PE3: Order of the files?

In fact three points:

1. a thank you all for the excellent help a few days ago: I finally got the big disc!

2. I like the new format of forum - Bravo, whoever you are.

3 following capture of the camera, and not to the timeline, how do I get media files appears in the media panel in numerical order right after transplant No. 99? (I assume this is a Windows problem?) I usually have up to 350 clips and it's very painful to renumber them with zero non-significant.

Yes, this has always been a problem with Premiere Elements. I advise to use the freeware WinDV to capture, you can set how you want the labeled screenshots.

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  • How to stop a file from the application of a sort order on the files

    Under Win XP, how can I have a folder of photos in my pictures are in the order that I copied them in Windows instead trying to sort by a file attribute, as the name.  Whenever I get close and reopen a file, Windows has sorted them rather than leaving them in the order I have left.  I want to see my photos in a defined order, without having to rename all the files.  If Windows MUST sort the files somehow, it is an attribute of file to apply a number of sequential file or another technique?

    You can simply give up using windows Explorer, but use instead something more advanced like windows photo gallery.
    also, here is some info on the Organization of photos:



    "MMD32" wrote in message news: eb10c966-74(d) 6-4e1c-acfb-73c16d37855d...

    This is useful, but it would be great if it was possible to have windows to keep the single file and not resorted to ALL files.  No there is no way to do this?

    I am often merge sets of images and achieve only look one that certain images should go in a different order, that I copied them originally.  Maybe it's a way of to the point that the file is finalized, I could reset the Date of creation or the other attribute so that the suggestion of DatabaseBen would continue to operate?  I know there is a way to change the attribute Date of creation for all the same value, but then it would not be a way to sort on it at all, if the attribute was similarly?  I tried to assign the sorting order to an empty attribute, hoping that Windows would not use a second attribute for sorting, but it seemed to return filename for alphabetical sorting.

    Thanks for any advice on this puzzle!

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    Hi respice1,

    You combine several files in PDF format? If so, you can drag and drop the page thumbnails tab to combine files in the order you want the combined files.

    Afterwards, you will need to use Acrobat to rearrange the pages in a PDF document. You can try Acrobat for free for 30 days, if you wish. For more information, see



  • How can I change the order of the files in a folder?

    I do a presentation and need images that I recorded in a certain order, for the person who is them projecting on the flow, but whenever I try to save a new order that goes back to the moose.

    You can rename then in alpha order. Put a 1 or in front of one. 2 or B before the second, etc. According to me, one of these tools will rename a batch at a time, but you'll need to experiment.


    FastStone Image Viewer

    Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]

  • How can I change the sort order of the files read in save under and keep the new permanent sort order?

    When I find an image that I want to save, I choose to save the Image under. Navigate to an existing folder, but the items are not ordered by name. I right click on the window save as and choose Arrange by name. The work of sorting and I recorded my element. Later, when I return in the same folder that the elements are not ordered by name. I want that option "arrange by name' to be permanent.

    The same as with a file browser. The bar at the top of the window.
    name, size, date ... click on what you want.

  • I have Vista, and in my records, I would like to see my records of first ranking in alphabetical order then the files in alphabetical order. I can't find how to do this.

    Folders in alphabetical order
    Files in alphabetical order

    When you are in an individual file, you can set to sort by alphabetical order first with folders and files then by simply clicking on the name header (you may need to click twice because the first time it can sort in reverse alphabetical order).  Then, it will stay like that (although if you add new files or folders, they can go down the bottom of the list, regardless of the name).

    Maybe if you reset your files it will help (although I don't know - that's really not why).  Go to start / Control Panel / folder Options / View and click Reset Folders.  This will reset all records to their default state and since alphabetical is a defect it can work for this.  I can't test it myself because all my folders and files are already in alphabetical order.

    Good luck and I hope this works - but after back and let us know anyway. Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

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    I'm trying to ben number 200 documents-named 1-200 in order. When I add files to be Ben freed, adobe sort 1, 10, 11, 12, instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. How can I get around this?

    Place 0 in front of numbers, then (assuming that 200 docs) 001, 002, 003, etc. 045, 046 and 047... 106, 107, 108, etc..

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    In what order does not save rman and recover the data files?

    Is it by # of changes with the last ts df system?

    Thank you!



    Assuming that a single channel and filesperset = 1, what order RMAN selects data backup files?


    The order of the files is random. The file names are read from V$ DATAFILE view and because of the bug of the performance, the clause ORDER BY FILE # is deleted, as a result, the query may return file No. in random order.

  • Open dialog box reorganizes the files that appear in the file text box

    I asked about this problem for a while - it still exists under Windows 7 Microsoft apparent feels that it is the correct behavior. In an application using a dialog open, where multiple files can be selected by clicking on them, while the CTRL key is held down, the resulting list of file names appears in the file text box. However, the first clicked file name remains last in the list while others remain in the proper order. Why is this? (An example of application is Windows Media Player, where you do a right click, then click on file and then open. The open dialog box appears and allows the selection of multiple files). When this "feature" has been more boring, it's when I try to create a CD or DVD and I want to control the order of the files.

    Hello RickL - CaryNC, welcome.

    This feature is by design. Of course, you can select the files in reverse order. I would really recommend providing feedback about this here:

    Other than that, unless you use an alternative shell, the feature is a design problem. Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Order of the Momentics IDE links

    Hi all

    I have faced the problem of link order while strengthening the application with 2 static libraries.

    I have 1 request and 2 static library projects in the workspace. A library is dependent on the other.

    To get the app connected successfully, it is important to link the libraries in the order you want.

    How can I specify the order of the libraries that would be used to link the application? I tried to change the order in the file .pro without a bit of luck.

    I am using Momentics version 2.1 Build id: 201406041640 on Mac OS X 10.9.4.

    Thank you


    There is a work around for this problem.  After you add libraries, assign the property "automatically generate the config.pri" to "Never automatically generate" or "Prompt" on the properties (context menu) > QML > QML properties page, and then change the libraries order in the config.pri by replacing manually.

  • Open the file in double Fail

    Having a problem with this script.  It works great when it works with the open file.  But when you add an order opening the file, Illustrator gives me an error MRAP? I'm doing something wrong?


    IDoc var = activeDocument;

    var saveOutDirectory = (file ("MyDirectory"));

    Save on

    function saveFile() {}

    for (var i = 0; i < idoc.dataSets.length; i ++) {}

    currentDataset = idoc.dataSets [i];

    currentDataset.display ();

    idoc.saveAs (file (saveOutDirectory + "/" + + "_MyFile.pdf"), myOpts);



    Delete - print graphics and work plans

    function removePrintAB() {}

    var idoc.artboards = artbs;

    for (var i = artbs.length - 1; i > = 0; i--) {}

    If (artbs [i] .name! = "MySpecialArtboard") {}

    artbs.setActiveArtboardIndex (i);

    idoc.selectObjectsOnActiveArtboard ();

    App.Cut ();

    ARTBS [i]. Remove();



    Duplicate the Original file

    var = TempFile (file (saveOutDirectory + "/" +;

    TempFile.copy (saveOutDirectory + "/" + "temp file.pdf");

    Open (File (saveOutDirectory + "/" + "pellon_temp.pdf"));



    Maybe it's because when you open the new file, you must declare your "idoc" again as it might refer to the old file.

  • Actions - using the file menu command

    I use Photoshop CS5 in Windows 7

    I create an action that resize a scanned image and sets the mode, then I insert a command to save

    When I run the action, I get the window SAVE but the file type is set to PSD

    If I execute the action and just do orders manually, the file type appears as TIFF, which is what I want.

    Question: Why is he coming PSD and is it possible to make it default to what I want?

    Thanks - Mark

    Instead of using the Insert menu item to save in tif, save a step

    in the action to save a file as a tif file. That way if you want to save it dialog box

    It seems failing in tif. Make sure that the enable dialog box if

    you want to save it as dialog appears.

    more info on measures: tml


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  • When I include photos from a folder in the Photos app in the dock, and I have created an album for them, their changes. It is important for me to keep them in the same order that they were in the file. (It's a numerical order). Any solution?

    Recently, I switched from PC to Mac, and I transferred all my files photo. Now I am their integration in the Photos app in the dock (by dragging the file etc). But when I include photos from a folder in the Photos app in the dock, and then create an album for them, their order in the album change of what it is in the file. It is important for me to keep them in the same order that they were in the file. (In the file it is in numerical order). Any solution?

    You can drag and drop to any order in your albums.

  • Try to update 3.6.28 to 27, the imported bookmarks, library displays all the files in the proper order, but 99% are not at all in the toolbar.

    Jscher and Cor - el tried to help me a few years back, without success.
    Try again to spend 3.6 (XP) to 27 (Win7).
    3.6 has been exported as HTML file (also have json) and imported in 27.
    The last time, I never "found" most of my favorites in 27 FF. Especially not the files.
    This time, I tried the library view and it seems that everything is there, records, underwater, in order etc.
    BUT... Unlike in 3.6.28, I still only see the contents of a folder in the pane on the right at the same time.

         I can't work like that.

    THEN, maybe, I can access ALL my favorites another way (not via library)? Via a toolbar maybe?
    But for some reason, the collection in the toolbar doesn't resemble loosely organized collection, I see in the library. Virtually no record and in the chaotic order. A lot of absent it appears. If the content of the library was reflected in the toolbar (using AIOS), I was good to go. Should I wait? What can I try?
    Thank you!!!

    If the bookmark that should appear in the folder of Bookmarks Toolbar are not in this folder, but is perhaps in a second Bookmarks Toolbar folder in the folder Menu bookmarks then you can move (copy / paste) them yourself to the correct folder in the library.

  • Speed/performance of my mac mini (mid-2010) is very slow. Need help, consolidate the files, software updates, etc. in order to improve the speed and performance.

    My mac mini (mid-2010) speed/performance is very slow - think of it as a result of letting my kids do "whatever" about it in recent years.  Need help, consolidate the files, software updates, etc. in order to improve the speed and performance.  You will also need to get data out of old PowerBook G4.

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    We are users like you.  Search locally by using something like Yelp or similar & find_loc = Chicago, + IT & start = 0 & ortby = rating s

    or read a few links which may be relevant on this forum about the slow mac mini

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