Performance issues HTML Article in the Adobe Viewer on iPad

I created an HTML Article using DPS, but when I get to post it on the Adobe in iPad viewer content does not scroll smoothly and the content is cut and cropped (the entire page is not displayed), it is very judery and struggles to make the HTML below "the fold" so to speak.

I tried two import HTML options in DPS and both have the same isuues of performance/gal.

I have a video in my HTML code, which seemed to be causing a problem where the video streaming was struggling to be pulled through, so I have treid YouTube and Vimeo video streaming and performance/display problem is not resolved. I then tried embbeding a mp4 directly using HTML5 to see if it was a connection/band bandwidth issue and the problem persists. However the videos play, it's just the fact that the container is cropped in half.

Sometimes the HTML item makes it, but then when you scan save the page he struggles to render the above content? Also, then when drag you to the bottom of the page content is also cultivated that was visible before?

I went through every discussion available on the Adobe community and other resources, but all of the mentioned patches have no effect.

If anyone can help or knows the same problems any advise would be welcome.

Article HTML contains some JS too, it is not working properly, but I was wondering if JS causes problems? Just a thought.

Well, I think I can find the answer so I thought I would share with the community incase anyone who knows the same type of questions.

After testing another piece of HTML that also included the video in streaming and JavaScript heavy, I have narrowed the question to my JS. I had two Nivo Slider carousels which were the road to performance issues.

The other test HTML Article scrolls smoothly and video shoots as expected, although from time to time there is a slight delay in the page to scroll up and down, but it's barely noticeable.

I hope it can be useful to others in the future?

Tags: Digital Publishing Suite

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    New users have not verified their new Adobe ID? Tell them to use these IDS to connect to If they receive an e-mail message from Adobe, they should click on the link to check.

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    We believe that we have a bug and we're working on a fix.  Sorry for the inconvienience.

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    You can ask your client to create an Adobe ID and then you can share your specific work / folio with identifier Adobe in this way you should not share your Adobe ID and password with the customer and the customer must also do not share their password / other details with you. The best part is when you make changes to your folio user shared automatically get this change. The user just has to take the update.

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    Hyperlinks open in the in-app browser, which will not work. Try to create a button, not a hyperlink. In the overlays Panel, set the button to view it in an external browser. See if it works.

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    It is a known problem in the current version of the content viewer. It will be discussed with an update next week.


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    What is a folio unique orientation? If so, name the index_h.html of index.html file for horizontal or vertical index_v.html.

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    After you have created the folio, select and open the cover of folio builder

    menu. Choose properties of folio and fill in all the information and

    Download cover images.


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    It is a known issue with the content viewer Adobe v25. It will be fixed in the v26 content viewer.


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    I am creating an app in indesign, I set the document in folio Builder and then view it on my iphone via Adobe Viewer.  The text I typed directly in indesign appears pixelated, as well as anything else, that I placed from photoshop.  In Indesign, I have undergone high quality display, took all the layers except the text layer, even saved the image in photoshop to PDF text and always placed in indesign, pixelated.

    Help please.

    What folio format you used in Panel of Folio Builder? What version of folio you used in Panel of Folio Builder? Make sure that the folio version is 25 or later version and PDF format for best results.

    What folio size you did it? If you read on an iPhone 4 or 5 make sure your folio size is the size in pixels to the right of the screen high resolution (960 x 640, given that we don't support iPhone 5 directly yet).


  • See only the first article in the content viewer

    On the desktop, I can get an overview of the article. On, I see the article too.  but in the content viewer I only get the first and cannot navigate the article or get an overview.
    is there anything I need to do?

    Looks like your folio has been only partially downloaded to the viewer of content. With the new Viewer, you can begin to consult the folio while the folio downloads yet.

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