Pavilion: Re-create a system recovery disk

Can get a good deal on a 32 GB MicroSD card memory + SDHC adapter. Is this enough as a system recovery disk?

JW0829 wrote:
Can get a good deal on a 32 GB MicroSD card memory + SDHC adapter. Is this enough as a system recovery disk?

It's sounds close but be sure to first try it and then it will tell you how much space you need the device you choose to recover to.

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  • I can create a system recovery disk that gets installed and updated Windows 7, not the preinstalled HP Vista recovery Partition?

    I have a laptop HP HDX 18 that had 64-bit Windows Vista installed, with a Vista recovery on his C drive Partition.  Since then, I installed clean 64-bit Windows 7 Professional of his Microsoft licensed DVD, that I still have.  I kept with all (200 +) of Windows updates.

    Now, I want to create a system (Flash drive) for this laptop recovery disk, but my concern is that he will lead the recovery in its Partition Vista original, installed at the factory.   If I use W7 administration tools installed to create a system recovery disc, it will recover the old Windows Vista or Windows 7?  In addition, it would be nice to have a system recovery disk that had the latest W7.

    I'm not looking to install the drive link below; However, I prefer the system recovery disk to restore my laptop to its W7 system most recently updated, rather than start over.

    What choices do I have?  Where can I find the appropriate instructions?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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  • The system recovery disk - how do without floppy drive?

    I am trying to create a "system recovery disk" as part of the TOSSHIBA ASSIST (protect and fix the section).

    However, before we proceed, I noted that he was invited to a 'floppy' create a recovery disc but this model without this facility data can be recorded on a CD. I didn't get throughout the procedure and find that I couldn't finish it due to no floppy drive!

    Or otherwise just use the product recovery DVD - Rom supplied with the laptop in case of problem... not sure if this would hold the same data?

    Any help is appreciated!

    Hello Christine

    If you look carefully on this print option (shortcut) it is written to create the CD drivers & tools and in aria info nothing follow description allows to create an external symbol to the top of the caisse de dépôt drivers & tools.

    You use this shortcut, you can simply create Tools & Utilities CD and not the system recovery media. I did a few times without any problem. Equip your optical drive for CD - R, click on this shortcut, click the button BURN.

    All that s!

  • Not able to create a system recovery disc

    I made the partition of HDD of my new Dell inspiron laptop 7520 and now I'm not able to create a system recovery disk, or USB drive. System continues to read the disc or the drive.

    Ask you please help to do what is necessary.

    Kind regards

    I recommend the creation of an image with the free trial of 30 days of Acronis or free Edition of WD/Seagate, which can be used if you have a WD/Seagate internal hard drive or external. See section 3 of the Guide to reinstall Windows:

    This will give you a backup copy of your system in its current configuration. Once the trial will expire, you can save your system using the Acronis bootable recovery media and don't have so no need to buy the version complete to recover your system. Versions of WD/Seagate will work providing one of their hard drive is detected connected to your system internally or externally, and they are not trial versions.

    Many others have experienced problems with Dell DataSafe and resolved by uninstalling Dell backup and restore. reboot and then install the latest version here: in addition to update their system BIOS if a BIOS update is available. When you create a recovery with DataSafe media I would recommend the use of a key USB and not DVD DVDs. Multiple are burned using the program and its common for 1 or more of these DVDs to burn incorrectly for flash USB stick method works better.

  • System backup Image against the system recovery disks


    I'm new to the system recovery things and I have a question...

    I just bought a new computer laptop m7-1015dx of Pavilion and need to do system recovery discs... (which I realize restore laptop to factory default)... BTW, I have already created the system repair disc.

    However, I read an article on creating a system backup Image allowing you to recovery if lost EVERYTHING, all your installed programs, etc.

    First Question:

    Can someone tell me if I do the backup IMAGE of the system...

    Do I still need to create recovery disk (mfg default) system also?

    The second Question:

    If I create system recovery disks can I still this Recovery Partition?

    I am really really wanting to partition my C:\ drive... it is huge

    In addition, I hate to see storage folders involved in system folders...

    Currently using a symbol/character to separate them.

    From now on, I can't partition the C:\drive all partitions are used as... Max is 4

    and I have 4... C:\drive, System Partition, Partition HPTools and recovery Partition.

    Any help or assistance would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the research.

    Best regards, Jenn

    Hi, Jenn:

    I'd certainly recovery disks because in the case of a hard drive failure, a recovery partition is unnecessary because it would be on the failed drive.

    Recovery disks will do the same as a recovery partition. Reinstall the operating system and programs supplied with your laptop.

    I have also copy off the coast of the C:\drive SWSetup folder and store it on a portable hard drive that contains all files Installer provided with your PC (except MS Office 2010 Starter).

    You can also make your own Windows 7 installation disc and have a nice bloatware without installing windows, and then install only the programs you want from the SWSetup folder.

    Here's how:

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.

    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.

    You can get rid of all the partitions you want to if you plan to use recovery or disc of Windows 7 installation method that I posted above.

    I write my product key and store them somewhere for more security that many people report that it fades if you keep the laptop on your lap a lot, and then you wouldn't be able to use the alternative method to install W7.


  • Satellite L350: How can I create my own recovery disk

    How can I produce my own system recovery disk?
    Windows system keeps asking for a disk system that I don't

    Any advise?


    I put t know what you mean exactly?
    You can create a clean Toshiba Recovery disk using the Toshiba recovery disc creator software.
    Its preinstalled on your laptop and after the creation of the recovery disk you can use for installing the OS.

    The Toshiba Recovery disk will NOT request a floppy disk!

  • System recovery disks do not support this computer

    Two weeks ago, crashed my HP Pavilion Elite HPE - 480 t hard drive model.  It is a 1.5 TB came with the PC.  I bought a WD 1 TB hard drive and installed.  When I used my recovery discs, I received a message, "the system recovery disks do not support this computer.  You are not able to restore this system with these discs. "Because I had never used these recovery discs, I assumed I had their damn so I bought authentic system recovery disks from HP.  Yesterday them - even received training as before.  I called HP tech support and I was told that those recovery disk works with a hard drive that is identical with the original hard drive.  Located between the two hard drives that the original HD had a 3 GB/s, and the new is 6 Gbps.  Is this correct?  They "graciously" offered replacing my new hard drive with a hard drive that works for only $180.  Seems a little steep, but I am confused.  Is system of technical recovery disks?  I would like another opinion.  If buying a new motherboard out me of this?  If someone knows a resolution to my situation, I would be very grateful.  Help!


    In fact, you have more options that will avoid spending more in $$. The first thing I would try is the utility that provides HP. It is used for when the set of recovery disks does not work with a new hard drive. Follow the instructions of this web document.

    View your results. If the results are negative, we can install the operating system on your new hard drive with another method.

    What is the WD SATA drive model you purchased?


  • HP desktop system recovery disk

    Since I have no knowledge on how to fix computers, I didn't know how to create a system image recovery disc which could help me to get this desktop HP p6-2330 its default factory settings.

    It happened that I deleted by mistake, a core file that opens the e-mail, change the pc etc apps settings in windows 8.1, if I click on these applications, they act like they're getting open, but no, they simply disappear, but the icon remains on the taskbar, at the bottom of the desktop and the progran doesn't get open.

    everything else works fine, my only problem is that.

    Someone suggeted me resett the entire computer, but it's something I don't want to do because some programs and files can are lost or deleted.

    Another friend of mine proposed me to get a HP disk system image recovery.

    Someone would be kind enough to advise me on what I should do in my case

    Any kind of help will be appreciated


    USIN a system recovery disk is much more serious that the use of Windows regenerate. You are lucky to have Windows 8 is installed.

    Everything you need to know about using Windows refresh

    Once the operating system has been updated without affecting the files, you can perform a recovery from USB.

    I'll change this and put in a video for you. There will be two options. Chooose the method of usb flash drive. This video is displayed with Windows 7. The procedure is almost identical. Open the charm of the search and the type of recovery and click the HP Media icon that appears.

  • Use the same system recovery disk?

    I have exactly the same - HP Pavilion dv6406nr 2 laptops.  I ordered the system recovery disk for one, several months ago.  Can I use the same disk or do I have to order one especially for the 2nd laptop?

    Yes, they will work, if the model numbers are the same.


  • Create a system recovery disc?


    My girlfriend just got a Probook new 6460 b (what she ordered to with Win7 Pro and she wants to create a system for her recovery disk.  We have been able to make a 'system' repair disc, we found it under start > Maintenance, but I am sure that this is not a complete system recovery disk.  I found the following link: . But his computer does not appear to have installed the HP Recovery Manager.  She also received no recovery discs.

    How can we get the recovery disc for this computer?

    Thank you!

    None of the professional laptop computers come with a recovery CD set more

    Anyway, if you live in the United States or the Canada, here's how to get a set of restore for your PC disks:

    1. Enter the reference number and the serial no on the underside of the computer on the tag.

    2. call HP at 1-800-952-7689, option 1 (ranking in the list in the option made restore disks).

    3. provide the information asked by the representative who answers the phone.

    4. do you have a Master Card or Visa ready for purchase. They do not take discover. I believe that you will be charged $10.00.

    You will receive the discs by first class mail, or you can pay an additional $10.00 for shipping FedEx.

    Alternatively, you should be able to Access Manager (dvds aren't needed) recovery with a F11 key at startup

    To do this, just restart it, to the hp bios screen, press f11 and select recovery

  • HP g5000 system recovery disk fails 1002


    My frends daughter took the computer hp laptop in America and then the hard drive failed with no recovery disc, she went to a repair centre and had a new fixed hard drive.

    I ordered that the best2serve system recovery disk but the laptop would not boot from it?

    I tried the disc in my HP desktop computer and it worked fine this DVD player is also suspect.

    I then tried my Dell C521 Office Vista recovery disc and worked well.

    If I then mounted the disk recovery was going well and I could read that all just strange content cannot boot from it.

    At least downloaded Bios HP update in the case who would fix it (not good still no boot)

    then I went back to my office and built a flash drive USB Bootable with the contents of the recovery disc

    It starts very well and started the drive to rebuild some recovery Manager (don't remember the exact words)

    and shortly after failure of contact error 1002 HP

    searched error 1002 and WoW wish I had lost any time to buy the drive for recovery as endless calls all say that they do not work!

    PS he also destroyed the Dell Vista work making

    can someone suggest where to start

    (1) to install HP real recovery disk recovery image (with suspect dvd)

    (2) to recover money if possible

    (3) ps AS USUAL out of WARRANTY

    After more than 24 hours now and the laptop has been rebuilt and updated.

    The created disc recovery actually work Horay

    Complaints to HP service have repaid the cost of the disk recovery

    But they do not seem interested in helping other users with 3 fixing problems

    (1) recovery disks don't work not (need a update fix or DVD Firware of bios)

    (2) there is no option to zap all the existing partitions on the hard disk to avoid the error 1002

    (3) there is no Documentation provided to help the user to re - build its PC

    Come on HP if you read this will fix you the problems!

  • recovery disk will not load error message pc not supported by the system recovery disk.

    had a virus that has taken possession of my PC and wanted the money order to the for free, so I install the recovery disk and chosen in advance and restored the pc at the time, he removed the hold and the system worked very well for a few days. then the system kept to self-extinguish. tried loanding the recovery disc and gave me the message pc not supported by the recovery disc, and now when start received bios award phoenix instead of the hp logo.

    attempted to run antivirus software but before he could finish short scan the pc shuts off I tried in safe mode and the same situation. I downloaded several antivirus programs, but it would still be closed the pc. I tried to install the recovery disk, and it gave me an error message pc not supported by the system recovery disk. now when I start up instead of the blue screen with HP logo, I get a bios award phoenix and other information that I can't copy down it goes too fast. Since I couldn't get rid of the virus, he took to a pc using store, they have removed the virus and loading of operating system vista, problem is I had the word and excel. Now, I can not get my desktop to factory oem computer. I really need my word that I have all my passwords for the accounts listed, I saved them to analyze the drive, but now I have not any other readers like drive j. Any suggestion on how to solve the problem, so I can load the recovery disc.

    Thank you very much

    Frenchquarter, welcome to the forum.

    I suggest that you download and install OpenOffice.  It is FREE and is open to all documents created in MS Office.  If it doesn't, at least it costs you nothing to try.

    I used OpenOffice for years.  Believe me when I say that he will do everything that will make MS Office and in some cases, the better.  At least, you will have to use in the future and you'll be amazed to see how they can do it for FREE.

    Please click on "BRAVO", if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • HP 15 laptop: create a system recovery

    I upgraded to 8.1 win10. Then a factory reset a few months later. Now, I have a message from HP to create a system recovery.

    Can what recovery option I use.

    I'm not computer savy.

    Any help must be as if I know nothing about this kind of thing and is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Cannot create the emanagement recovery disks

    Hello, I have an acer aspire one d255 I want to reset to factory default. I never did an installation of a recovery particion before this thought I'd better create discs of backup just in case.

    I have found the directions to create the disks, but whenever I select 'create disc factory default "I get the following message.


    Configuration of the hard drive is not set by default. Abandoned backup.

    The only hardware change I did via the MMC disk management, I declined the c drive and made a particion of data storage.

    What is causing me to not be able to make the discs?

    more importantly, I'm likely to encounter a problem to make the recovery disk reset, if she can't create discs?

    If you don't have all the data your new partition created yet, simply expand the disk partition hard back to the State of origin and create more complex recovery disks.

    Hope that helps, good luck

  • I bought a new hard drive. I don't have a system recovery disk. Can I load Windows Vista from another source and activate using my original product key?

    I bought a new hard drive. I don't have a system recovery disk. Can I load Windows Vista from another source and activate using my original product key?


    There is no download available from Microsoft Vista.

    Contact the manufacturer of your laptop and ask them to send a set of recovery disks.

    They should do this for a small fee.

    "How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals.

    Some manufacturers have more available Vista recovery disks.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key determines which Edition is installed.

    Builders recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    See you soon.

    p.s. If the old hard drive is still installed and running before you change on hard drives and you never received the to purchase recovery discs, you can make the recovery discs from the recovery Partition which should be on the old hard drive. You will need to request that the manufacturer how to do as each computer manufacturer has their own way of making records of this partition recovery.

    It depends on the old hard drive still works.

Maybe you are looking for

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