Pavilion g6-2205ep (C3M05EA): that the SSD is compatible with my laptop?


I'm looking at some SSD to upgrade my laptop computer (pavilion g6-2205ep). Before buying one, I would like to know if they are compatible with my laptop.

I tried, but I have not found a definitive answer.

option 1:

MX100 crucial CT512MX100SSD1 2.5 "512GB SATA III MLC internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

option 2:

SAMSUNG 850 PRO MZ-7KE512BW 2.5 "SATA III 3D Vertical 512GB internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

option 3:

OCZ-VERTEX4 2.5 "512 GB (SSD)

Does anyone know if any of these SSD will work?

Thanks for the help!


Stay away from the MX100. Many problems reported here for reasons that nobody has been able to understand. The Samsung 850 is the best SSD on the market but the OCZ is also good.

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    pedragorn wrote:

    the problem with the ocz vertex 3, first of all, I bought was that it was SATA III? so all SATA II will work? Thank you pepe999

    Disks SATA III should be used in SATA III computers. Try one of the Corsair 64 GB SATA II drives. Other brands also works, but I prefer Corsair (Corsair Memory also have).

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    The best consumer SSD out there for me is the Samsung 850 Evo. And your price is a little late. A 250 gig is now about $85 and a 120 is about $64 so get the 250:

    You can get other model 250 s for a little less. I saw them in the $ 70 range. I have not seen the 120s for less of maybe $50.

    You can't go wrong with any SSD on the market with the exception of the MX Crucual series. Many problems reported with those and HP laptops.

    It's all backward compatible so no need to try to get older hardware to mesh with the cell phone age. Just install and go. Don't worry about benchmarks. It will be fast enough.

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    If the laptop supports solid state drive (or even hybrid), I couldn't find in the user manual that the SSD is supported.  If this is not the case, he will support a hybrid?

    Thank you!



    It supports the SSD, try it please:

    You can use the most capacious crucial.

    Kind regards.

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    Hey @Batzora,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I am happy that you have participated and asked to help with suggestions and solutions regarding your HP Notebook PC. I'll do my best to help you with the information you need to upgrade your RAM.

    When we came to a resolution, please share what has worked for you with others by marking this post as an acceptable Solution.

    This is HP Pavilion Notebook PC Maintenance and Service of Guide for you. I have included a screenshot of the guide for you on memory that can be put into your laptop and the part number for him. You can use the HP PartSurfer to order parts for your laptop.

    If you need assistance, I would be happy to help you. Please make sure you have done every step (including those in the troubleshooting document) in the order and provide the detailed results of the steps.

    If you do not want to show your appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below.

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    I'm glad that you have joined in!
    Have a great day!

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    I'm not sure about this, but you can also use - Add-on Compatibility Reporter 0.8.7

    Check and tell if its working.

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    That would not have been the best idea... but it is unlikely that the cause of your immediate problem.

    The next thread does not make much sense to me, but it describes a situation similar to what you described and the proposed solution is supposed to have worked.  Try it and see-->

    I suspect that what really happens is that the driver has become corrupted.  In many cases, simply reinstall the driver is not fix things; you have to clean the old corrupt driver before installing the new.  Thus, it is more likely that the part "Uninstall" the related response is what is helping rather than playing with services... but go ahead and follow these directions, just in case.  In fact, I suggest that you run under first antimalware scanners before following the tips in the above link.

    If I had not found the link above, that's what I would have suggested (whichrequires that you have Windows XP):

    Often, but not always, the symptoms you describe are caused by a corrupt print job stuck in the queue or a damaged printer driver.  However before you clean things up, on general principles, that you can download, install, update and run full scans with each of these two free programs.

    MalwareBytes AntiMalware


    Use the free version, not the free trials of "pro" versions  Pay attention during installation uncheck any prechecked boxes that would install some additional third-party programs.

    Do not run the scans at the same time.  Each scan will take a while.  Start one and go do a non-it chore.  Once the scan is finished, leave the program to deal with anything it finds.

    Once done, you can keep or uninstall programs, or both.  If you keep SAS, I suggest to change its default setting does NOT automatically when Windows starts.

    Uninstall all software from Dell to control panel > Add / Remove programs

    Download Microsoft Fixit 50126 impression:

    Close all running applications (anything with an icon on the taskbar).

    Run the Fixit routine.  Note: The routine Fixit has two modes, light and complete.  It will run in full mode when you check the box "Reset the spooler to print on values."  This will remove all printers, so if you have any other printer installed, I recommend running the Fixit in full mode.  If you have other printers and you do not (necessarily) want to reinstall them, run the Fixit in light mode (box unchecked).  This may work anyway.  You must restart the computer after you run in full mode; you need not restart after the Chase mode.

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    Hi Dennis,

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    Please check all of the information provided in this article carefully. Keep us up-to-date with the status of your side, we will be happy to be of further assistance.

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    Hi, someone told me upgrade my HDD for SSDrive will boost the performance of my computer. I think of buying an SSD for my computer, I have an all in one computer HP IQ 504, its has been slow but still doesn't work and can work normally when optimzied. My question is, am not really sure that SSD is compatible with my computer and I don't have that a budget of $300, is there a good SSDrive I could buy for $100 - $ 300? How do I know if its compatible with my PC? This is the computer I use at the moment: is an all ine one pc, I bought 6-7 years ago and now I have window 10 operating system installed on it. Thanks for any helpful answer!

    See pages 12-22 of the manual here:

    Repair manuals

    Your computer uses full size 3.5 inch wide disc as with a desktop computer. SSD are 2.5 inches wide and thinner. You will need to get a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch adapter and an SSD. But any current SSD model works perfectly and your budget is a lot to get a good. A 500 or 512 GB SSD is now less than $200. I have remommend Samsung 850 Evo of the SSD line.



    Any other questions you do not know can have. If you need help moving or reinstallation of the software let us know. It is a good time to do this with Windows just out 10.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

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    You need to update Firefox 25.0.1. The real Kapersky Antivirus does not work in Firefox so it will still work, the only thing that will be disabled will be especially useless Firefox Add-on e kapersky. Remaining on older versions of Firefox actually leave you vulnerable to security problems.

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