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I asked this question yesterday, but has received no response.  Perhaps, I gave too many details, so I'll try again.

Is it possible to close a pdf file after you click a hyperlink in this file?  I want to click on the link (in a PDF on the LAN), and then close the pdf file that the link is located.

Yes, it is possible to do. If you use a script, add this code:

this.closeDoc (true);

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    I recently reinstalled Acrobat Pro XI and when I opened a pdf file it automatically closes after a few seconds - any know why and how to solve this problem?

    You may need to reinstall or repair, one of the two. Let me start with the repair on the Help menu. Then perform updates also on the Help menu. See if that fixes the problem. If this isn't the case, you may need to reinstall. If you reinstall, use http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/acrobatcleaner.html , and then remove any left over parts of the Acrobat folder, reboot and reinstall. Then perform updates.

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    I have a downloaded .pdf file. When I click on a page (this happens for each page) he follows me to a link open my browser. How shoul delete who? I tried to delete all the hyperlinkes but remained! Thank you.

    After seeing a few screenshots of the file I think I see what's happening now. There is a watermark diagonal URL through the page that is converted to a link automatically by the application. Disable it go to Edition - Preferences - general and uncheck the box that says "create links from URLS".

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    In addition, once they are open, they do not close by clicking on the small red dot, now, I have to go to file > close.

    Very frustrating!

    It looks like they have lost their association with open.

    Select a pdf file, cmd + i to bring up the info.

    In this dialog, their either an open with (open all & open this file)

    But the narrow anomaly suggests Repair Installation (made in Acrobat)

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    I recently installed Flash Player to preview an FLV file that I put on my site. I don't remember if the problem started after the installation.

    This thread has a workaround solution, which is to "disable the Adobe Acrobat plug-in, NPAPI Version 10.1.3" under Tools/Add-Ons/Plugins

    Firefox does not open a PDF link in the browser, the screen shows simply empty. | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox help

  • How can I remove a hyperlink to a PDF file in the drop of hyperlinks.

    Muse, I created a hyperlink to a PDF file on my computer that has downloaded the PDF on my server.

    I have now disconnected the link and no longer wish to use the PDF file.

    However, the link to the PDF document remains an option in the drop of hyperlink.

    So now when I try to download from another server, the PDF file is included in the download, even if there is no active hyperlinks to the PDF document.

    It's a big PDF and I need to exclude it.

    How can I remove the link to the PDF of the drop hyperlinks?

    Search for the file in your 'Assets' Panel and click on the thrash at the bottom of this Panel. If it is grayed out, your PDF is still in use

  • How to create a pdf file in Indesign with 40 hyperlinks file so it can be used on different computers?

    I create a document in Indesign CS4, which is to be exported to pdf format.

    In this one page document, there are about 40 products listed, one after the other and each product has been implemented to hyperlink to a specific pdf in the same directory.

    This was no problem.

    There where the problem is that it won't work on other computers because it seems "electrician" the address of the hyperlink file.

    Then I went and put in place the hyperlink as a URL.  It worked on any computer, but then the pdf file opens in a Web browser.


    Then I opened a pdf page in Adobe Acrobat Pro.  It has none of the hyperlinks.  So I've created hyperlinks it.  No probs.  It worked.  But if I want to update this document to a page in the future, I'll have to recreate all the links.  I have other docs that I need to create hundreds of links.

    Anyone can shed some light on this?  It should not be difficult.  Why a linked file doesn't work on any computer?

    Your help will be very grateful.


    David Blatner wrote about this in a blog, InDesignSecrets.com. He suggests to create URL hyperlinks to make them relative. Disadvantage files PDF opens in the web browser of the recipient.


  • PDF file opens only after refresh

    I have problems with our version of Adobe Reader 10.1.2.

    The pdf file opens when opening a pdf file on the internet, the page remains blank and only after a refresh (F5). Anyone know what to do with it?

    I thought safe mode would have been the problem but it's not.

    Welcome them

    You use Internet Explorer to open PDF files? If so, here is a link to a technical note that includes a hotfix, PDF file opens as a gray screen in the browser. Reader, Acrobat 10.1.2.

  • Search for content in pdf files stopped working after the migration of Windows 2008 Indexing Service


    We have designed a search custom as an aspx page that uses the Indexing Service to search for content in a set a which coexist document types (doc, pdf, xls, etc.)

    We moved to a Windows Server 2003 Indexing Service to Windows 2008 and since the Indexing Service has stopped the search pdf files. The search returns only another type of pdf files.

    On the new server where the Indexing Service, I installed Adobe PDF iFilter 11 for 64-bit platform, I think it's the plugin the Indexing Service uses to find the content of pdf files.

    Does anyone got the Search Indexing Service content in PDFs on Windows 2008 server?

    Thank you



    Post your question in the TechNet Server Forums, as your question kindly is beyond the scope of these Forums.


    See you soon.

  • Want to send the pdf file automatically when you click on the SUBMIT"" button.  With the help of Acrobat 11?

    Rather than send the email as an attachment in the email, it opens an email which must be then 'send '.  Using Firefox

    Hey dennis5646,

    You choose Attach button in the toolbar will automatically send the PDF file as an attachment to Email.

    Reference: Acrobat/Reader: attach to button Email does not not for PDFs referenced from a long URL

    Let me know if this helps.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Mobile navigation - drop-down menu that closes after click and scroll to anchor? Am I the only one looking for this feature?

    Well, the question is a bit in the subject:

    But the problem is that I have a Compostion Widget with a menu inside. On my phone a tab in the menu opens - click on a menu item scrolls to the anchor - but the menu keep an open - I want it closes! So if you need to go to a new anchot - you open the new menu etc.

    How do I do that?



    Hi Mike,.

    Please make sure you have selected options as follows in the drop of the composition:

    Kind regards


  • Lighroom close after clicking black & white

    Hello, when I click on black & white, lighroom off, I always have to open lighroom again to make it work. TY for your help (Mac)

    Please update to Lightroom for the latest version of Lightroom 2015.4

    Updated link: keeping up-to-date for Lightroom

  • Changes of association of PDF files using Acrobat after installed Acrobat


    I packed a silent installation of Acrobat Professional X by using the Customization Wizard.  We make the player the default viewer (without the help of a script after the installation).  No matter which option to choose for the default viewer in the customization tool (as shown below), Acrobat Professional X becomes the default display.  I'm trying to add or change the Installer database table so that he leaves the current association with the reader.


    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Hi Simon,.

    Try this please.

    Msiexec /i AcroPro.msi IW_DEFAULT_VERB = Read/QB-TRANSFORMS = Acropro.mst

    It should work.

    Kind regards

  • After you enable the "Click-to-play" plug-ins, I can't open the pdf files.

    In the latest version of Firefox, information on how to prevent the plug-ins automatically load was in the notes. I activated this topic: config. (Click-to-play).

    After that, I can not open pdf files! When I click on a link all the that get is a window empty. Reloading page do not help.
    What I can do, is to click on the button next to the awesome bar and set the plug-ins always will automatically load to this page. Then the pdf file is loaded.
    Another book is about to copy the link and paste it in Internet Explorer.

    Is this a bug with "click-to-play '?

    This is a known issue.

    Bug 736998 - Flash click-to-play broken when opening swf directly
    Bug 747105 - Click to play breaks acrobat reader
  • Hyperlink address get truncated when you create a pdf file of MS Access.

    I have a MS Access 2002 Report that I need to export to a pdf file.  I have several text boxes and several areas of hyperlink.  Hyperlinks appear in the pdf file, however, when I click on the link, Acrobat recognizes only the first line of the address and the links do not work.

    For example, here is a sample hyperlink address notification that it wraps around the box:



    When I click on the link, Internet Explorer opens and tries to go to http://forms.adobe.com/ however, since the entire address is not on the same line, IE cannot open the link.

    I need to create PDF files in the database and cannot spend the time fixing this issue every time.

    I had Acrobat Pro 8 and have upgraded to Pro 9, but the problem persists.

    I would appreciate anyones help to understand what is the question.  I need to get this problem is resolved.

    Thank you.

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