Pavilion dv6t Notebook: replacing the hard drive for computer laptop dv6t

I bought a Pavilion DV6t Notebook in 2010 and now get reviews of hard drive failure. I have a HDD 640 drive, I can replace my hard drive with the following: Seagate Momentus 7200 750 GB at 7200 RPM / MIN SATA 3 Gb/s 16 MB Cache 2.5 inch laptop laptop hard drive internal-naked drive ST9750420AS by Seagate

Thank you.



Yes, this HARD drive works perfectly.

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • HP pavilion 15-p204na: hp pavilion p204na 15 replace the hard drive

    I am trying to replace the hard drive on this laptop. I got all the screws that I see but there is always something on the left side cover (but not on the corner). This is a clip, or have I missed a screw? I thought that the keyboard is equipped with detach, but that doesn't seem to be the case

    I have marked the area here:

    any ideas?


    Look here.

    Start on page 69.


  • Pavilion 15-n249sl: replacing the HARD drive


    I need to replace my hard drive because I need a bigger HARD drive (I have a 500 GB, I want to 1 TB)
    I can buy one of the same type (SATA3) or do I have to buy one from a store hp?

    I have compatibility problems?


    Devo auswechseln he mio drive hard need di uno più great pole (don't ho da uno 500 GB, 1 TB I like)
    posso comprarne uno dello stesso tipo (SATA3) oppure devo per forza comprarne uno da uno store hp?

    Avro problemi di compatibility?

    emanueledomingo wrote:


    I need to replace my hard drive because I need a bigger HARD drive (I have a 500 GB, I want to 1 TB)
    I can buy one of the same type (SATA3) or do I have to buy one from a store hp?

    I have compatibility problems?

    You can at any retail Branded 2.5 "SATA HDD 9.5 mm thickness, 1 TB will be OK - no problem with that.

    Looking at the Manual - Page 59-61, the replacement procedure is not just easy to him if you're not used to it, needs great disassembly & may void the warranty if you do it yourself if under warranty. You can Contact HP for this.

    This would be nice.

    HP would replace the HARD drive for free, if that came with the laptop failed in respect of the warranty period.



  • Replacing the hard drive for Satellite L300

    Hi people

    I have a laptop L300 and the hard drive is about to give up.

    My question is if I replace the hard drive with a new one I'll be able to get it up and running so I use the recovery disk I have Toshiba?

    Yes, you can use the recovery disk to reinstall the system once more.
    The use of the recovery disc will set the laptop back to factory settings.

  • Replacing the hard drive for acer aspire laptop 7745

    Will need to replace the hard drive in wifes aspire 7745 laptop.  Want to know where to buy and if I can upgrade.  Searched the Internet, but having trouble getting information on who has the player that fits laptop 7745. And if I find one can I use the recovery of the 500 GB disk that's about this now.  Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance

    Get it fixed, went to Bestbuy bought a hard drive and the restore disc that I was crazy when I got the laptop first and they went immediately without problem

  • Hello! I need to replace the hard drive of my laptop Sony VPCEB33FM, serial No. 27532133-3071590.

    Hello! I need to replace the hard drive on my beloved laptop VPCEB33FM serial No. 27532133-3071590. that was purchased in the United States over two or three years.    I live in Switzerland and I think I might have to import a hard drive from the United States, how do I go about it and it would be easy enough to install it myself.  Is there a video I could watch that could help with the installation.  Thanks for any helpful answers.

    Hi... you can replace the HARD drive with disk drive hard Seagate ST9320310AS or Hitachi HTS545032B9S...

    You will find the site of esupport , HARD drive installation instructions... BTW, you need to use a recovery for the new HARD drive disk

    Hope that helps...

  • Upgrade hard drive for computer laptop dv6626us

    I searched for the hard drive on my laptop dv6626us upgrades. When I read the comments they seem to all be positive with regard to the replacement of my current (factory loaded hard drive). One of the concerns is that the computer has been delivered to the factory with Windows XP loaded. I don't see the comments of those who have Windows 8.

    Upgrading the hard drive for the dv6626us with windows xp installed at the factory would be compatible with the hard disk depending on whether I have found as being compatible for windows 8.

    recommended update: Seagate portable, SSHD hydrides disk HARD 1 TB Sata-600 n/p.

    The hard drive I have on the computer named above is: WD Scorpio WD1600B EVS - training 60RST0 settings: LBA 312581808.  This hard drive has been charged at the factory.

    Hello mikee1960,

    HP does not have hardware support for Windows 8 on any system purchased before October 1, 2011.  Most of the Windows 7 drivers work in Windows 8.

    Check out this page to see if your computer has been tested by HP with Windows 8.

    You can run the Upgrade Wizard, which will scan your PC and report on what is currently installed on your PC is compatible with Windows 8.  This guide was updated for Windows 8 provides lots of information which is needed for all those planning the upgrade.

  • DV6-6119wm: HP Pavilion dv6-6119wm - replace the hard drive with a hard drive from a laptop Gateway

    OK (deep breath). I have a dilemma, and I hope that you all can help me.

    First of all, the HP laptop in question is a dv6-6119wm QE069UA #ABA, Windows 7 Home Premium.

    A month ago, it began overheating and then blue screened on me with a fan error. I ran it while I was getting this error, which was a mistake, because according to me, he has finally caused the hard drive failure after enforcement of reset factory several times. But I'm getting ahead.

    I replaced the fan and the heatsink myself. Another factory reset. Downloaded and installed all the updates of windows. Ran great for like a week with the exception of the fault 1 hard disk when I ran the Start Up Test.

    Then when I restarted yesterday... He's dead, so he is dead.  Apparently, the hard drive failed completely and comes only a black screen telling me it cannot start.

    So, I have this other model of Gateway laptop, NV55C26u which has stopped charging. I had to put it away and don't worry. I got out the hard drive and tried HP successfully. ! Sorta.

    It considers that the HP is a gateway and as a result, none of the drivers are there for all the good stuffs HP. It cannot connect to the internet and does not recognize the USB flash drive. (I had downloaded all the drivers on another laptop and put them on a pious flash drive I could convince the hard drive it's HP again). Another hard drive WILL work in the dv6, and I had no errors on startup it upward.

    I have no recovery discs or store bought Windows 7, all came with the laptop preinstalled. But I don't have my key to the label.

    Then what should I do? I'm not exactly tech savvy, I know just enough to be dangerous haha, but I tend to go glassy when things get too technical. I thought I could get something Microsoft to reinstall my Windows but I guess they closed this path down a few months ago.

    I have access to 2 other laptops, both HP. A QE304UA of Pavilion G7 #ABA with Windows 7 Home Premium and a HP 250 G2 Portable F7V84UT #ABAwith Windows 7 Professional.

    So basically in order to encapsulate this novel to the top, which can do here to fix my dv6? How can I convince this other HDD HP rather than Gateway? I can create something from one of these other HP laptops? Download something somewhere? I don't want to have to buy Windows again. I love this phone and need her in my life as a game.

    Please help me

    You must do a clean install of Windows on them. The hard drive has drivers for completely different material. Too bad that you did not have your drive to retrieve the value. It would restore the hard drive to HP with all the drivers/software installed. It would depend if the hard disk is at least the same capacity or larger than the original. Recovery discs are reluctant to a smaller capacity hard drive.

    You can order recovery Medai for about $16:


    If you can read the Microsoft Windows 7 of 25-character license key, you can download a Windows 7 ISO file to burn to a DVD or USB flash drive. The version must match that's installed on your PC as shown on the sticker COST Microsoft fixed on the bottom of the laptop. Like Windows Home Premium.

    Links to downloads of Windows 7 ISO files:
  • Replacing the hard drive for HP ENVY 14 laptop


    I have a HP ENVY 14-1150ca Notebook PC with a SAMSUNG HM640JJ hard drive, Windows 7 service pack 1.  I ran diagnostics from the system at boot upward and got a "DST short": message failed.  Failure ID: RGDX02-5KC73T-XD6V4J-60RE03. Product ID: XG981UA #ABC.

    Can anyone suggest that a replacement of the hard disk that I can order, or something similar or somewhat larger is fine.

    Thank you


    Only the hard drive model is a 640 GB drive.  I think that you can easily use a 750 GB drive with no problem, in my humble OPINION.  Depnding the merchant of your choice, Amazon - here are a few choice.  Or Newegg, HEREare good examples.

  • I need to replace the hard drive for a campaq presario v5000 laptop

    having trouble with the laptop is very slow or freezing upwards.  Had he wiped and all the info on it but did not help the cause.  Message has started to come up on top of the hard drive and then it just stopped working.  My daughter who works in the field of Informatics said I need a new hard drive.  So now I need to know what parts I need to buy

    Just a new hard drive.

    Above is the image of the Bay on the lower part of the lasptop where the player will. You need an old drive portable PATA (IDE) model. Remove the drive from the caddy and replace it with a new one, new plug-in and recharge your software and you're good to go.

    Here's a disc that will work for you to

  • Replacing the hard drive for HP Mini 1140NR


    I need help. I have a HP Mini 1140NR Vivienne Tam edition (NB134UA), which is unfortunately more under warranty. Recently, my hard drive has begun to fail. The original hard drive is a 60 GB Toshiba MK6028GAL 1.8 "4200 RPM PATA drive with a ZIF connector. I bought a new hard drive on eBay very similar: a 120 GB MK1231GAL Toshiba 1.8 "4200 RPM PATA drive with a ZIF connector. For some reason, the drive is not recognized by the netbook. I know it's getting common because I can hear it turn up when I turn it on. But when I try to enter the BIOS, it tries to read the disc (it is said that a primary IDE drive is detected), but ultimately fails to recognize the drive. According to the manual (, this model "supports every 4.57 cm (1.8 inch) parallel ATA (PATA) hard drives. I then updated the BIOS version e.16 F as he supposedly "solves a problem where the system can not be able to complete the hard drive diagnostic test (HDD) in the configuration utility in the BIOS for a Toshiba hard drive". This did not help the issue all.

    My question is this: If this netbook isn't compatible readers of this ability, or did I just get a dud of a hard drive? I would need to know pretty quickly since I only have a limited window to return the player to the seller.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Thanks for the update, I will cite this discussion here.

    Unfortunately, Toshiba MK1231GAL cannot work in MBA. See the response from Toshiba:

    Dear Mr. xxx,

    Please contact the Toshiba Storage Device Division of Toshiba Europe.

    The MK1231GAH has a 4 KB (physical) block size - not to be confused with the size of the logical block, which can be selected when formatting a HARD drive.
    The MK1231GAH block size is 4 KB and physics, and it is immutable defined on the set.
    This makes the incompatible HDD for use in an application for laptop or PC/Mac/Linux. It is for use in the applications of (THIS) big electronic public only.

    Good point with the data sheet, we´ll change.

    Best regards - Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

    Danny Stahlfeld

    Support technical supervisor

    Storage Device Division

    Toshiba Europe GmbH

  • If I replace the HARD drive of my laptop with Win7 OEM how to recharge Win7 with no CD?


    I checked my laptop and the operating system, Windows 7, has "OEM" as part of the product Ref ID. That is as I expected.

    This cell phone which is a Samsung R540 is practically zero it is guaranteed for 12 months and has already had two replacement hard drives installed under warranty by authorised repairers.  I'm waiting for his failure some time and it will then no longer be under warranty.

    The hard drive is easily replaced by me, but then I won't have an operating system in which case I have to

    ) a purchase new op system,.
    (b) portable send the repairman newe HDD and opus system installed at extra cost to me or
    (c) complain of Samsung.

    I don't mind buying a new HARD drive, but I object to having to then buy a new op system.

    It's a scam!

    Did someone solved this problem?

    You will have a recovery disc, the value of their share to contact Samsung or:

    You can upload an image and use the product key on the COA sticker at the bottom of your laptop to reactivate the license and download the necessary drivers on the manufacturers website:


    Download the Windows 7 ISO Image
    Windows 7 Professional x 64 (64-bit)


    Windows 7 Professional x 86 (32 bit)


    Windows 7 Edition Home Premium x 64 (64-bit)


    32 bit

    ImgBurn - supporting the creation of CD more. ISO files,
    It supports a wide range of image file formats, and it's free.


    Download and install burn ISO Gear (free):

    Note: Use always slower burning (4 x or 2 x) speed is offered a choice.

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    Activate Windows 7 manually:
    1. click on start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4

    2. press enter on your keyboard

    3. Select your country.
    4. Select the telephone activation option and brace yourself for a real person.

  • How to replace the hard drive in a laptop G500

    I tried to install openSUSE Linux on my new G500 12.3 and were unable to do so. I think there is a problem with the hard drive so I want to replace it. I worked on other phones and they all live on the base which allow you access to the memory and the hard drive. The G500 mouse does not work. How it is falling apart?

    Hi nlgootee,

    Welcome to the Community Forums of Lenovo!

    You will need to remove the screws in the compartment

    After that you must slide the cover toward the front of the laptop.

    Note: Be careful on the removal and replacement of parts, any physical or cosmetic damage will not be covered.

    Best regards

    Solid Cruver


  • replacing the hard drive for 212us cq60

    How can ensure me that I will order the right drive? What part of the card product

    will tell me that the replacement of the hard disk will adjust the 212us cq60?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    I couldn't locate the manual that you have linked in my own research, only had more general things,

    so I am particularly grateful for this!

  • replacing the hard drive for dell inspiron 1121.

    Recently my wd Blue Series hard drive was defective.

    I'm confused as to if the new which I intend to purchase will adjust the laptop.

    Can you help me with the same.

    I am interested in the blue series of WD .would it fits the inspiron purchased 1121 in 2012 and have no problem of compatiblitly


    Thank you


    WD10JPVT, or WD10JPVX series works perfectly.


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