Pavilion g7: disc error hard disk 1 (3F1) pavilion g7

I have a hard drive error, and he says to run the system diagnostics hard drive test. The area code is disc 1 (3F1)

It seems that the hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. If you are still in warranty HP will send a replacement. If this is not the case, a laptop SATA hard detail can be used. Just be sure to get a quality at least equal the original in order to use recovery disks. It may be big, but not small ability more. For example if you have a 500 GB hard drive you can use a 750 GB hard drive, but not a 320 GB hard drive.

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    These last six months, I had a problem of error frequent blue screen crash. Suddenly last month the drive crashed, hard my computer didn't load windows on several effors, finally the hard disk had to be changed. Reinstalled the operating system after copying the files of restoration for windows, now windows says is not a genuine copy. Now, today still crash blue screen error after from once again, he says that this window is not genuine. MT laptop is a sony vaio 3 years old and came with a preinstalled windows 7 licenses and the key that I use is one written behind the laptop on the microsoft certificate.

    He seems to have removed the incompatibility of CID at least.

    Please try activating suggestion of Andre now - the system is now simply say that it is out of time, require activation by telephone.

    activation by telephone (call of the operator)

    Click the Start button

    in the search box, type

    SLUI 4

    and press the Enter key

    Follow the instructions, but when asked what service you need the ansafone phone, don't answer - it should oblige the operator to answer, who can deal with you

  • ePSA error hard disk


    My Alienware is still under warranty and the HD has played upward.

    Windows was throwing errors in the center of action for some time and have most of the applications on the ground to stop. Sometimes, the system hangs up to 10 minutes before playing catch up.

    I ran the ePSA and the system checks the hard drive test.

    I can't however entry in the section 'you already have a code of misdiagnosis of ePSA running?"in the support part of the web site.

    That's what I get:

    Error: 2000-0142

    Validation code: 123200 (it was (114425 yesterday)

    Reference number: 5VPCRH55

    Service tag is [Admin NOTE: maintain the label removed in accordance with the TOU strategy]

    What can I do to fix this?


    The error code indicates the disk hard does not, or does not, and you will need to replace it.

    As there is a Dell warranty in effect, you must contact Dell Technical Support to replace the hard drive.


  • disc error hard hd535-2w how to fix

    How can I fix hard drive HD535-2W error?

    Run CHKDSK with the option to detect and correct the bad sectors.  Click Start-> computer, then right click on C: and click Properties.  Then click the Tools tab and click on the box saying "will search for and attempt recovery of bad sectors", and then click Start and click OK.  If he asks you to reboot, do so.  This can work several hours, depending on the size of the hard drive.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

  • Could not open the program - error (hard - disks instant?) with Mac OS 10.6.4

    I am in the middle of a project in Windows 7 and my VMware (version 3.1.0) will not start upward on my Mac (OS X 10.6.4), I get the error:

    Cannot open disk ' / users/RoyGroupBook/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized / Windows 7.vmwarevm/Windows 7-000002.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.

    When I put in my drive, the only options I have are to "Install VMware Fusion", "Getting Started" and "uninstall VMware Fusion.  Being very few familiar with the computer, I don't know what to do.  I need help.

    Please run VMware Fusion, then go to the Help menu and choose gather Support information. It will ask your administrator username and password and will collect various logs and information system files to help solve the problem. When the process is complete, it will place a file on your desktop .tgz - please attach to your response.

  • Install upgrade-drive HARD T42 recovery discs but hard disk starts only in routine of Rescue and Recovery.

    I am doing a new installation in what follows rather than cloning because the system has not been reinstalled for 4 years.  A CD drive external usb (internal drive deleted), I installed the recovery disks on a 160 GB Samsung HM160HC PATA drive without problem.  Then you click on the button restart.  My T42 started immediately in the opening page of the routine of Rescue and Recovery.  On restart again once I use F12 to get the list of readers with the Samsung HDD.  This did not help.  Repeated many times start.  The computer could not watch any other player because the Samsung is the only one connected.  I'm tempted to download the update of the BIOS available from Lenovo that connected with the old 30 GB disk, while that my program of on-board controller is worm 3.04 and supposed to be suitable for the 160 GB drive upgrade.  If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

    Hi ned11wils,

    Once the machine has restarted in recovery environment, there is an option there to restore to factory condition?

    IIRC, on these older machines, the restoration is a two-step process.  First use the CD to recreate the environment of recovery, then start the environment recovery and restore from the recovery partition BONE now restored.


  • I had saved my old 32-bit computer on a drive and the WD hard drive. I can't throw the disc or hard disk on my new 64-bit computer can you please help

    I had an old computer 32-bit Windows XP Professional

    All files and folders have been saved on the drive hard portable Western Digital and CD.

    I can't open the data in my new computer with Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit preinstalled by the vendor.

    The old computer is down.  I can't access my saved data.

    Can you please help.

    Thank you

    Hey riri,.

    Thanks for choosing Windows and thank you for providing an opportunity to help you.

    According to the description, you have problems to restore backup data from Windows XP to Windows 7.

    What application did you use to back up data?

    Perform the steps from the link below and see if it is resolved.

    Answer to us if you are having problems with the restoration of data or any question of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • G8 Pavilion laptop hardware error - new hard disk?

    Hello, I spoke with a representative from HP and I wanted a second opinion. Here are the facts:

    Possible virus causing the model to be very slow and have errors at the start up.

    Problems of gel even in "safe mode".

    Decided to do a "System Restore" using F8. Follow-up of the steps, took 20 + minutes, FINISHED.

    A screen says that I can, "1. update of security for HP and microsoft;   2 re - install any other software;    3. install all the backed up files. I selected 'NEXT' at the bottom of the screen, then, "OPERATING SYSTEM not FOUND '. Now I can't other than 'F' screens anyhere

    I call HP. A rep tells me to use F2, test drive. On a quick scan, 1 hard disk failure (SMART disc is OK). The full scan, 1 hard disk failure (SMART disc is OK).  The representative asked me a long code determine the failures, and there is NOT.  I go out of the main system diagnostics page and there are two failure codes: 303 (quick scan) and 305 (full scan). The rep wants codes any longer, but there is not.

    My question: do I need a new hard drive, or I can just recovery disks?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!   -Sarah


    Longer code (up to 24 characters) means that the HARD disk is dead. 305 error would indicate that your hard drive is defective and must be replaced. Please backup your files/data as soon as possible. Is your machine still under warranty? In the affirmative, please call HP for a replacement.

    Update: Sorry, I'm a little slow - 3rd opinion then.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 - 3320st - Smart hard disk error - replacement?


    My laptop is hp pavilion dv6-3320 st and I get smart disk error. I understand that my hard drive is a failure and I need to replace it.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how to find a compatible hard drive for my computer.

    Here's my computer;

    and the hard drive I think to replace;

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Your laptop has a regular 2.5 "SATA hard drive installed.

    Any 2.5 "SATA hard drive should work just fine.

    The hard drive that you have access to will work fine.

    If you do not use a lot of space on the hard disk, I recommend to install an SSD. It is much faster but more expensive.

  • Laptop 17 inch Pavilion Pc.: Smart hard disk error

    Respected by all those that I got a "SMART disk error" error smart disk check has detected an imminent failure. To ensure no data loss Please save the content immediately and run the system diagnostics hard drive test. Hard drive 301.
    Now what should I do?
    My model number is 17-f114dx
    Please advice me a good way to solve this problem.


    Your laptop is listed as coming with a 750 GB hard drive - the drive on the following link is an example that would be perfect for your laptop.

    750 GB hard drive.

    The procedure to replace the hard drive begins on Page 104 of your maintenance & Service Guide.

    Once this is done, simply use your recovery DVD to reinstall the original operating system (Windows 8.1) on the new drive and then upgrade to Windows 10 once again.

    A better option, as long as the previous installation of Windows 10 had activated Ok after the original 8.1 upgrade, would be to simply perform a new installation of Windows 10 as detailed in the guide on the following link.  Note: On the activation screen, select "I don't have a product key" - Windows will activate automatically once installation is complete.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • G2F98PA #UUF: I have a HP Pavilion x 360 - Smart hard disk error 301 convertible.

    You must back up all important data and replace the hard drive.


    You can run a HDD diagnosis to confirm the hard disk error.

    Test of hardware failure

    You can check if your system is still under warranty with the link below.

    Check the warranty

    If you found my answer helpful please say thank you by clicking the s cursor Up icon. Thank you!

  • disk error hard laptop computer hp Pavilion dv6

    I get three disk errors hard when I do drive hard main self-test: hard drive 1 303 fast and complete 1 305 hard drive and hard drive 1 smart 301. Also, I can't open windows normally, it will just go straight to the repair start and even that does not work! I don't have the chance to back up my files and I don't want to lose them. Help, please!
    Thank you

    The hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. Once you have replaced the HARD drive you will need to perform the HP system recovery so that Windows and hardware drivers are reinstalled correctly.

  • HP Pavilion 15-r007TX: Smart hard disk error


    The last 2 days im getting Smart hard drive failure, everytime I turn on my laptop. But it works very well but there are some unexpected Frost in between jobs.

    It is said

    Hard drive 1 (301)

    If I run the system diagnosticks, it gives me an ID QCU008-7AK882-XD7V7F - 80A 203 failure
    and a product ID (i forgot to remember).

    What could have caused this problem? And what is the solution for this?

    I need to replace the hard drive? How much it could cost to replace?

    My PC is under warranty Accedential and type of HWM on-site service.

    Please help me.

    You need to make a claim. The hard disk will be covered and will cost you nothing so that the replacement of on-site service. It's a bad hard drive. You save?

  • HARD disk error 03F1

    I have a laptop HP pavilion dv6 under Win 7 OS. Whenever I STOP and turn on again, it starts normally. But whenever I RESTART, I get an error of hard disk with error code (03F1). I ran the diagnostic disk HARD BIOS test several times, but there is no error. Restore windows with 'Out of Box' option of HP recovery disks, but no change. I have delete all partitions, used a software for HDD Low Format, but the conditions were the same. I made a disc of HP recovery factory reset, but nothing has changed.

    What is the best solution, replace my Toshiba 500 GB HARD disk with a new one or to ignore the error? It's about 1 month I have this problem. There is no suspended, frost-free and so on. It works well, but who knows, I am a software programmer and I can't trust my mobile. I'm worried about an accident that could be a disaster.

    Thank you

    Thank you very much!

    I replaced my HARD drive and now everything is OK.

  • HP Pavilion 400-434 Office: intelligent control of hard disk: failure


    It all started when the computer would go blank right after startup, the HP logo would come upward, then 'auto repair preparation", more... Just empty. After reading the forums online, I did all the possible troubleshooting steps and at the end I did the SMART test... the result was:

    Verification of the processor: past

    Intelligent control of hard disk: failure

    Failure ID: RGD7MK-7HV7RC-9XJ16K-60BB03

    After obtaining these results, when I turn on the computer, it gives me a blue screen saying: drive SMART 1 error (301) and told me to test once again, that I did and got the same result as above.

    Here is some info from the computer:

    Model: HP Pavilion slimline 400-434

    Processor type: pentium (R) of the Intel (R) J2900 @2. 41 GHz

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi there @Brugalgirl

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that your computer does not start successfully, and you found a Smart Drive 301 error code. I'm happy to help you with this.

    I checked the ID of the failure, you've posted and verifies that the error. Unfortunately, this means that your hard drive needs to be replaced.  In view of the fact that the system does not boot, it is likely that the hard drive is completely unreadable, but depending on what you have on this subject, it may be worth your while to check with a local computer service shop and see if they can help to recover data from your hard drive.

    If your system is relatively new and may be covered by the warranty, or if you wish to fix with HP for the guarantee system, you can call in hotline to make these arrangements. In this case, please use the following and create a folder for your question and contact HP. If you do not live in the United States / Canada, please click on the link below to get contact information for your region.

    Otherwise you can look at a replacement hard drive yourself. If you have a set of recovery media, then you already have a factory image HP, which allows you to put in place a new hard drive with your original operating system. If is no longer, you have a set or did not have a set of recovery media, so you can see if there are not yet available for your model.

    HP computers - get HP recovery disks or HP USB recovery disc

    Let me know if you need help most. If it solves your problem, please mark this message as a solution.

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