Pavilion g6: I forgot administrators and the power on password for my hp pavilion g6 with windows7. Halt # 801473

Forgot administrators and the power on password for my hp pavilion g6 with windows7. Halt # 80147381 thank you.


Try: 35825907

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    Enter 44720969

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    Press the button ENTER 3 times. You have now disabled / system shutdown code on the screen. Please return this zip code here.



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    Yes, but I'm not sure of the price.

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    Please see the link below (clear password settings), and there is incomplete instructions to clear the BIOS password. - 1400-computer to desktop-PC-series/5295962/model/5297007/docu...

    These are the instructions changed to clear the password... they left a few steps outside.

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    I have a HP Pavilion dv6. I have more would enter the power on password and I would remove it.

    I tried to remove it, but my system crashes with a number of 'disable system' 51020041.

    My product number is WA782UA #ABA. If you need more information, please let me know.

    Please help me to remove the password,

    Thank you


    Try > 44988087

    Enter the BIOS and disable password. Use the code as the old password, leave the password empty. Save & Exit

  • Difficulty in the light on the AC adapter and the power light power on after connect you to the laptop

    HP Pavilion dv3t notebook. Each time get adapter connect to the laptop, it takes at least 10 minutes to get the AC adapter and power indicator light on. Sometimes it does not light on all day.  It always happens any with the battery or not.

    If I start the laptop with the light on the AC adapter and the power light, no matter how I move the power cord, it maintains support, works very well.

    But if I start the laptop without the light on the AC adapter and the power led on even with the, i.e. start with the battery as power, no matter how I move the power cord, the led on the AC adapter and the light, i.e. no charge. He stops until the battery drain.

    I believe that the AC adapter is good. But I have no idea why he has trouble in the light on the AC adapter and the power light on after to connect to the laptop.

    Dv6 had a somewhat similar problem that was treated with a BIOS upgrade. I watched the latest BIOS for your laptop and there is nothing about a problem of load, however. If it works very well and also a long time that you turn it on with the AC plugged in but only has a problem with loading when you connect the adapter Windows runs, I'm tempted to say that it is a software problem as a problem with Windows power management. Maybe if you remove the hard drive, power supply, switch it on with battery only, then plug the adapter when you run in a pre-Windows environment, we can see if the same problem occurs. If it was my cell phone, I would also like to do the update BIOS level, just to see if maybe it would affect something. I could also try to run it from a Linux Live disc any and see if the same problem occurs in another operating system. Last resort I would begin focusing on the issues of possible material, as a module of taking bad AC, which is an other replaceable part that requires no welding.

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    can happen

    I think the install dialog says that the mac can shut down and put into service once more.

    If its works well it should be good.

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    I forgot my password for the power on password after three tries it gives me

    Thank you it worked

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  • XP is unable to complete the loading and the power of travel.

    XP is unable to complete the loading and the power of travel. It will restart in Mode safe with no problems and then restart to normal safe mode. All programs and everything seem to work OK. CHKDSK/r was run from the installation disk and indicates disk errors have been corrected. Restart the hibernation or standby also works. Ntbtlog.txt is still crushed by the boot of good last and there is no help. It's very long and repeat the load lines and has-no-charge several times! Any ideas what to watch?

    I have lived with this for a few months and reinstalled XP and then new service Pack 3. Nothing done until this difference


    NVIDIA drivers are definitely outdated.

    If the system just stops (literally goes off), I suppose a marginal connection inside, an out-of-date driver or a heat problem.

    You can carefully and without requiring too much force, remove one reinstall all you cable and connection inside including your RAM and all other devices installed just do one thing at the time, so you don't mix.  One thing at a time... Unplug it and plug it in again.

    If she runs in Mode safe, your it would mean that the system uses the default XP video drivers (that is why everything is so GREAT in Mode safe).

    When you start normally and will charge drivers NVIDIA, things will run more hot.  Will increase the time on the CPU and video card.  Make sure that all your fans are running, and the system is properly ventilated and ventilated.

    If the CPU or processor on the video card is a problem of heat it just stop - no warning, no newspaper, no nothing.  Cool that turned off for awhile and it could work again for a bit.

    I use the NVIDIA site and let scan them online take a look at your video system and see what he suggests for drivers and consider their analysis if they offer a new driver.

    It is recommended to run the scan NVIDIA with Internet Explorer.

    Here is the address of the NVIDIA page:

    Read the instructions, and then click the GRAPHICS DRIVERS button to start the scan.

    You must be on the 275.33 version and you are now on 178.13 (from you given msinfo). driver version<---- nvidia="" version="" 178.13="" from="">

    Your msinfo32, video section should look like this when you are finished: driver version<--- the="" latest="" nvidia="" version="">

  • HP 2000: I forgot the power on password

    I have a HP 2000. I don't remember the power on password. When I hit enter 3 times I get "system disabled". The code is 58493753.

    need help, thank you.

    Please try: 47591395

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  • Office restarts itself when it is stopped with the start menu and the power button.

    Original title: stop problem

    My office will restart itself when it is stopped with the start menu and the power button. I went to the start menu task bar to ensure that the setting was correct.


    1. Press (Windows key) + R and type "regedit" and press enter.

    Find the following key:

    Geographical area: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    3. double-click on "PowerdownAfterShutdown.

    Change it to '0' if it is '1' OR
    Change it to '1' if it is '0 '.

    And press ENTER.

    Then reboot andtry to stop.

    If this does not work, make sure that you change the value in regedit back to what she was original

    Try this one:

    Put the laptop to sleep then let it restart itself. Then run command prompt and

    Enter 'powercfg - lastwake. It should give you the description of what caused the alarm.

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