permanent deletion of the E-mail of Mail app

When deleting emails they reappear - they won't go away, and it's very annoying!

But when I go to Hotmail via the Internet these deleted e-mail can't be - it's just on the app



-Don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

Follow these methods.

Method 1.

Step 1: Download and run this utility App modern user interface and check.
Click on this link and run this utility App UI modern

Step 2: Please click on this link and follow the steps in it.

What to do if you have problems with a soft:

Method 2.

We can refer to this article and check if that helps.

Application of mail for Windows: FAQ:

Response with the State of the question and we will be happy to offer you our help.

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  • Why when I open my email on another computer for example, in Outlook Express or the site of Telstra all my e-mail messages get deleted from the full mail?

    When I opened my email on another computer for example, in Outlook Express or on the Telstra site do all my emails in my inbox deleted completely from complete Mail. This happens with two email addresses different set up on two different computers. I wish that my e-mail messages to stay in complete Mail unless it is deleted from there. Thank you

    Your question is not clear. Is this something that happens, or something you're worried might happen?

    Whatever it is, the answer depends on what you do and how your email clients are set up.

    If you use POP in Outlook Express (really? "It's a very old program!) so he can delete messages from the server. You should be able to leave messages on the server, or you can switch using IMAP.

    Just looking for messages in your Web browser will not erase all messages, but if you delete a message there, again whether or not it is also deleted on any of your computers depends on whether these computers using POP or IMAP.

    I am aware that I have you confused probably further.

    My preference, as I want to be able to work with my email on multiple devices different, is that you use IMAP only, but others can, for various reasons, choose to use pop. There is no good or evil, what suits you best, but in both cases, we must understand a little the operation of the service.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB9800 Auto delete of the electronic mail box

    My camera is now delete e-mail in my Inbox soon as I read them, that is to say less than one hour or less.  Have I changed inadvertently a few settings to cause this?   The e-mail is still visible on my desktop but deleted from your handheld.  Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    johnfss wrote:

    My camera is now delete e-mail in my Inbox soon as I read them, that is to say less than one hour or less.  Have I changed inadvertently a few settings to cause this?   The e-mail is still visible on my desktop but deleted from your handheld.  Any help is appreciated.

    Hello Johnfss

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    In the settings of your device please check first if option keep Message has the Maximum value or forever. For help, see this Knowledge Base article:

    KB13093   : How to use message keep on the BlackBerry Smartphone options 

    If it is already set to Maximum, then most likely your device suffers from some memory. If our device suffer little memory so it will remove our message.

    KB14213   : The call logs, SMS text messages and emails are deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone 

    So, start by checking these things.

  • Should not delete a response or a new message in the confirmation Mail app prompt?

    I've been bitten twice, losing a response that I wrote on my RT Surface because I assume that my right thumb hitting the delete button in the upper right corner instead of the Send button.  On, if you tap on Delete on a reply or new message, ask you if you want to clear or save a draft.  It seems that the Mail app should do it as well.  The indication only subtle that you get that mail has not been sent, but in fact deleted, is that the message comes alive to the bottom of the screen instead of to the top.  Of course, even if you notice is removed you have no recourse. The response/new message has disappeared. Does not even appear in your deleted folder.  This should really be fixed.

    Hi Keith,

    Visit this link, the technical support engineer: Winston M response it has helped me.


  • Cannot send/receive mail in the Windows Mail app on my laptop only

    I can't send or receive emails in Windows 8 on my laptop as he repeats to me in the upper right: "'* address email is removed from the privacy * is not available" (where xxx is my name). " I also have the Hotmail app on my iPhone and Android phone and they both signed and receive mail fine. I can even use my SkyDrive app very well on my laptop. Only the mail is affected.

    I rebooted to see if something had to be refreshed, but it made no difference. Anyone has an idea why this error and the inability to send/receive mail my mail?


    Thank you very much for answering. I managed to settle the question, not that I know what it is. This is the only laptop among the many features that I sync with mail I ended up going in the settings of the Mail application, off 'Synch Mail' and then I went back in the settings and turned on Synch Mail.

    Email stuck in my Outbox sent immediately and new messages have arrived. FIX :-)

    Some people do not like the Windows Mail application (it may not meet their most demanding needs), but I like it. I rarely use my MS Outlook more as it seems very small and crowded, by comparison. I love getting the full screen on my laptop to see what I just want to see, without toolbars and taskbars fly screen real estate.

    Sorry for the rant and thanks again for the reply.

    Best regards

  • When I try to share photos by e-mail the share menu shows the outlook extension selected, but it cannot be selected and is frozen. How can I unlock it if I can share photos by e-mail. amendment to the same mail app using OSX 10.11.3.

    When I try to share photos by e-mail I get the menu extensions and share Outlook Menu is shown with a checkmark - Outlook is my fault, but it cannot be selected. IE frozen.  How can I unlock to use? I deselected by default and tried to Mail Outlook instead. It shows the same way.


    Outlook is not supported by photo - use Apple Mail


  • How do you get the e-mail links to use outlook instead of the windows mail app?

    I have Outlook (part of office 365) and Windows 8 - but when I click on any 'email' link it uses windows Messaging. In older versions, it would bring the outlook dialog.  Is it possible to change this?

    Because you have Outlook, I suppose you want to do all the stuff "e-mail associated" with Outlook.  If so:

    • Go to the start screen
    • Start typing "Default programs" without the quotes
    • Select "Default programs" when it comes to the top
    • Select "Set your default programs"
    • Search for "Outlook (office computer)" in the list on the left
    • Select "Set this program as default"

    If for some reason the last step does not work, you can try to replace this step with these:

    • Select "Choose default program"
    • Place a check next to "MAILTO URL: mailto" and save it
  • How to invoke the default mail app in BlackBerry

    Hi all

    Is it possible to invoke the default BB from code messaging application? In my application, I just need to invoke the email application when you click on a button. Please help me.

    Thank you much in advance.

    This should help:

  • BlackBerry Q5 permanently delete messages from Pocket and the server

    I have a smartphone BlackBerry Q5 for work.  I want to know how it is possible to remove messages from your handheld, so that they may never be seen again.  I have removed from my Inbox on my PC at work, deleted my box deleted on my PC at work and then purged my deleted emails while they are supposed to be deleted on the server forever.  Yet, if I do a search on my handheld for the said emails, although nothing comes originally, if I click on the remote at the bottom of the page search opition, mails very I want permanently deleted all the records now appear and even when I enter them and click on delete, they're not going anywhere.

    I absolutely need their party for good if nobody knows what can be done?  In addition, e-mails can be recalled all have a red no signs of entry next to them and I don't know what that means.  Any help to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Moochman wrote:

    We have removed from my BB email account and then reset upward a new - emails are still there.  We tried to synchronize the deleted folder again and again and restart the phone but it does not work either.

    And tells me ^^ again once there is a mail server problem, not a matter of BlackBerry.

    The Q5 and all models of BlackBerry10 OS do not store or save send ON the device, they synchronize the email from the server. So if remove you account and the account again on the installation media, and the same e-mail synchronized to your handheld... where do you think they are synchronization from?

    Your server.

    This is where you need to get support.

  • Mail App windows 8

    where can I find the windows mail app 8, in the app store? I need to uninstall and reinstall, trying to solve the problems with the deletion of messages... but I can't seem to find it?

    Take a look at why I can't find an app in the store? to see some of the usual problems. Also remember that you need the 8.1 update.

  • How restore/recover permanently deleted yahoo email folders?

    I need help to recover or restore files permanently deleted in my yahoo mail there is little time.

    I accidentally and stupidly removed their thinking I need is no longer their cause I switched to a new e-mail software.

    Anyway... I had created these folders and I would like to get back them as soon as possible!

    I've already filled a form of mail recovery and sent him supportive care or customer of yahoo. There were I think folders 6 or more.

    I'm really freaked out on this subject and I want these folders back!

    Can someone help me? What should I do?



    We have even less control that you do on Yahoo mail...  You need to contact them

  • Windows 8 Mail App does not send email, rather to move emails to Outbox

    I used the Windows Mail app on my laptop since I bought it in December without any problem.  Yesterday, she stopped mail and is now place these emails in my Outbox when they remain.  After what happened that I correctly sent email from the same account via my phone, iPad and connecting to Yahoo Mail using Internet Explorer.  I contacted the Office response twice and each time they have suggested that there is a problem of Yahoo.  Can someone please provide some assistance?  Thank you!

    Hi Susan,.

    This problem may occur if the application is not configured correctly, the application settings are incorrect or if the application is not updated. Let's try these methods to solve the problem.

    Method 1:

    Let's first run the troubleshooter app and check if it helps.

    Solving the problems of the app

    If the problem persists, I suggest you try the procedure described in the article and see if it helps.

    Solving problems with a soft

    Method 2: Follow these steps to delete an email that is stuck in the Outbox of the application Mail in Windows 8

    1. Disable your network interfaces (Windows key + W, type "view network connections" and then press ENTER, do a right click and disable your network connection)
    2. Open the Mail app and go to the Outbox
    3. He is now a trash icon in the upper right corner for each piece of mail stuck!
    4. Don't forget to reactivate your connections

    Another option is also:

    1. Go to your desktop
    2. Right-click on your network wireless in the system tray
    3. Go to open network and sharing Center
    4. Go to view network connections (left)
    5. Turn off, then follow step 2 above

    See the article for more information.

    Messaging app for Windows

    I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.



    There's this question for your Windows 7 system?

    You can clear the history stored in Firefox by following the steps in this article to support: remove the navigation, search and download history on Firefox.

    Also, for future use, writing in capital LETTERS on the forums is considered as shouting. Please don't Boo volunteers.

  • Recycle bin stores files deleted to the E: drive and E: drive not no projection in recycle bin properties

    Recycle bin stores files deleted to the E: drive and E: drive not no projection in recycle bin properties when I right click on properties of recycle bin

    Hi pushprajchauhan,

    E: drive an external drive?

    If the E: drive is an external hard drive, it will not appear in the Recycle Bin properties.

    If you delete all the files from the external hard drive, it won't be in the trash. The files will be get permanently deleted from the external drive.

    Hope the helps of information.

    Please post back and we do know.

  • In outlook Express 6.0, my messages are permanently deleted everytime I open a session. How can I fix it?

    My messages are permanently deleted whenever I logon to Outlook Express 6.0.  This just started happening outside or blue.  Normally, read the messages remain in my Inbox until I have delete and then they go to the deleted items folder.    Now read the messages are permanently deleted at the opening.

    They are not deleted. View | Current view. Check: show all Messages. You don't want to Hide the Messages checked.

Maybe you are looking for

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