Pavilion DV7: Pavilion dv7 won't turn on

My Pavilion worked perfectly last week. I stopped him Friday before leaving my office and he had a few updates installed before * beep * ting downwards. Everything went well past and today (Monday) I'm back in the office is just does not light. I push the button and nothing happens. Battery is fully charged and it is connected to the electricity, so I know that it is not a battery problem.


Hello @viliesid,

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I read your message and understand that your HP Pavilion dv7 is not lit. This type of problem can be cause be a hardware or BIOS problem.

The power button lights up at all?

Are there flashing lights on the plug of the lock or num lock keys?

Is there noise beeps?

Do you here the fan / HDD starts?

Please perform a hard reset. Then follow the steps described in these documents failed to start:

HP laptops - using and testing the power adapter AC

Computers laptops HP - computer won't start (Windows 10)

I look forward to the results!

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  • Please help me I have ACTIVE BAD PARTITION and now hp Pavilion dv2000 won't turn on

    Please help me I have ACTIVE BAD PARTITION and now hp Pavilion dv2000 won't turn on

    Start with a utility cd and change the partition Active. If you scroll down on the page and get > CD Bootable and > ImgBurn to burn the iso image to cd, a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write an ISO on a disc is > here. Once created, boot from it.

  • DV7 won't turn on after deassambly

    Hello. I have DV7 deassambled to change the screen and when I plugged everything back it wouldn't start. Can you help me please?

    Hey Steve,

    It's hard to say what the question would be since you disassembled the computer. I go ahead and remove the computer again and reconnect all connections. Its most likely a connector that does not get inserted completely.

    Good luck!


  • Have HP Pavilion dv2500, won, t turn on. When you connect the power supply blinks blue.

    Have HP Pavilion laptop dv2500, p/n kn997ua #aba, does not illuminate. When you connect the power supply blinks blue.

    Now you can take the laptop at best buy or Wal-Mart and get them to plug a power cord. This will give you an idea if you need to buy a power cord or not.

    Again, you can always buy the power supply cord and if it does not return.


  • Pavilion dv7 - 4183cl laptop turns off its own

    My Pavillion dv7 - 4183cl laptop turns off its own without any warning or error messages and then restarts asking power on the passsord, etc. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. Occurrences are more frequent over time.

    The first thing I would check is your laptop fan. You hear it works while the laptop is on, or it is disabled? If the fan fails, the laptop overheats. To protect themselves, the laptop turns off. It could also be that you have little dust blocks the air fan. The best option is to have someone to disassemble the laptop and clean, but some people have managed with the help of compressed air. The problem with this is that it blows back into the laptop. Perhaps vacuum?

    A farily common problem with most laptops is the integrated graphics processors. Over time, the GPU becomes disattached from the motherboard. If this happens, the laptop will be closed or does not start at all. Generally however, there isn't a lot of attention if that is the case, the computer stops working one day.

  • Pavilion m9100t does not turn on

    I have a Pavilion m9100t equipped with Vista 32 - bit, which has worked well so far, but now, all of a sudden it won't turn.  Nothing new has been added (HW or SW), it just stopped running and now won't turn on.  No lights, no fans, nothing.  The light at the back of the PSU stays green lit continuously.  I followed all the steps in the troubleshooting online guide entitled "power light is on or blinking", including remove all i/o cards and readers.  None of this has made all the difference.

    I swapped in a power supply of an older House that I have, in the m9100t and it works fine.  It is the power supply that was bad.  Thank you.

  • Pavilion a1620n won't start, the fans are not running. PS on the light and Sun. Start button does not illuminate

    Pavilion a1620n won't start, the fans are not running. PS on the light and Sun. Start button does not illuminate. EU tested ps and I was told it was OK. Disconnected from the motherboard except course before directed ps button and the cpu fan has become much brighter, but that's all that happened. Any suggestions on what to check? Checked with VOM push and he seemed to agree. Replaced the MB with the new Board of Directors, that didn't work either. Don't know if it was any good, it was a store Bulletin Board.

    All the indicators you mention leads to the PSU, not the Board of Directors.

  • iPhone 6s won't turn on after update 10.0.2

    So my girlfriend has updated his iphone 6 s to the new 10.0.2 and since then it turns off on it. But now it is off and won't turn back on. I tried hold the home and lock buttons, and nothing happened. Everyone knows about this problem? and if so, how do solve you this problem?

    Try the troubleshooting steps in this document support. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't turn on - Apple Support

    Give the unit a chance to load first for a period of time.

  • iMac won't turn. Startup disk is full. TDM won't let me edit.

    iMac won't turn. Startup disk is full. TDM won't let me edit.

    My iMac turns off 10 seconds after the start to the top. I tried repair disk running, to no avail. What is happening is because my boot drive is full, off the 500 GB I partitioned in mac, 493,63 GB is taken up. I bought a thunderbolt cable to access the TOC on my mac book, and I have access to my files now. The problem is that I can only copy files. Authorities say I read and write permissions. When I start my host computer, it says "you can still open or copy the files on the disk, but you cannot save changes to the files on the disc. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can. "I'm trying to copy all my files on this computer and remove what I don't want copies, then reinstall OSX on my iMac. The problem is that some files are native to all OSX, so it would prevent me from copying the files. For example, if I want to copy my applications folder, it stops to copy once it reached the app store, because it cannot copy that. It is a problem because when it comes to the library, there are small files in there that I don't know if I can copy, then it stops at the copy and I end up with half of my files and I don't know what I need and what I have.

    Everything you need to copy the disk, then start the iMac in recovery (command-R) mode. Wipe the drive and reinstall OS X from the recovery console.

  • iPod 5th generation won't turn on after falling in the bathroom and then dry with rice! What should I do?


    My iPod touch 5th generation won't turn after being immersed in water bath for about 15 seconds and then dried to rice. I tried pressing both the House and the buttons but nothing happens! My iPod is about a year and a half and it usually works very well.

    It really scares me because it's the only small portable device I have, which means that if I lose, I'm stuck carrying my iPad autour, which is quite heavy. Also, I wrote something about the iPod that I really like, but I didn't sync it to my computer, as I was traveling while I wrote it and then also when the machine broke.

    This is an urgent matter, because I travel by plane in twelve days and there's a pretty long flight. I want it fixed right here - what can I do?

    Thank you



    Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know how important to get your iPod working again is for you! Based on what you said, it seems you can be affected by a hardware problem and get your iPod repaired by a technician to repair Apple. Please click on this link to find the best option for your situation:

    the Service response to iPod

    See you soon!

  • What do need me for when the sale of an iPhone that won't turn on in order to remove my information?

    What do need me for when the sale of an iPhone that won't turn on in order to remove my information?

    If it lights why if someone buy it?

  • Backup to phone that won't turn on?

    I dropped my phone in water, this was not saved on iTunes or iCloud. The phone won't turn on or do anything when plugged into a computer. My main concern is to get my photos. It's an iPhone 6 and I have tried everything I know so he can turn it on (hold down the buttons, plug it into the wall, plug into computer, etc.).

    If I took the phone out, where I could find the map / is there a card that stores all the data of the photo?

    Is there a way to backup without turning on the phone? I've tried a few programs, but they do recognize that nothing was plugged.

    Or is there something that can be done to recover the photos, the phone is off?

    If you have not used 5 ways that Apple provides to save the pictures or the 3 ways to back up the phone, then there is no way to recover them. They are stored encrypted, so even if you can remove the chip memory (which is unlikely) you can not retrieve its content.

  • iPhone 5 turned off and won't turn back on

    Hi guys, my iPhone 5 turned off and won't turn back on despite my efforts to load. He doesn't have anything happen when the charge as the battery showing it is low or that the phone needs to be recharged.


    It doesn't have this show in any every time I try to turn it on and even while there is no evidence a load.

    I corrected it when I contacted Apple support. They broke down the power and Home button to force restart it. Works fine now, battery has been replaced but because she is "consumed".

  • Hi, my iphone 5 turned off and won't turn on.

    My phone was in charge all night, and it turned off this morning showing no signs of the battery. I put it on charge but it turned off and won't turn on again. He has been in charge for 3 hours now, what should I please?

    Try to maintain Power + "Home" button until the Apple Logo appears

    If prior work don't try connecting to iTunes holding the home button & restore the phone!

  • You just bought a new MacBook Air and it won't turn. There is just a circle with a dash. Help, please.

    You just bought a new MacBook Air and it won't turn. theres a circle with a dash. Help, please.

    If that's what you see, follow the instructions:

    Also consider getting an Apple store genius bar appointment and take advantage of the guarantee for a new MBA.


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