Pavilion dv6-7090el has an MXM Slot?


I have a Pavilion dv6-7090el Notebook and I do not know if my machine has an MXM Slot mountet because I need to change my graphics card with a more efficient one.

Can someone tell me something please?

Kind regards!


No it's not.  The graphics chips are integrated on the motherboard.  There is no removable graphic "cards".

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    Hi everyone and everybody.  I'm trying to find out if the HP HDX 18 t has an mxm slot and if so what type of version?  If someone could answer my question, I would greatly apreciate it. I know he uses the geforce gt 130 m video adapeter.

    I contacted HP and discovered that it is and it is version 2.0.

  • Pavilion dv6-7090el update?

    Sorry for my bad English...
    I want to upgrade my Pavilion dv6-7090el netbook.
    Someone please tell me which components can be replaced?
    Hard drive? GPU? RAM?
    I would like to install an SSD: do I have to choose a particular model, or are
    all compatible?
    Thank you!

    It comes with 8 GB of RAM which is maximally. The processor is fast already, and an upgrade would not bother. The video cannot be changed. The hard drive could be replaced by a SSD, and this will be a very significant upgrade. I personally had a lot of luck with Samsung SSD of 840, either the Evo or the Pro series. The Evo is common and the Pro is a bit expensive. But there are a lot of very good SSD out there. If you need any help post more come back.

  • My pavilion dv6 3031sa has wrong GPU for its model

    So I bought a new card system for my laptop online without knowing which model, he came, so I checked the Bios for the product number which is XB531EA #ABU. Then I checked the HP drivers website and enter the product number that says the model number is Dv6-3031sa. When I studied the specs of this model, it is said that the GPU in this Council should be Radeon HD 5470 m. However detected updates driver Radeon 5650 m, hardware in Device Manager ID confirms that it is a 5650 m

    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_68C1 & SUBSYS_1440103C & REV_00
    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_68C1 & SUBSYS_1440103C
    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_68C1 & CC_030000
    PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_68C1 & CC_0300

    It's a better GPU, so I'm not complaining, just area why the model and the GPU is the football game. Thank you

    Hey @LBrad ,

    The system comes to shows me that it is a re-engineering. No other information. If you need it, you can call our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click on the linkfor the number of support in your region. They will be happy to help you immediately.

    Thank you.

  • speakers of HP pavilion dv6-7020us has stopped working

    My speakers stopped working at some point, but I don't remember programs or updates that may have caused this. I uninstalled everything I know has recently been installed. I ran an update driver for the items pertaining to the audio device manager.


    Try the following.

    Download IDT Audio Installer on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    One time finished, open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open sound, video and game controllers.  Right click on the IDT device and select uninstall - also, you should get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

    When finished, restart the computer and let Windows load completely.  Open your download folder, right-click on the IDT Installer and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  Once this done, do a right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and select playback devices.  'Speakers and headphones' left click once to highlight, and then click the Set Default button - check if you now audio.

    If you have still no sound, open windows control panel, open administrative tools, and then open Services.  Verify that the following services are all showing that status = started and the Startup Type = Automatic

    Audio service

    Multimedia class Scheduler

    Windows Audio

    Windows Audio endpoint Builder

    If you need to make a change to one of the above, just right-click the service and select Properties, and then in the drop-down list box next to "Startup Type", select automatic and click on apply to save the changes.  Then click on the Start button.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Re: Has Satellite R630-131 MXM slot?

    Wanted to know more about mxm presence slot in model Satellite R630-131.

    Generally Exchange or upgrade on Toshiba laptops graphic card is not possible. So I don t think that your model of laptop has an MXM slot.

    What you can do is to contact the nearest service Toshiba and ask technicians. They have Maintenance manuals and graphic diagram of the motherboard so they can help you with this.
    As much as I know this info is not available on the official pages of Toshiba.

  • Pavilion Dv6-1446ee: RAM UPGRADE

    HI experts,

    My laptopn Pavilion dv6 1446ee has two slots of memory, each use "1 GB PC2-6400, 800 MHz, DDR2 RAM"

    Now, if I want to upgrade the memory to 4 GB, then should I modernize the two slots? Or upgrade to the 4 GB single slot will work?




    Your machine currently have 2 x 1 GB, you can switch to 2 x 4 GB (8 GB total):

    1 location with 4 GB works but why you would do this, DDR3 RAM (DDR2, not) is cheap now

    Kind regards.

  • Beats Audio does not (HP Pavilion dv6-6c53er)

    Hello. earlier on my laptop (HP Pavilion dv6-6c53er) has been installed Windows 7 Home. But now I decided to upgrade my laptop. And changed the old Windows 7 Home for the new Pro Windows 8.1. All right. But after IDT HD Audio driver installation (with Beats Audio for my laptop model) - Beats audio does not work! I tried several ways to solve this problem. Similar sets different drivers on my device.

    Nothing helps. guys, I am desperate, please help me! Please, I beg you!


    Have you tried this driver?

  • HP Compaq 8300 Elite USDT: Max Wattage on HP 8300 USDT MXM slot

    I have a HP Compaq 8300 Elite Business PC Ultra Slim Desktop, there is no PCI slots, it has an MXM slot for a gpu in option. I was wondering what is the watts max can take. According to the manual of HP, they recommend an AMD Radeon HD 7650 A (MXM) as a gpu in option, which takes 33w. I want to upgrade this machine to a Quadro K1100M, who takes of 45w. The Quadro gpu can work in this machine? Looking all over the internet, I can't find the answer to this question.

    MXM - III is limited to 35w

    Nvidia MXM [Mobile PCI eXpress Module].

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  • HP Pavilion dv6 - 2173cl: card driver HP Pavilion dv6 - 2173cl Entertainment Notebook PC with windows 8.1 Sound

    After upgrade to windows 8 for windows 8.1 my laptop HP Pavilion dv6 - 2173cl has a problem with the card (no sound at all).  I went to but there is no driver for window 8.1 sound card.  What should I do now... Help, please...


    See if it works...

  • What model should I get for my Pavilion DV6-3150us? I think that the jury must be replaced.

    My Pavilion DV6-3150us has problems with the Council and I plan to replace. Should what advice I expect? The model please. Thank you.

    I guess you mean the card mother aka mainboard? You will need the manual of maintenance here:


    You have UMA or shared with the Intel Core i5 processor video model first generation including the chipset HM55. This is the REF HP of the Board of Directors, you must:

    Map graphics Intel HM55 UMA and shared memory 615281-001

    HP still has the jury in stock:

    If your Board is bad HP will exchange it for $264. If the price seems high to you (it does for me) then you can consider an alternative like this seller on eBay:

    The above is shipped from $55.

    There are a lot of the same card on eBay, but the prices looked better from a seller of good reputation, shipped from the United States

    The only replacement that you can do is with a part of HP. There is no spare parts standard of the industry and desktop computers. It's all HP owners.

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  • 5 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n card Bluetooth Combi for Pavilion dv6-3141ea

    My Pavilion dv6-3141ea has a Broadcom bgn/Bluetooth combo card 4313.  I would like to take advantage of the 5 GHz 802 technology. 11A for speed and stability.  Forums, I understand that the BIOS (in this case F29) rejects all new maps without approval of HP.  Is there a map that will meet my needs and is usable in this laptop?  Thanks for any help and advice.

    Pavilion dv6-3141ea notebook PC

    Windows 7 64 bit (fully updated)

    F29 BIOS

    Network PCI Express Half-mini Combo Broadcom 4313 bgn/Bluetooth card

    I know that you prefer, but HP does not have a 2 x 2 card which is also Bluetooth. The BT usb dongles bit work well enough (maybe better than internal cards) and are almost invisible, but you lose a single usb port.

  • HP Pavilion dv6-3103sa: HP Pavilion dv6-3103sa does not then illuminate that plugged

    Hi - my HP Pavilion dv6-3103sa has recently developed a fault.

    It lights up with the power cable connected to it.  So that the laptop starts I have to first remove the power cable.

    Similarly, before you turn off the laptop, I need to unplug the power cable.

    If I leave it plugged in and turn off the machine, I can't start at all. The solution is to remove the power cable and the battery, then replace the battery only and then turn on the machine.

    I also noticed that with the removed battery and the power cable is connected, the laptop does not start again.

    Watching the light next to the power cord plug when plugged in the cable it quickly flashes of white, to orange, then back - tell me no power isn't learning laptop in this State.

    I also tried a different power supply with the same intensity from a mobile phone of similar work with the same results.

    Please notify.


    Hello and thanks for the display on the HP support forums.  The problem you are having is with the motherboard.  There is a part that regulates the power and allows the system to know if it is connected or not connected and if it failed, you will need to have it sent repair.  Here is the link that will help you communicate with the correct service.

    Contact HP support.

    Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

  • HP Pavilion DV6: at startup BIOS showing CPU fan has stopped working, but I checked the fan is in good condition


    I bought my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop 2011 as it starts a is overheating, freezing windows with noisy fan sound etc... but now, on information in BIOS boot indicating that the CPU fan has stopped working so immediately, I checked that I couldn't hear any noise from fan and no symptoms as fan works so I disassembled my laptop and removed CPU cooler fan only. Simply with the help of the battery, I checked the CPU fan it is running perfectly alone. but it does not work with the laptop.

    Please help me and guide what is the cause of this problem and how to solve this problem.


    HI @Kartic

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    This is a fantastic place to find answers and suggestions!
    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums Learn how Post and more

    How can I find my model number or product number?

    I understand that since you had the laptop he had an overheating problem with a loud fan noise that causes freeze it.

    Recently, you have received the message that the CPU fan has stopped working and you couldn't hear the rotation of the fan to the top.

    You have removed the fan and checked, but the fan works.  It is possible that the connection was not safe in Notepad.

    Here is a link to an overheating and Auto Shutdown problem troubleshooting.

    Have you checked for an update of the bios of your laptop. You have provided the series of laptop you have, but not the exact model, so I'm not able to check it for you.

    You can run the Wizard to help HPin order to facilitate this process.

    Like a bios update has the potential to cause damage, you can contact HP technical support using this procedure.

    Please contact our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click on the link below to get a number of assistance for your region.

    World wide phone holder

    Here is a link to the guide to maintenance and Service Guide HP Pavilion dv6000 Notebook PC for your laptop.

    You can replace the thermal paste on the processor. Here is a link to a YouTube video on this process.

    How to apply thermal paste

    Good luck!

  • HP dv6-3150us has a PCI express slot?

    HP Pavilion Dv6-3150 we

    I want to add an external graphics card and it is possible olnly via PCI Express slot or a slot express card, and this model does not have an express card slot.

    I also discovered the mantanence and service guide & lc = in & product = 4308465 this type of models support bluetooth module, since my laptop doesn't have a bluetooth, is it possible that the PCI Express slot for the bluetooth module is empty.

    And I would like to know if it is possible for me to add an external graphics card or I need to change the graphc card that comes with this laptop?

    There is no way to change or supplement the graphics system. I've seen the videos floating around devices of Frankenstein connected to the card slot wireless with the back cover open and then a powered external Bay with a standard desktop video card. Trying to put something like that will almost surely fry the motherboard, or at best will not perform very well. The mini pci-e slot for the wireless card is a 1 x pci-e bandwidth and video cards require 8 x bandwidth. So if you want to access a pci-e slot, you will need to remove the wireless card. Bluetooth on this model is made by a card in combination with the wireless.

    Your laptop doesn't have an expresscard slot, as you acknowledge. They are available only on business models high end of our days, and the same limitations apply to have an external videocard connected through an expresscard slot.

    You can change the motherboard of your laptop. You have a version with the Intel HD graphics only, and I'm sure that other versions of the series dv6-3000 used best graphics systems. You seek to a significant investment in time and money for it. Post back, however, if you want to just give it a shot and we can track down numbers of specific parts and manuals of instructions or videos for you.

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