Pencil of Apple has stopped working after a few days

OK, Apple (a wonderful device) pencil worked very well until I turned on the airplane on the iPad Pro mode. After turning off airplane mode pencil Apple has not re-couple to the iPad Pro. Thinking that the battery needs to be recharged, I attach to the iPad Pro lightening connector, but the pencil was not recognized what prompts the related message on the iPad Pro. I called apple and a number of tests have been carried out. Remote, a program has been run on the iPad Pro showing that its hardware components, including bluetooth work very well. Finally, apple recommended a complete reset of the iPad Pro to factory settings, which did not help. It seems that the problem is in the pencil of apple hardware. I wanted to share this experience because it might be useful to others, but also to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem and discovered alternative solutions.


You may need to take your Apple pencil in your Apple store and ask them to replace it, is its not not matching the iPad properly or the pencil of Apple is faulty and should be replaced. As long as there is no physical damage shown on the pencil (e.g. damage caused by a fall) so you should be able to get a free replacement from Apple. I hope this helps!

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    Allow all three services.


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    I have finally isolated the problem of my software lack of HP dv6 fingerprint reader. I think Norton Removal Tool, available online at, was the reason. I am sure this conclusion because the exact same problem occurred after I installed Norton Internet Security 2012 on laptop HP same as my wife. I tried, in vain, to uninstall and reinstall the driver for the biometric fingerprint device provided by Validity Sensors, Inc.

    After spending a day and a half to try to "solve" the problem, I decided to restore my system and go back to the prior agreement of the point of the installation of Norton. Thank you HP to make this process quick and painless. Don't forget that if you installed anything after the restore point, it will have to be reinstalled.

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    Please send help!


    It seems to be a problem with the application you have installed on your iphone. It would be best to contact Apple or the manufacturer of the application for assistance.

    Apple iphone Support:

    Hope the information is useful.

  • G72-a20EM screen has stopped working after updating the BIOS F.48.

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    Intel graphics card is not recognized.

    G72-a20EM screen has stopped working after updating the BIOS F.48.

    What can I do to fix that?

    Good news!

    I found the working version, and it is version F.08.

    Supposedly new version have different Active cables, and this is the reason why the screen is dark.

    So, case closed, everything is perfect.

  • My illustrator CS3 has stopped working after I updated my OS to Yosemite 10.10.5

    My illustrator CS3 has stopped working after I updated my OS to Yosemite 10.10.5, but my InDesign and Photoshop work very well. How can I get Illustrator to start working again?

    NOTE: I read a previous thread on the opening of the Java Control Panel in the system preferences (because I installed the new java my computer asked me for marketing immediately after in the new yosemite), but there is no icon Java not found. I installed this new java download more than once and still can not find it. Help!


    If the suggestion on possible recording by Larry fails, see this page

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    I just upgraded a fairly new computer of mine from Vista to Windows 7 Professional.  The upgarde went well however the AERO Peek stopped working after a few adjustments with HP to get my Photosmart printer to work.  I tried to make the show thumbnails of running programs to display in the taskbar with no luck.  Any suggestions?

    Hi Lisa52465,

    (Already responded to dadams26 in a separate thread and it fixed the problem beautifully).

    Have you tried to run the Aero Troubleshooter? If this is not the case, try this:

    1. open the control panel

    2. go in the system and security category

    3. go to the Center of the Action

    4. click on the link to solve common computer problems

    5. click on appearance and personalization

    6. Select Aero

    He must either correct the errors problem or the State to determine the cause.

    If the Aero Troubleshooter is not the thing, maybe it's just that the Aero feature has been disabled by the update. Try this:

    1. right click on the desktop

    2 select Customize

    3. Select an Aero theme

    4 see if previews back

    Just for the record, could you let us know if any of the suggested fixes works (and which). If you still have problems after trying the above, could you please come back with more details (if possible).

    > This answer help?  If so, would you please click the green button to Vote as helpful to help future visitors encounter the same problem.

    All the best,


    Sharon Roffey
    Queensland, Australia

  • The mouse stops working after a few minutes

    Original title: my USB mouse ch

    My mouse stops working after a few minutes. whenever I have uninstall and re - inserts into the usb port of the computer does not recognize it.what can I do?

    Hi Ann Juel,

    1. what happens when you connect the USB mouse to the computer? You get the error message?

    2. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    3. What is the brand and model of the mouse?

    4. What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    We will analyze and identify the cause of the problem.

    Method 1:

    You can connect the mouse to another computer and check. Also perform the methods provided.

    Also, try a different USB port and check.

    Method 2:

    Try to run the hardware troubleshooter and check what the problem is and fix it accordingly.

    Follow the link below a convenience store opened.

    Method 3:

    Check whether all settings in the mouse properties are correct or try to change the mouse settings and if it works.

    Change the settings of the mouse

    Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can help you.

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    A clean install, a reset of the browser, running in safe mode, uncheck hardware acceleration, disabling Extensions and plugins one at a time, uninstall my antivirus (avast), backward to 23.01 and audit version run in compatibility mode that someone claims to be helped. None of this has been effective.

    It seems that after a reboot of the computer, the browser will be ok for 2-4 closures and then it will start by the message at each end. In addition, after uninstalling avast was good for 6 closures. Roll back also gave me approximately 6 free message closures. But then, the messages and does not stop.

    Is there anything else I can try? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and same result.

    Device Manager says device works ok.

    May I ask what model phone you have and what system do you use?

    Probably, you need to delete stored fingerprints and after restarting again, you should try to register new fingerprints using the software update of fingerprints.

    Have you tried that?

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    Bluetooth worked well enough before I installed the Nokia PC Suite for my mobile on my PC (new version Web site).

    To be correct, as a first step, I even managed to maintain a connection between the PC and the Nokia Bluetooth and ran the synchronization of the contacts. I tried several times, but each time synchronization run ended with the message "PC couldn't get response from your Nokia.

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    Help, please

    I also use Toshiba Satellite, I use this [suite Nokia pc |] version

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