PE7 - 10 min to load project

I've tried everything. I even downloaded care advanced and digitized. It did not really help. It opens the project, and then the mouse is an hourglass for approximately 10 minutes. Then about a third of all my video thumbnails load, the mouse and the program works again. What files I use in my project? They were originally from AVCHD files, but I converted the .wmv files and used them. It is a very big project, with about 200 short scenes to be long about 12 min. help, please?

I already have disk defragmentation. Processor Pentium D. I have also visited all files with the exception of a few small parts of the timeline.

Personally, I have uninstall/reinstall as a last resort. Yes, it helps in some cases, but your problems seem to be more linked project, rather than software or related materials. Yet, there is a possibility, however small, that something is wrong with your program.

Even if an uninstall/reinstall does not affect your project (or your support), I'd certainly a Save_As for your project, away from the location of storage than your initial project - just in case. This will copy only the project file (.) PREL), but you get it as a backup.

If you proceed with the relocation, to ensure that all AV, blocking the pop and spyware are OFF.

Now, back to your project. If your edition of the soundtrack is done, try to just export it as WAV/PCM. This will do two things:

1.) test which is your edited MP3 will export

2.) let you replace your MP3 with an Audio PCM/WAV, MP3, video and more be cause a problem.

Good luck


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    Hi Pochtawood,

    Yes, uninstall iCloud will allow you to create new projects.

    For existing projects, you can repair them with a patch created by a user.

    Details and links to the patch are here: Re: Debug f:\mightysilt_win64\shared\adobe\mediacore\mediafoundation\api\inc\keyframe event

    Thank you


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    Buy yourself an external USB DVD writer.

    I have this one.


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    In the Menu start, open the all programs, open accessories, right-click on command prompt and select "run as Administrator".  In at the prompt, type the following command and press ENTER.

    sfc/scannow                (Note that there is a space between sfc and /)

    Let the entire process, then the output type and press ENTER.  Restart the computer and see if it loads now the operating system normally.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Can anyone please suggest me how to change the project loading theme in captivate 6.

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    Future prospects for assistance.

    Thank you



    In Preferences > project > start and end options > Preloader, click on the Browse button and select the Default.swf preloader.

  • All of a sudden, the .mts files and some mp4s will not load project on one computer (still works great on the second computer)

    Worked on a project all week, no problem.  Had to restart the computer, project manager, now all files .mts say 'type of compression not supported', and some fine previously mp4s (made in After Effects) to display only green.  But it's not all mp4s, only some of them.  Through all the forums.  Do you have all the deactivation, reactivation, uninstalling, re-installing, etc..  The same problem.  Responsible for the project even upward on a laptop and it works fine.

    Nothing new has been installed.  Nothing has changed on the computer.  I rebooted, it so I could move to another office.  It worked very well at 09:55 this morning, and when I tried to reload the project after the restart at 10:20, it no longer works.

    Fortunately, my laptop slow can at least load and export the final of this project.  But I need my rear main system.

    Thanks in advance.

    Installs all the files in a NEW folder (not only renamed the current folder), can of the moment, and now they all work again!

  • AE crashes when loading project "occurred. invoking the plug-in"stabilizer Warp"effect Details.

    Start with my PC Info:

    pc info 1.jpg

    and a few details:

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    So I tied first Pro cs6 in after composition affects CS6. Last night, I was working on it, everything was fine, I exported a test copy and that worked, everything was great for the night and I saved and closed. Tried to re - open the project this morning in Premier Pro and it would not load, so I opened after affects and I get the following error messages. I am able to load other projects successfully, and I do not to move any assets after that I closed last night programs. I tried to restart and reload several times and I get the same error messages constantly. I sought advice for similar problems and found some possible solutions #1 'use capslock at the opening of the modernization project to delete. Then re - make the effects that are causing problems. I tried this and it doesn't seem to work, but I can't have done it correctly, I simply pressed caps lock shift and made sure it's on when I clicked on the project to load, however I got the same errors. #2 delete the cache for the project and the new rendering. I can't locate the files in cache for this project in the affects on the record, is this referring to the cache files in Premiere Pro? I admit I'm a little afraid to do...



    How would you recommend all that I proceed? I am entirely willing to add a link to files or do anything that needs to be done. I'm also curious of what happened... If I can avoid it in the future.

    The after effects CC (12,2) update corrects a cause of an accident involving the effect of auto contrast, auto levels effect and the related effects.

    Let us know how it works for you after installing the update.

  • How can I load project from side to side?

    Hi all, I have a problem, I am creating a website with a lot of image files and I can not have all the images in a single project because it takes to long to load the first Page in Adobe Edge animate Preloader allways willing be sure that all the images and all files are loaded, and then view the page and if I use all images in the project it always wants to load all the...!

    I have little knowledge of web design and I started my work with edge animate...

    Now the problem is I want to load another edge project in my project leading edge, I tried. load() jQuery but it does not work on the Edge html file, but it works on ordinary html files...

    Anyone know how I can do this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Here is a simple example of my concept:



    main-file, a file, file-two, three file and file-four are all distinct Edge animation files.

    I display a file file-two, file-three and four files inside the hand-file...

    I have this by associating the file using an iframe with this script:

    SYM. $("fileFour") .append ("');

    I put in place so that the files load automatically by adding the script to the actions of the scene using compositionReady...

    You could add the script so that it loads at the click of a button instead...

  • Before 4 opens and then crashes when loading project

    I realize that first Elements 4 is old, but I still love and use it for all my projects. Here's my problem: I've been running for 4 months on my new laptop for Win 7 HP 64 - bit, but only today it started to go bonkers. It opens fine, but when I open a project, it minimizes the window pre as soon as it loads. Even if I tried to re-opening the window, he refuses to return to full screen mode.

    I tried the Vista compatibility and even XP, which runs under administrator privileges, but nothing helped. It is the result of a virus or a newly installed program? I return to the edition...

    Thanks for the info.

    There is one thing I need to clarify-do you mean that you can no longer open a new project, one that is empty? If Yes, then you can skip the test below, well we could get back to that, if we can get before you open a new project.

    When you say "raw AVI files", these are DV - AVI, a special form of AVI? This ARTICLE will give you more information about the file formats.

    You mention Audio WMA files. As an AVI file, those can contain a lot of different things, but more on that in a moment.

    With Win7-64, 4 GB of RAM is all that Win7 should work, and leaving not a lot of excess for the programs.

    Now, the projects may become corrupt or unstable, because of many things. Active in a project can become a problem. Test a project for the 'bad' assets is to ensure that the pre is closed and then 'hide' the assets of pre. As the project file, of PREL, contains none of the assets, but only following absolute paths for these assets, it's farily simple. How they structured their active records can greatly simplify this task, or cause a bit of work. It sounds as if your project is pretty simple so far and should not be difficult to follow these steps to test:

    • With the pre is closed, go to or records, where the assets are located and move the folders elsewhere. Don't forget, the PREL uses absolute paths, so that this original path no longer apply. At this point, I also would separate active by type, say with video files in a folder 'Video', still Images in a folder "Images" and the Audio files in a folder "Audio". You'll see why in a moment.
    • Before starting, and then open the project problem.
    • We will be faced with a message dialog box, asking "where is file _? Since we moved these assets, we must help the PrE to find them. Simply navigate to the proposed folder, where the first asset. The display of the dialog box offers a Finder, but since you have moved things, you should have this info. Locate the first file, claiming before.
    • Once you find it, pre will do two things: make the connection again and then look in the folder for other assets, used in this project and also a link to them - pretty neat, huh?
    • Given that we have separated our assets by type, if the first type, say video, very well, that we can exclude those charges. If the project crashes here, we found at least one problem.
    • When meadow comes to the following assets, reappears on the screen of the dialog box, and we will do the same thing: find the file, claiming before, and again, pre will restore the link with it and this search for the active folder. If all goes well, we can probably exclude those assets as a problem.
    • He repeats until either the project managers, or until project accidents, or crashes. If this happens, we reduced things down to a single type of assets. That's why we separated - it's active troubleshooting much easier. Note: Titles are written in XML, in the PREL code, so nothing concrete there for them at this stage.

    Whatever you do, don't choose NOT save, and especially if you decide to Skip Media, or cancel. Only do a Save_As, so to NOT overwrite your original PREL. Never overwrite original PREL, if you are having problems.

    Please report it on this test. The project fails with a specific type? If Yes, what is this type of assets?

    If you have a certain asset of this type, you can redo the test, moving, say half of these goods again and rerun the test. If the project crashes with either the first half or the second, you are closer.

    Good luck


  • gray clip verticle lines when loading project


    I have a project shot on a Sony EX3. When I load the project, some of my deadlines have gray bar stripes slash across the clip and will not play. The film is about an internal hard drive. The problem affects some deadlines of the project.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you


    The gray hash marks means that your film has been disconnected. This seems to happen occasionally with assets based on files like those of the EX3 (it happens from time to time with my P2 MXFs). I think something gets tweaked during the indexing of the process media, and that you've found, a simple restart of the program usually brings them online. I blame gremlins.

  • Unable to load project after all Premiere CS4 update...

    First 4.0.0 works well with my project. After update 4.1 or higher, my project is no longer load. First Watch the loading of the indicator project, disappears after 100% and then freezes.

    Delete all cache directories does not solve the problem.

    The only thing that works is first 4.0.0 Re-installing.

    I played a bit and noticed that if I hide the video files of first before loading the project, the project will load and ask for the location of video files. I click Cancel and the project charge very well.

    It seems that what the update is somehow confusing first when loading my P2 video files.

    But as I said, all charges first 4.0.


    What happens if you import your CS4.0 in CS4.2? Which behaves differently?

    Good luck


  • Capital Cross load project


    Our customer want to use transverse load (through sobs) for an investment project. According to the transverse load metalink note is not allowed for capital projects.

    No work around using transverse load for an investment project

    Thanks in advance



    I suppose you want the project to take advantage of the assets on the owner OB body.
    Expenses incurred by the other OR do not generate assets for the provider, only internal revenue or cost recover.

    You can consider the invoicing facilities of project inter where the receiver is the capital project, while the other OR are in charge, a project of provider. The project provider will charge to the project.


  • Firefox slowing down to stop (for > 1.5 min) to load the site and freezes any Ubuntu 11.10, modern system.

    Hi guys,.

       I have been using Ubuntu 11.10 since it was beta with no problems.  I have been regularly updating everything, and keep a clean track with sudo apt-get autoremove and sudo apt-get clean.  Even with all updates, firefox was running completely fine until just last week.  If an update came out in the last month, that may be it.  My updates are up to the month at least.
       As soon as I open firefox, it pretends to load, before freezing (and turning gray).  At that point, my entire system hangs.  I have updated everything.  I have apt-get remove firefox'ed, apt-get autoremove/clean, then apt-get install firefox'd.  I have started in firefox -safe-mode with all options checked.  I have, of course, rebooted several times.  I have run firefox without, then after deleting every, add-on.  I have even searched for log files in .mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports, but found none (a bunch of tmp and extra files).  I've tried starting firefox under Ubuntu classic instead of Unity.  These are all my online searches have found.
       I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 on Intel i7-960 in an Intel DX58SO2 with 8gb mem, and EVGA superclocked pci-express video adapter.  nvidia is properly configured.  No other program at all hangs but firefox, which is why I'm here and not in the Ubuntu forums.
       Thank you for your help.

    I followed the advice of one of the posts
    here , to rename the folder .mozilla and it worked. I would like to add, however, that it's very embarrassing and all your custom settings and bookmarks and Favorites etc. will be wiped. I would like to know what causes this, and my satisfaction with firefox is declining.
    Still better than IE...

  • XP takes at least 5 min. to load. Help!

    XP takes like 5 minutes to load on my screen. Help!

    Hi murf205,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2 when was the last time it was working fine?

    3. do you have security software installed on the computer?

    It is possible that some third-party programs installed on the computer is causing the problem.

    I suggest that you put the computer in a clean boot state and check if it helps.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows XP by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    See the link below to learn more about how to clean boot.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Reset the computer to start as usual

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

    (a) click Start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.

    (b) If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password or click on continue.

    (c) under the general tab, click the Normal startup option, and then click OK.

    (d) when you are prompted to restart the computer, click on restart.

    How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC

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