PERC H710 downloads?

Page drivers and downloads for my T320 doesn't seem to understand anything for the Perc H710 RAID controller I.  I searched Dell support site and did not find a relevant page.

Where can I find updated firmware to date and any other software that I might want to use to keep the controller to update?

Thank you



They are under SAS RAID.  Here is the firmware:

What OS?

Keep the OMSA (OpenManage Server Administrator) to update will inform you when the firmware/drivers are obsolete:

(Download and run to extract the files, and then run C:\Openmanage\windows\setup.exe, add yourservernameoripaddress:1311 to the Intranet Zone of IE).

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  • Reference DELL T420 - battery on PERC H710 adapter controller


    I received a yellow warning

    Reference DELL T420 'Battery on PERC H710 adapter controller'

    What it means?

    What should I do?

    Order the new battery?

    It is a simple replacement mission?

    Is it essential?


    test URL

    Have nothing, everything seems fine now...

    Thank you

    It is normal so he can make a full discharge of the battery as part of his learning cycle every 90 days. Make sure that this isn't that. If this isn't the case, the reason, give it 24 hours. If it is fully charged, update the system (including RAID firmware, driver first) firmware. If not fully charged yet or it reproduces quickly, then replace the battery - power down to replace.

  • R320 substituting PERC S110 for a PERC H710 - without loss of data

    I think of his replacement (added?) a H710 PERC our R320.  The vehicle currently has a S110 (software raid controller?).

    Play safe I'll have a complete bare metal backup.

    Is it possible to add a PERC H710 with my original two disks in RAID 1 and do not go through a complete reinstallation or backup recovery?

    It would make life so less irritating...

    Thanks in advance!


    Chris H.

    Hi cmhippy, yes you certainly would need back up you data, it is not possible to transfer RAID configurations of a software to a hardware RAID controller RAID controller.

  • Cable for T320 8x3.5 to Perc H710

    I have a T320 with backplane replaceable 8x3.5 SAS drives hot. I ordered a Perc H710 (p/n 342-4203) to replace the H310. The SAS cable has the wrong connectors for the H710.

    I chatted with Dell this morning and they told me that I needed the manufacturer Dell cy7n1. I ordered this. However, after ordering, I searched online and the images seem to show a cable with only one connector at each end.

    What is the correct cable I need?

    Thank you.


    CY7N1 is a cable to connect to a backplane 4HDD. Background cable basket of 8HDD is DJXF7.

    Thank you

  • PERC H710 options

    Just got a PowerEdge T320 with controller Perc H710. There are a few configuration options undocumented in the help manual, or online. Cannot find anything on the web as well. It is "set the speed of the link to G3" and "Disk Cache". What are doing? And how to configure them, taking into account that the server will run Windows server 2008 R2?


    Probably best to leave 'Disk Cache' disabled... the controller uses a battery backup cache, so if the system loses power, the unwritten data is kept in the cache.  Disk cache HARD disc has NO protection, so if the power is lost on the server, data not written to the disk cache will be lost, causing corruption.  This should be used if you have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that the system never loses power (or the integrity of the data is not critical).

    I can't that guess the 'Set Link Speed to G3' might actually be 3G, which means she restricted protocols of flow to 3 Gbps (SATA II/SAS I) instead of the 6 GB/s (SATA III/SAS II) that he is capable of.  If you use the appropriate drives (SAS or enterprise SATA II/III), there should not be any reason to enable this, because it's probably a compatibility setting for SATA I / II of readers whose speed cannot be used correctly with the controller, but if you use decent readers, that shouldn't be a problem.

  • Disabled option to create new VD - PERC H710

    I have 5 x 1 TB SATA RAID-5, works very well. My goal is to add new SAS drive 2 x 3 TB RAID-0 having.

    Two issues I found.

    1 - new record added shown State as foreign menu PD Mgmt.

    2 - the 'Create new VD' option is disabled or grayed out. Why?.

    Thank you.

    -Type of server Dell PowerEdge R720


    1. the foreign configuration must first be deleted. VD MGMT, F2, foreign, clear.

    2. create is disabled because the disks are foreign and not available for use.

  • Divide a virtual disk in two virtual disks PERC H710

    Hello guys,.

    -We have a server PowerEdge R720 with a PERC H710 Mini storage controller which has 8 drives 1 TB each of them.

    -We have created a virtual disc, which includes 8 physical disks configured in Raid 5.

    -We have installed Windows 2008 Server R2 and we got 4469 GB no allocated space that we cannot use due to the limitation of the disks of the Basic.

    What we really want to do is reclaim the unallocated space of the existing virtual drive and put it in a new one, so that we keep 3 disks for the virtual disk 0 and we use the 5 others for the new virtual disk 1.

    -Is that possible without destroying the data we have?

    -Help please!

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad English :(

    Unfortunately, there is no way to do it without restarting.

    Option 1

    What you have described, you could divide drives upward into distinct from VD, leaving a 2 TB or smaller for the operating system.  It will cost you a value of an extra disk to disk space (VD0 RAID 5 = 2 TB, VD1 RAID 5 = 4 TB).

    Option 2

    You can create "slices" on the disks - you still all 8 disks in a disk group, but you would cut a smaller VD for the OS, and then the rest of the disc space can be a VD for data (each VD will appear as a "separate" disk in Windows, so the second VFD can be converted to GPT and be as big as you want While the first VFD remains an MBR disk to boot into the operating system in BIOS mode.  This will give you return a value from an extra disk to disk space over Option 1 (VD0 RAID 5 = 100 GB, RAID 5 = 6.9 to VD1).

    Option 3

    You can switch mode UEFI, create a VD with all 8 disks (as you did), convert the GPT disk, then install.  UEFI is necessary at the start of the GPT disks and GPT is required for disks larger than 2 TB.  It would also keep 7 TB of usable disk space.

    You can also consider a RAID 6, if you can accept the value of another drive 1 TB of disk space.  Since a reconstruction of the drive may take 1 to 2 days or more, a RAID 6 would provide better tolerance to failures and protection during the vulnerable period that the disc is out of line or reconstruction.

  • PowerEdge R720 and PERC H710

    For the life of me, I can't the controller to detect the physical disks. These are Dell brand discs. Any specific ideas of the BIOS settings, maybe I need to change?

    The box has been initially implemented RAID 10 on the S110 raid, but I removed that and tried with the software raid times off and on and still no luck.

    Don't see anything that would indicate a firmware issue, but:

    H710 PERC v21.0.2 - 0001

    BIOS v1.2.6

    Thank you!

    If you have not changed the cable then this is the problem. The willing S110 to a different connector than the PERC.

    In the diagram #24 is the S110 connector you are currently using. #22 is the PERC connector, you need to use now. Here are the part numbers for the cable:

    If you have the 2.5 "HDD backplane - MJCP4

    If you have the 3.5 "HDD backplane - MX3P7

  • PowerEdge R320 - S110 PERC upgrade to PERC H710

    I installed a H710 PERC integrated in my R320, which originally shipped with the S110 PERC.  The controller recognizes the 2nd virtual disk, but not the first, which is the boot drive.  It just shows that the 2 discs unconfigured.  Both work very well when I plug the cable into the S110.  What Miss me?

    Thank you



    Between the S110 and H710 RAID migration is not supported. You will need create new virtual disks on the H710.

    Thank you

  • read S.M.A.R.T. in PERC H710 Mini disc?


    I have a few servers Dell R520 (all running Win 2012 64 bit) with the H710 Mini Raid PERC controllers inside.

    Is it possible to access/view S.M.A.R.T. attributes of their hard drives? Dell OpenManage Server Administrator can only tell info like "physical disk is OK" or "physical disk is Non-critical," which is not much. I want to see more details. I use on older machines Dell Crystal Info disc, but the R520, is not to see all readers (and other similar utilities, I tried were also blind).

    (OMSA is version 7.4.0 and hard drives have SMART)

    Any tips?

    Thank you


    We will be happy to advise.  The S.M.A.R.T error can be found on the BIOS OF THE controller on POST via CTRL-R. It is under the column PD Mgmt for physical disks.  Highlight each drive and see the right side of the screen for information about the number of errors. However, that's all he says.

    It is recommended to use the OMSA software to export the detailed log. The log file will be in the form of a text file and can be exported from the configuration options of the controller-level information. You can check the newspaper for "BADLBA" (bad logical addresses) or other sense key errors.

    Otherwise, the software will be asked the failed drive arriving at a certain limit of non correctable errors in which the player will then be marked as PREDICTIVE don't allow you replace before switching to offline mode, causing a degraded VD.

    Finally, it is built in the diagnosis of the USC F10.  Although it will not display the errors detailed by car, you can run the hard drive test accordingly for the General failure analysis.

  • Status of BRANCH Perc H710

    Hi, I recently bought a new Dell R720 server with a mounted H710 perc card. I only have the option to cache of 512 MB so I was pleasantly surprised when I inserted an SSD that gave me the possibility to activate CacheCade use it.

    This seemed to work (that I could see the records you view were written on the cache drive that they have been used - checked by pulling) despite the fact that the docs say that the 1 GB cards are supported, but I'm not complaining... In any case, I use a certain SSD in this box I wondered if BRANCH is now enabled by default.

    I have configured the raid array using the SSD to be "no readahead" and "write through" according to instructions, but was wondering if there was a tool that I could use to query if BRANCH is actually activated / be used. Otherwise I will put the settings back to "rewrite".

    Thank you


    The documentation reflects the new H710 series;  It supports CacheCade.

    Does that answer your iquiry?

    Kind regards

  • PERC H710 - How many discs can it connect to?

    We spec'ing a Dell r.620.  It can be configured for 10 discs internal 2.5 ", but the"help me choose"on controllers implies that the H710 connectors have a maximum of 2 x 4 = 8 discs.

    There are connectors for the H710 that allow only one control card (RAID) 10 records?

    Thank you.

    It includes material from the Expander/backplane necessary to connect all readers.  The H710 supports up to 32 disks.

  • Dell PowerEdgh R420 and PERC H710 mini RAID setup


    I'm a little new to the RAID configuration.

    I have 4 hard drives SATA, 2 1 TB HARD drive and 2 2 TB HARD drive. I just want my 1 TB on a RAID 1.

    When I did, I couldn't find the 2 x 2 TB of HARD drive.

    Is it possible to access the other 2 HARD disk when they are connected to a controller?

    I think I understand what you're getting now.  You are unwilling to LOOT the other two drives of 2 TB. So, what you see is correct. The operating system will not show other readers because they must be configured in RAID if they are logged as such.  You will need to create them individually as long as two separate RAID 0 VD.

    Then you will see the BIOS RAID PERC of the VD 3 total.

    VD0 - OS RAID1 (disks 0 & 1)
    VD1-RAID 0 (disk 2)
    Vd2-RAID 0 (disk 3)

    In Windows disk management, you also them as 3 separate logical drives that you can work with.

  • Upgrade the R720 PERC H710

    We have a 8 bays 3.5 "R720 with S110 base and want to switch to a H710.  It seems that we should get the mini monolithic version of the controller?  What is the part number for the appropriate controller?

    Also, I guess also the MX3P7 cable to go with the upgrade, is that correct?

    Thank you!


    Here is the CODE for the H710 controller: 342-3534

    The cable is correct:


    Assembly of cable to chassis of 3.5 "(motherboard to the backplane

    Kind regards

  • H710 PERC (PowerEdge R820) firmware update

    Hello world

    I have a new server PowerEdge R820 and I'm not able to update the firmware of PERC H710 (21.1.0 - 0007, A03) to the latest version 21.2.0 - 0007, A04.

    I tried with a key USB bootable with the files BACK to the inside, but just update software says no: "no controller detected."

    The server is online since 2 weeks now, so there is no current RAID rebuild and I tried also with PERC H810 firmware, no luck.

    Any advice? Thank you


    If the system has access to the internet, reboot the system, press F10 when you are prompted to enter in the life cycle of the controller, then once its there, select Firmware update, exit FTP selected server and proceed from there, its quite intuitive. One of the choices will be updated the H710 controller.

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