PC Health Monitor - assessment of the State of the battery on the L50T Satellite-

Last week, I bought a brand new L50t-A-145 8.1 Windows running. Beautiful machine and apparently everything works perfectly.

However when activating the PC Health Monitor, he recorded the drums as being in a State of 'fair'... which means that there ' a loss of capacity, but it will meet the needs of most users. For a new machine, it is simply not good enough... I have a P845t that is over a year who never recorded the State of the battery as in anything other than "good" condition.

I did a number of things (which, I hasten to add, I never had to worry about the P845t or also any other Toshiba laptop)... (1) I charged the battery completely and let run for sub 10% at least 6 or 7 times; (2) I uninstalled PC Health Monitor and downloaded the latest version on the Toshiba site and reinstalled (3) I completely reset the computer. All to... nothing is done, the battery status still shows as that 'fair '.

The reason for which I got a number of options, is that it seems to me there is nothing wrong with the battery... it does not seem to take longer than usual to load and I appear to get the proper use of the machine as she throws... my little finger tells me that there is nothing wrong with the battery.

However, in contrast to previous cell phones, this one comes with the sealed battery (one wonders who the nutter who thought about this or has it been done to overcome the concerns of airport security and other?). Therefore, if it turns out that something is wrong with the battery, it would mean the withdrawal of the front rear and associates of concerns. Or is it strange reading symptomatic of another potential problem with the computer?

So I am sending you the machine backwards, but requested, before, if anyone out there can think of something else I can do to check the situation?

Please keep in mind, I'm not particularly bright when it comes to computers, so any advice must be specified for a layman to understand!

Thank you very much.


Thanks for the comments. I don't know what went wrong, but the essential is that everything is OK again.

Discount to zero has been the good method to check the hardware and software features.

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  • PC Health Monitor - assessment of the State of the battery on the L50T Satellite - A (2)

    I'm not allowed to add to the previous thread on this topic... it turns out that my question is not answered as monitor of my laptop is, after two days, returned to showing the battery in "fair" condition... because he did evidence the battery as in "good" condition I've charged the battery completely twice and always allow discharge to sub 10%... not partial at all.

    Someone at - it bright ideas?

    I guess you are referring to that another thread:

    From my point of few PC Health Monitor software work properly but probably the battery is in good condition and as a result, you should check with a new battery.

  • Satellite C50D - PC Health Monitor shows the low battery

    I bought a C50D a few days ago and noticed that when I ran the PC Health Monitor he showed the wear of the battery as poor. I tried a few full charge/discharge cycles and it does not seem to have improved the situation.

    Is this something that is likely to correct itself in the next a few charge cycles or could I have a duff battery - the health monitor is not too well to evaluate the battery charge.


    New batteries must be charged and discharged several times in line to achieve the best performance.

    I'm not quite sure how many times you have to repeat this procedure but I recommend you monitor the battery working time m.

    Of course, battery working time depends on the use of the laptop, but you should be able to see the improvement.

  • Satellite L850 - 1 FG: PC Health Monitor shows the bad battery


    Already after a little more than two months after the purchase of this laptop, the TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor indicates that the health of my battery is 'poor' (about 1/4 health left!) and I wonder what possibilities there are that this is a hardware fault, and if I can get a spare battery and where.

    Thank you in advance.


    I m not sure if its really a battery problem or failure.
    Maybe the battery needs to be calibrated several times in the line

    If the battery charge level is low, turn off all first battery should be completely discharged the automatic stand-by and the focus mode into hibernation.
    The battery must be completely empty. Then plug the AC adapter and charge it until the battery indicator would turn blue (or green).
    Then, unplug the AC adapter and start the discharge process
    Repeat this 3, 4 times and then check the health of the battery again.

  • How get Toshiba Health Monitor?

    When I clicked on the nothing today Toshiba Health Monitor appeared, although the Service Station and Tempro are still OK.

    How in Hades to retrieve this tool practice?

    What do you mean with nothing appeared?
    Start this tool at all?

  • Toshiba PC Health Monitor in Windows 8.1 compatibility issues

    Hi all
    I have just recently upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 Windows
    I noticed that the Toshiba PC Health Monitor no longer works. Y at - it of you experiencing this problem?

    Here's a thread on the same topic:

    Uninstall the previous version of Health Monitor and install the latest version of Toshiba driver page

  • Satellite C50D-- Toshiba PC Health Monitor - can not get the type of Bios

    I've updated my Satelite C50D-A Windows 10 laptop that works very well.
    However, when I try to check Toshiba PC Health Monitor in hidden icons, it is a small box that appears who says: 'impossible to obtain the type of Bios' and the application goes no further.

    Y at - it a fix for this make health monitor work again?



    Update you the software Toshiba after the Win10 upgrade?

    The Toshiba Health Monitor and other software like system TOSHIBA driver should be updated to compatible version Win 10

  • Satellite L510 - PC Health Monitor - could not get the Type of Bios

    Hi guys,.

    I m appeal for some help and hope that some of you experts out there may be able to help me!

    My laptop is a Satellite L510 bought November 2009
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32-bit
    The version of the BIOS/Date: INSYDE, 1.30, 08/05/2009

    1 ReelTime (worm: TC00210100H stopped working about 6 months ago, so I uninstalled it.
    2 PC Health Monitor (worm: TC00148300O

    Value Added Package: Worm: 1.2.25 (TC00214700E)

    For a couple of weeks stop would take a little longer than before and last weekend he just stopped even if the battery is fully charged.

    I had a bit of a job to resume but I finally did, I came to the conclusion even if the hard drive was not.

    I then tried to open the PC Health Monitor, but this error appeared impossible to get the type of bios and obviously wouldn t open. I uninstalled PCHM programs and features and then ran TC00148300O.exe of
    C:/Program Files / Toshiba / TOSAPINS / COMPS1 / TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor -, it seemed something was going on but ultimately nothing has.

    I dropped while I needed to sort first on the hard drive. Long story short, the hard drive has been replaced by a SSD 840 EVO 250 GB by a friend of TI at work.

    I prefer like to get ReelTime and PCHM working again correctly troubleshooting (with your help) that I put t really want to restore back provided that the factory, but if I have to...

    If I have explicit instructions on how to do that would be a big help (if necessary I can also get my friend to help me).

    If I n t give any other specific information that you need please ask. I apologize for this long post, but thanks to anyone who responds.


    If you replaced the HARD drive I recommend you to install original recovery image and start using your machine with the factory settings. After that it all will again be OK. Install important Windows updates current, your important software and I think that everything will be OK again.

    Software related questions can sometimes be very complicated. All you can try to do is remove pre-installed application, restart the computer and try to install it again.

    On BIOS I can just say that you shouldn't change anything.

    One last thing: I don t know how important ReelTime and PC Health Monitor are for you, but I removed the two applications on my system. In my opinion there is no much help from both of them, but they CPU utilization for the unnecessary process.

  • Satellite A660-17 t - PC Health Monitor shows the problem with the battery

    I have an A660-17 t I've had since November 2010, I used a good amount, but not always on the battery, I believe that the battery has between 10 and 20 on this charge/discharge cycles.

    I have updated the BIOS to v1.80 when I got the laptop, everything seemed to go well. Recently, in the last 2-3 weeks health monitoring software reports that the battery is in poor health, showing that the capacity is reduced to 40% of the original capacity. I do not believe this like when I work on battery I get several hours of use.

    I have today updated BIOS v1.90, although there is no changelog that I can find, he says just "enhanced features" or similar.

    Is this really a faulty battery, or it is somehow that the software correctly reads the value of the capacity of the battery due to a change in Windows or another change in the system? I don't see how a battery can work for the same amount of time it has always done and actually have a fault.

    Any thoughts? Should I return it to the retailer and report an outage, or is it worth the wait to see if a future update of operating system or driver solves this problem?

    Thoughts welcome!


    > I do not think this as when I work on battery I get several hours of use.
    This means that you have the same time remaining on battery as before you saw the error of the integrity PC monitor?

    In this case, it seems that the battery is ok and it's maybe s simply the wrong tool of Toshiba information. Then I recommend to reinstall PC Health Monitor, which you can download from the official website of Toshiba:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads

  • Evolution of the Apple Watch and health monitoring time Kit

    I work the second shift, so my 24 hours are different than most. I was wondering if there is a way to change the Kit Fitness Tracker/health monitoring times?

    Hi Patrick

    I'm afraid that the feature you described is not currently available under watchOS.

    If you want to suggest that Apple considers adding this as a new feature, you can do it here:


    All submissions are read (even if you do not expect to receive a response).

  • PC Health Monitor and battery cover Satellite U940


    I have a Satellite U940 on Windows 8.1.

    My question is if there is a relationship between the wear of the battery and the laptop on toshiba PC health monitor health.

    For now my wear and tear on the battery is at 50% of the full capcacity according to BatteryBar
    However, on the health monitor, it says that the health of my battery is good (full Green).

    I can only go out about 1.5 to 2 hours in the life of my laptop and just ask for help and information on the issue of whether I should buy a new battery or is at - it something wrong with my reading of the battery.

    Thanks for reading this.

    > Now my wear and tear on the battery is at 50% of the full capcacity according to BatteryBar
    However, on the health monitor, it says that the health of my battery is good (full Green).

    The health of the battery shows you the State of health of the battery and not the State of battery charge.

    > I can't get about 1.5 to 2 hours of life out of my laptop
    Battery working time depends on the use of the laptop. What does that mean?
    Well, run the heavy performance software (games, video editing software, etc.), using the brightness of the light display or DVD movie playback would drain the battery quickly.

    1,5 - 2 hours of battery time is not bad. But of course; sooner or later each battery must be replaced. It s just a matter of time.

  • Satellite U940 - download Health Monitor

    Recently, I managed to updated the integrity monitor (which paradoxically the Heath monitor recommended).

    An error indicated there was "an older version installed", and I was advised to remove it all first. I did, doesn't have any path to be automatically informed of pilot and other improvements, including the health monitor.

    It seems that the health monitor has not saved the download file - it is not in the downloads. He recorded other places? He did not me, invites so the location is hardcoded, wherever she is.

    I only do that because a previous update of the bluff Health Monitor driver my touchpad driver.

    OK... you'd think I'd be able to download the new drivers manually, right? Alas not. My part number doesn't seem to be acceptable for the selector of downloads on the selector to THE Toshiba window, and even there is no model of U above U500 in the drop-down list of templates.

    So much trouble here!

    Can anyone suggest how I might have the correct setup file of Health Monitor for my Satellite U940?

    Thank you


    Can you please post full model name and the part number of your laptop?
    I want to just check the Toshiba download page and try to find the right version to download.

  • Satellite L50 - A - 14 M - Toshiba pc health monitor does not work


    I am new to this forum and I have a problem with my new toshiba satellite l50a - 14 m. I did a factory reset recently and the integrity monitor (whitch is an excellent program in my opinion) no longer works...

    When I opened it notify an error "Could not get the flag to enable sorts in the registry" and does not turn on.
    I have 8.1 64-bit windows;

    I tried to download versions more but do not work.
    How to do?

    Sorry for my bad English...

    TSRI means the Intel Rapid Storage Technology, and there is also a TSRI driver available on the Toshiba UE driver page.

    You need to update or reinstall the driver.

    I think this will fix the problem of pc health monitor

  • Remove PC Health Monitor - Win8 stuck on uninstall manually

    I removed PC Health Monitor (including files and registry) such as requested by windows 8. However, the installation tells me he's always there.

    I can't work out why or find something on the net to reslove this problem.

    Sorry, but all this story is strange to me. To test objects I ve removed too much my U940 with Win8 and I ve done on a regular basis by using the option in programs and features. Everything was fine.
    I don t know what do you mean with uninstall manually.

  • Portege Z10T-A140: Toshiba Health Monitor shows bad battery


    near 1 week old I am a Z10T-A140 ultrabook.
    Then I active Toshiba Health Monitor and can view HARD drive status.

    But to see the battery, it's bad!
    Why my battery see the poor?

    Thank you.


    It is not unusual for new batteries.
    You know that batteries must be calibrated first to achieve the best performance.

    Calibration means that the battery must be fully charged and discharged and then until it s completely empty. This procedure should be repeated several times in the line. After that, you can check the status of the battery provided by new health monitor

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