means that there is a problem with the current or any leak and the BIOS has been "reset" back at the root of the plant. I'm afraid you have shorted something when you changed the battery not be grounded.

Worst case is that there is physical damage to your motherboard and there is nothing you can do about it, probably broken a capacitor - who cannot hold a charge to prevent the reset of the BIOS clock.

However, you can try this.

Completely, unplug your computer, remove the laptop battery, etc... Then browse 'Guide' your computer for the "hard physical reset" for your CMOS. I don't know what it's like on a laptop, I only did it on desktop with riders. Be sure to follow the directions precisely.

-Make sure you are properly grounded. touch the metal parts that is grouned before touching anything on your computer.
-the hard reset should be done for at least 30 seconds, this ensures that the power is completely served the system. Then you can set this back.

Try this a couple of times, first without removing the CMOS battery and 2nd time after remove CMOS battery and placing it in.

Good luck.

BTW, you can also try running without your new memories (if there is more than 1 stick, try them separately). In fact, I would probably try first before doing a hard reset CMOS. The reason why I didn't say earlier, it's because I have assumed that you already tried this.

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    It does one of two things.

    It is one) seems to turn, turn to the top disk & CD player, cooling fan is 100%, then flashes the POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    Or (b) turns on, turntable, does not turn up to cooling fan, POWER ON witness remains stable, no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    I re-assembled the laptop several times & can not find all the missing fittings or obvious signs of damage.

    The only thing I can think is that the motherboard has been damaged - somehow find replacements is delicate.

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    (> It is a) appears to turn on, turn the disk & CD player, cooling fan goes to 100% and then flashes him

    POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.
    Usually, if the voltage in abnormal feeding malfunctions when IN DC will be blinking orange.

    In my opinion, it looks like a problem with the motherboard :(
    Eventually, you will need to replace the mobo ;(

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    I suspected the CMOS battery, so I removed it.  He tested "fair."  Got a new CR2032.  He attached the test counter, so it's okay  "I WAITED ALL NIGHT BEFORE REPLACING.  But the computer does not restart.  I went through the steps above and still no luck.  What to do next?  Thank you, Joe

    FIXED!  I removed the battery (I had to remove the sound card to get in the first place to the battery).  I waved it around a little when you reinstall.  Now it's working.  What I've done, I have no idea, but it works now.  Sorry for the post, but I was desperate.  Joe

  • My HP Pavilion DV6 will not start after replacing the screen

    I just replaced a cracked screen by following the instructions in the maintenance manual and now it does not start. The power light turns on and the fan works but nothing else happens. What can I do to trouble shoot this problem?

    The most common problem is the connection of the cable to the screen.  Make sure that it is tight. Check the connection to the motherboard as well, but it's usually OK.

  • Equium A210 - replacing the CMOS battery possible?

    My Toshiba Satellite A210 - 1 4 seems to have a CMOS battery problem because it does not keep the BIOS settings.

    I bought a replacement battery and a/c mains adapter to remove the a/c power problems but the POST beaps and CMOS keeps a checksum error and once in the BIOS and save the settings, it starts successfully, but if the laptop restarts or is off this all over again. I've also updated the BIOS successfully is not of the BIOS chip. The only thing I can think is to replace the CMOS battery - is it possible?

    I read that some are soldered on? Would this laptop Toshiba service to replace the CMOS battery / audit failures - if so, how much would it cost, or someone else can do that the laptop is out of warranty.

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    Hi Emases2010,

    As I know some batteries are fixed/soldered to the motherboard and t is no substitute, but I think that only a laptop computer technician can give you a detailed response.

    Normally, you can load the CMOS battery if you leave the AC adapter plugged in overnight or in the best case 24 hours. After this, the battery must be fully charged.
    Check this box!

  • Toshiba 5200/100 - replacing the CMOS battery for floppy drive work

    Device still works fine, Windows 3.1.
    Start now, by setting the time & date (CMOS battery).
    However, recently the floppy drive is NOT "ready".

    Would it be useful to replace the CMOS battery for the floppy drive works again?
    Please advise. Any advise welcome. T.I.A.

    NAP - Gent - Belgium


    Battery CMOS is needed to keep the BIOS settings.
    It seems that the CMOS battery is empty if you need set the date and time always in the BIOS settings. But the CMOS battery has nothing to do with the floppy drive.

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    You will find how to do here.


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    Thanks a lot for the info. New batt. will be here Friday.

    Will post back with the results.

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    foanti wrote:

    Please I need help on how to replace the CMOS battery for dv4 - 2165dx notebook pc.


    Page 54 of this manual:

  • HP Pavilion G6 - 2148TX Power Up after replacing the fan problem


    After replacing the fan, I have a power issue with the laptop. Basically, the laptop will only fuel on the power cable disconnected to the motherboard. It is by mistake only after the fan has been replaced and everything got back together, I noticed that the battery was not charging.

    I then opened the machine and reconnected the power cable to the motherboard and nothing - no power.

    When connecting to the source of power with the battery in place, adjacent to the power supply lights in WHITE then remains ORANGE and will not. Seeing no other, no fan noise, nothing.

    If I remove the battery, the adjacent to the power supply led in WHITE and white rest however not feed either. Same agin, no LED, no fan noise, nothing.

    Now, I opened the machine upward and disconnected the power from the motherboard. Put it all back together and that the laptop starts as usual with the battery and it works very well. (Well until the battery runs in any case)

    I'm looking for some advice on what the issue could be given my conclusions.

    Thanks in advance.

    Well, I've now solved the problem. I bought the DC power cable that connects the motherboard to the socket on the laptop. $15 on eBay.

    Connecting the supply cable to the Jack of the laptop, the 'white' and is LED stayed on. The battery was not installed at the time. With a deep breath, I pressed the power button expecting anything to happen, but when he lit a big smile appeared on my face.

    The laptop booted up normally.

    I then install the battery and the battery indicator showed it to load. Everything is good and a son of 18 very happy. The fault was as expected according to my previous email. I hope this helps someone in the future, shame on HP response was off the mark in light of the original explanation and clarification post. But appreciated nonetheless.

  • OptiPlex 755 USFF does not start after changing the cmos battery

    I have a desktop Optiplex 755 USFF requiring the cmos battery to replace. After the replacement of the computer will not start. It brings up the menu windows start, the sasfe mode, safe mode with network set mode command prompt, security, last know good configuration and boot normally. Any option will bring to the top of the WIndows XP loading screen and then re-boot of the computer right back to the start screen. A big loop. I can get the hard drive to boot in an Optiplex GX280 without problem. I was told of the motherboard needs to be replaced, but I changed the units of the system and the same thing with this hard drive.

    I tried to reinstall the operating system and get all the way to "starting windows" and then the blue screen stop error message 0x0000007B (0xF7A10524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) dead. The computer is WIndows XP SP3, 1 GB of ram with 80 GB hard drive. It seems that the Setup program does not recognize the hard drive.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    After several hours of experimentation, I finally found the correct BIOS settings in order to get the computer to boot. There are three BIOS settings that need to be changed or check settings by default so that it can work. SATA 0 must be activated, SATA operations must be changed from AHCI, ATA and in the modular Bay, by default "far-sighted" should be replaced by the IDE. Save the settings and start the computer to the right upwards.

  • MS200 HP all in one computer - replace the CMOS battery


    Can anyone help with this please?

    Need to replace the battery CMOS but can't finy all information on how to access it.

    Can find information on how to access hard drive, memory, and how to remove the stand, but nothing on how to access the CMOS battery / motherboard. The rear panel does not seem to have clear access points to remove it.

    Thanks for your help!

    For the benefit of anyone with a similar problem, figured out how to remove the envelope which was really very simple (is always when you know how).

    To remove the Panel, you must first remove the stand. From there on, remove the cover on the back that conceals the hard drive. Remove the screws that hold the hard drive and a DVD burner in place.

    Slide the DVD drive, and then you can gently push the lid with a knife butter blunt or similar to push the housing into the slot of the dvd player . Once it begins to pull him out just gently work your way around the edge.

    Once the case is off, the CMOS battery is fairly easy to find.

  • Adjustable 430CDT Pro - how to replace the CMOS battery?

    Two questions, if I could.

    1. the old new 430CDT - does anyone have simple instructions that go I would find the CMOS battery and replace it without destroying the computer in the process? I suspect that it is hidden under the keyboard, but have no idea how to do to remove that. (I'm not very super-friendly upward on computers.)

    2. How can I get back in to old posts and give points for helpful answers?

    Thank you!

    > 1. The old 430CDT yet - does anyone have simple instructions that go I would find the CMOS battery and replace it without destroying the computer in the process? I suspect that it is hidden under the keyboard, but have no idea how to do to remove that. (I'm not very super-friendly upward on computers.)

    I m not very well, but I doubt you could get access to the only keyboard removing CMOS battery.
    Usually it s placed on the motherboard but it s need to disassemble the whole laptop and believe me. It's really complicated and mostly impossible for some who never disassembled a laptop

    So if you ask my opinion: contact a technician in downtown and ask for help.

    > 2. How to bring back the old posts and give points for helpful answers?
    You must mark the post as answered, and then you can assign points to other users.
    Click on your username and you will get the list of your discussions.


  • Satellite L50D - Boot problems after replacing the hard drive

    I just upgraded my hard drive of the pathetic crod 5400 they provide to a [email protected], but now have a major issue.

    I initially image the operating system from the old hard drive to the new drive and have had chronic start-up problems (1-3-4 attempts to start to succeed if it fails at any time (often to the Toshiba start screen)).

    I reinstalled from a drive under Win 8.1 plain own ENT (trying to avoid the bloatware) and it is exactly the same number and is what I used to format the laptop very well with previously and had previously worked.

    I tried reformatting and reinstalling (by removing all partitions on each attempt) to the CSM, unsafe UEFI and UEFI secure. MCS is a straight line never works not proceed and both UEFI methods have the same exact result.

    I tried with original restore disks and it seems to work (not had time to fully test) but I don't want the bloatware and it shouldn't be serious since, if I were a customer who forgot to make restore disks (too often) and just have to have a failed hard drive or replaced sacrificed the laptop would be now a door stop.

    This seems as bad as Apple to lock people in.

    So I would appreciate ideas of people to please, I don't know if there is a program that is supposed to take place on a new drive as PS3 etc (I doubt it), but that leads me into the wall, and will be the last time that I consider Toshiba as anything other than a joke, if there is no solution.

    I had to replace the hard disks many times in my previous Toshiba laptops and were devoid of this crod, it has something to do with UEFI which seems more a nuisance than a help right now.



    In my opinion, you should first check if the startup problem is related to the new installed HARD drive or new installed system.
    You said that the laptop fails to start up often to the Toshiba start screen.

    The splash screen appears during the POST (power on self-test) procedure. During this test, the material will be checked.
    I m wondering if the hybrid SSD/HDD isn't recognised by the BIOS during this particular step.

    From my point of few, this could be the reason why the system cannot be started.

    Another important note:
    The 8.1 win requires enable start secure as well as the UEFI boot mode.
    Therefore, you must enable both options in the BIOS.

    Last but not least check if you are using the latest BIOS version as latest firmware for the hybrid SSD/HDD

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    I have a problem with my all-in-one HP Photosmart C3180. Recently, I replaced the black cartridge with a new one and now I can't print or copy more because it shows a problem with the cartridge three colors (it has not been replaced).

    What happens is that the red error led and the led (the one near the color copy button) color cartridge still flashing. It does not accept any input print and everytime I turn on the printer it will begin what is called "align cartridge" (printing paper with a few lines on this subject).

    Is that what I can do in addition to the replacement of the two cartridges at the same time? I never had this problem before.

    Thank you for your time,


    Hello, AXN

    Unfortunately, you must have the color cartridge to print. I noticed that some printers can still use the scanner if you also need that. You can always try, but it might give an error when you try to print.

    Let me know if the replacement cartridge solves your problem.

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