PersistentObject and problem SendListener

I recorded a SendListener in order to intercept outgoing e-mail. When my manager is called I want to access my application stored in PersistentObject settings to determine what I should do in my manager of sendMessage.

The problem is that I can't access any information contained in my application. I suspect that it is because my manager sendMessage runs in the context of the mail application.

Should which design I follow to access my store persistent since a manager like this?

Thank you



I must admit, I have not really tested recently myself, but as far as I know, you should be able to access your persistent objects - assuming that you are running by using your own code and persistent objects classes, the framework should not matter.

Can you describe the problem when you try to access the information?  If your objects seem to be "null" then I guess you use static references.  static variables are specific to a context, then your listener will see different static variables for your application.

The reason why I've not tested this recently is that the normal practice for Auditors is change in context of your Application, and the usual approach is via a GlobalEvent

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    1. go to

    2. go in the "Member Center". (This is not an option that I see...)

    3. go in "Certificates, identifiers & profiles." (Went straight to this...)

    4 Select "Devices" on the left navigation. (nowhere to be found... and am stuck here...)

    .... 5. click on the sign "+" to add a device.

    .... 6. enter a name for the device and the UDID.

    .... 7. at the bottom of the page, select continue when you are finished.

    .... 8. at the bottom of the page, choose "Save" to save the new device. Repeat these steps to add up to 100 devices on a regular account.

    These steps seem easy enough, but I continue to find myself in a position that some things I should do just are not there... like the devices section not found in the center of development Member?

    Help or direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

    Have you ever this resolved? I'm having the same problem.

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    The problems started when my computer goes into hibernation mode and when I press the power button to launch once again, it remains frozen.
    I then press the switch to turn on it works again.
    Option just to start normally or in safe mode.
    Either way comp freezes in the middle of loading and I must push the switch down to the Tower model

    Then the new restart msg saying there is a problem in the start menu and asks me if I want to solve the problem
    I click Yes and a number of things have happened several times:
    (1) computer sets and loads normally
    (2) computer says he can not solve the problem and continues to load correctly
    (3) the computer freezes in the middle of loading or during the process of setting
    (4) computer sets and restarts but crashes in the middle of reloading

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    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    Thanks for the clarification!

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