Peope get a message "cannot be played back. Close for the day' to our email. Why?

Once send us an email to someone, they get it and they send a response. Then they receive an e-mail from us with the subject: "cannot play". The text reads: "Shut down for the day." Then we receive an e-mail from the person, ask yourself if we got their email (which we did) and wonder why they got that email from us.


When people meet, they send the message directly to your address (company), or through an intermediary (for example, marketing services that lists the response to emailing campaigns)?

How many computers have incoming access to your mailbox? If you share with other users, try to have everyone log to see if the message can be sent by the server , rather than from one of your individual email clients.

You can reproduce the problem by sending a message from a personal e-mail account? That would let you inspect message headers and see if there is an IP address, identifying a particular computer as the source.

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