PDF InDesign CS5.5 missing import options

I just started to work on a project after update to the beta version of OSX El Capitan a week previously. and I got my first "uh - oh" moment.

the check boxes in the dialog box 'options' for pdf import/investment is missing;

is there a work around that?

I do not know if it's just a problem of indesign or if it is caused by the operating system. I saw the flash options once since the update; but I'm afraid I can't find a way around it.

unless there is a change of import with options button?

Help please!



Yes, it is - if you hold the SHIFT key while clicking on OK your selected file, the import dialog box options should appear.

Kind regards


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    If can not able to remove the color swatchs time to export, to inx and open it in the text editor and find the value of the color and just delete it in Indesign CS3.,.

    But we missed inx in CS5 and CS5.5, Hope everybudy know. INX is replaced with IDML,

    If we are faced with the question above in case how can be solved.

    If it is just to remove the shades of color that you can not get rid of any other way it is a way more fast that might work.

    1. Realization of an object that uses the shade.
    2. Cut this object to a new InDesign document.
    3. Save and close the new document.
    4. Place the new document in the original document.
    5. Delete it.
    6. You should be able to now remove the shade.

    It took me longer to type what it should be!

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    Hello: I'm in a bit of a quandry. I have many PDF files I want to convert it to Epub. I called Adobe and asked them what program I need to do and they said InDesign CS5, so I downloaded the trial version to check it out. The problem is that there is no command to 'place' in the trial version, which is how could import the PDF file. So I'm left unable to perform a test with this software and don't want to buy a program that I can not confirm. Workarounds or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


    No command to place? Check work spaces to make sure that you do not have one that hides the menu items.

    Secondly, I don't see how InDesign is going to be the right tool for this.


  • How can I change the options to import to an Excel spreadsheet in InDesign CS5.5?


    I have a problem with a script InDesign that works this way in ID CS4 and CS5 ID, but stops working in ID CS5.5.

    What the script must do, is to change the preferences to import to a table saved in an Excel file so that I can place a table not formatted in a new textFrame in my InDesign document. The Excel document is a .xlsx file.

    function setExcelImportPrefs() {
        with (app.excelImportPreferences) {
             app.excelImportPreferences.tableFormatting = TableFormattingOptions.excelUnformattedTable;

    What the script (or at least seems to do) is: nothing. The table that is placed in the textFrame by the script is always formatted, as seems to be the standard InDesign CS5.5 preference to import tables from excel files.

    Does anyone have a hint for me how to make the script work in ID CS5.5?

    As it works on my machine (!), a reason may be that just the spelling should be: TableFormattingOptions.EXCEL_UNFORMATTED_TABLE

  • TIF / TIFF support of import in Indesign CS5.5 / CS6


    I can't find a reference for the limits of the type of TIFF file as Indesign CS5.5 / CS6 can support.

    for example, Indesign cannot import a TIFF file with CCITT Group 4 compression / CCITT Group 3

    I thought Indesign can support all kinds of TIFF and I was denied when I tried to import a TIFF file with compression CCITT 4 (black and white TIFF).

    "Error occurred during reading of TIFF image. Image may be damaged or incompatible. Re-save the image with different settings, and then try again. »

    Can anyone confirm this import TIFF CCITT Group 4 and CITT Group 3 compression is not supported (and Indesign can only import TIFF LZW, ZIP support or no compression) (Honours)?

    It seems odd that Indesign adjustable CCITT Group 4 as a format of compression to monochrome images in the PDF export options export but does not support in its import options. Am I missing a plugin/update that can do this?

    Also, can someone point me to a list of graphic images that Indesign can import (preferably with detailed information that he may have subsets that are not supported)?

    I can only find " " http://help.Adobe.com/en_US/InDesign/CS/using/WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-6bdea.h tml ".

    Thank you

    Beyond the information provided by Steve Werner...

    It is true that Photoshop cannot save an image on two levels (i.e. single bit monochrome) TIFF CCITT Group 4 compresses (or group 3-compresses).

    However, Acrobat Pro can save PDF as CCITT Group 4 compressed TIFF Group 3

    And I confirm that InDesign cannot place a CCITT Group 4 or group-3 compressed TIFF image.

    Ironically, Photoshop can open TIFF CCITT Group 4 compressed files but when simply save even saves TIFF compressed into ZIP files.

    So, the quickest way for the placement of your CCITT Group 4 TIFF files compressed in InDesign is to simply open and resave the TIFF files in Photoshop.

    Yes, a hack villain, but it allows you to work around this limitation.


  • Export PDF printing from InDesign CS5

    Until last week, when exporting an InDesign CS5 document in PDF format, it was a choice of Print or Interactive. Now, there is no other choice and it assumes that the PDF is Interactive and gives to think I have change the color mode to my RGB document, which I won't do. Help!

    If the PDF (Print) option is missing file type form the drop-down list in the dialog box, see 101 troubleshooting: replace, or 'trash' preferences

  • A customer told me we can open and edit PDFs inside InDesign CS5.5


    I have a problem with a customer, she told me that she can edit PDFs with InDesign CS5.5 so far.

    I check on his computer, and now she had a mistake (in french): pdf file is not supported a module is maybe missing.

    On the web, I realized you can import pdf files, but you cannot edit them with InDesign unless you use PDF2ID a sales module.

    If she's telling me the truth? Edit is possible and his InDesign is broken, or you cannot change PDFs inside InDesign?

    Thank you for your help.

    You can place a PDF file in an InDesign document, but you cannot modify it. You can make small amounts of editing PDF documents in Acrobat Pro.

    I wonder if your client is thought to an Acrobat form, where users can add data to text boxes and so on.

    Just a thought.

  • < a > tag is creating error importing XML in InDesign CS5.5

    Hi all

    I do InDesign CS2 to InDesign CS5.5 update.

    I have the indt file. It was designed by using the CS2 and now converted this file using InDesign CS5.5 CS5.5 indt.

    But I am facing a problem while making the export as pdf in version CS5.5.

    I'm following steps below:

    (1) indt open the file.

    2) menu file-> import XML... [This XML file contains < a href = "Web site link" > html tag]

    (3) [no change-defalut option selected] XML import options

    (4) ideally, it should merge XML data with the indt file but this is ask me for feedback and show me "search:" dialogue [below instant check]


    I did some research and know I get this dialog search because of the < a > tag XML. When I removed the < a > tag XML, then it gives no dialog and XML imported without any problems.

    I get this XML system and I can't manually delete the < a > tag of xml.

    However I was getting any error while making import XML in the CS2 version.

    Please can someone help with this?

    When there is "http://" in the anchor tag, it will jump to the top of this entry window manual indd/indt export to PDF and it will be failed in export by the action script.

    I contacted Adobe software and it was bug. Adobe has confirmed that they would be realease the patch for even some time later, but I have not heard anything. I got the job by removing "http://" using java.

  • InDesign cs5 crashes whenever I try to change the mark formatting via Type &gt; reference Option Document or paragraph using the span columns Styles

    InDesign cs5 crashes whenever I try to change the formatting mark by going to the Type > Document reference Option > and then I try to choose a paragraph style, I already put in place. I need to use the paragraph style includes columns of Span, which I think may be the issue. I think this because when I then tried to create a new document and re - import styles, it won't let me even the columns of the span feature is added the paragraph in question Style.

    I can send screenshots at all (for example, dialog boxes) if it would be helpful to understand the question, I'll have.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

    They used to have a feature called 'Useful response', but in my view, which has not been restored yet since they have recently updated the forum software. No problem. Just trying to help you.

  • InDesign CS5 PDF

    Hello everyone

    I have some problems with InDesign CS5 and PDF.
    I tried to create PDF page by page, but it creates by double...

    I tried with all the possible options but nothing works...
    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you!

    Use the PDF (Print) option. Looks like you got the (Interactive) PDF option selected.


  • How to record down version Cloud Creative InDesign CS5? Exported as a file .idml but still the messages that plug-ins are missing, although CS5 confirms it is fully updated.

    How to record down version Cloud Creative InDesign CS5? Exported as a file .idml but still the messages that plug-ins are missing, although CS5 confirms it is fully updated.

    Yes. Thank you. I based on another post misled. Successfully done this by selecting 'File', 'save a copy... ". "then choosing"for CS4 or later (IDML).

    He had little patience and several tests, but I think it was because of hardware (memory) overloaded version CC cloud or something. It was a 50 MB, file of 500 pages and took 17 minutes to convert/save,

    Recap: dnuee to CS5, do not use "Export" (IDML); use ' Save as ' or 'Save a copy' and select "for CS4 or later (IDML).

    Advice much appreciated.

  • I can't place the Photoshop pdf files in InDesign CS5

    I can't put Photoshop pdf files in InDesign CS5 after update to LION. I get the error message "unable to open the PDF file. I tried to register him as Acrobrat and then place, get the same message. I opened the file in Photoshop to re-register and get an error message. I can't change our workflow for me because I'm the only one with this problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Problem fixed! After a very long day. The sad thing is I should have tired deleting the prefs first. After the reinstallation of the Lion, she always had the same problem. I have therefore connected under a new user and has not had the problem. I went back to my user and delete the preferences and now where it is good to go. Note for more later before reinstalling anything try a new user first and go from there...

  • interactive PDF using Indesign CS5.5 problem with overlay

    Hi all

    I designed an interactive pdf - not for the web. I have a stratification of problem on a page. On the page, there are 6 buttons. Each key pressed will propose a box containing information and content. When I designed the page using indesign cs5.5, I did so that most information box has been at the top of the layer. I thought this would be the cleanest way to present the page. By having the largest area of content (each of the six boxes of content are different sizes) in the upper part, it would cover the other boxes. When I exported the file to the smallest box was the head, and then the secondest etc. It seems pretty messy.

    Is there a way to make sure that the lagest content area is upstairs when it exported in pdf format?


    Have patience!

    Have you tried to put this bigger box on its own layer at the top?  I don't know much about buttons etc but if you expect someone coming here makes.  A large number of contributors are in zones different, but...

  • [CS5] [JS] With the help of import options when you place an image


    Does anyone know how to add import options when you place an image?

    I would like to activate 'Apply Photoshop Clippingpath'.

    Currently I use...

    myRectangle.place (myPicture);

    Or is it an application setting?



    Seems that you can call to the properties of an imported file may include the ClippingPathSetting preferences. It is the object of great CS5 Jongware model.

  • Problem using Adobe InDesign CS5 to prepare a PDF file to download on Magcloud:

    I use the trial version of Adobe InDesign CS5 30 days.

    I have downloaded the Magcloud model, created a document using InDesign CS5, it has exported to PDF and uploaded to Magcloud. Magcloud rejects my upload, saying: he has an incorrect number of pages. For example, if I create a 24 page document in InDesign, Magcloud think she has only 13 pages - front and back covers, 11 more two-page spreads.

    Details, please, how to export from InDesign CS5 so that Magcloud sees the same number of pages as InDesign.

    Thank you


    Seems that you exported (Interactive) PDF format instead of choose PDF (Print) in the drop-down menu, one of the Print presets from file > Adobe PDF presets...

Maybe you are looking for

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