Phone 6 more low speaker volume


I can barely hear an opponent during phone calls. (No speaker, but as before, close to the front camera).

I have to move to the speaker every time.

Yes, the volume of durin, a call is @ maximum. (See screenshot).

Maybe it are other software wanted to say that the lower volume that I'm not aware of? I don't want to think that this is a prob. material... = (())

Just to cover all the bases... you take off the film on the front of the phone, did you? It covers the helmet speaker.

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  • Very low speaking volume - Dell Inspiron

    Hello, I bought 2 notebooks of Dell Inspiron 3542 in January

    The internal speaker on each volume is very low as a whisper, even at 100%.

    The drivers are up to date.

    Looking for ideas on how to increase the volume.

    Thank you very much.

    Dear Sujatha, k.

    Thank you very much for your suggestions continue, but I spent hours to set up two laptops in the way that I need them and hours more, to try to resolve the issue of the speaker, namely extremely low volume even in the setting of 100 percent.  I don't want to just go back to factory default, or risk losing data or settings to devote more time to it.  Unfortunately, I'll live with the present situation.  I really appreciate any suggestions.  I conclude that it is a design problem.  Larry

  • Satellite A100 - very low speaker volume


    Recently, the volume of my speaker has been very low - barely audible.
    The speakers are Realtek High definition.

    The volume is set at 100%. I checked the properties of reading, recording and sounds and they all work very well.
    The problem occurs if I play CDs, videos online or applications such as RealPlayer - anything really.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you



    I guess you are which means that the sound card (it s Realtek High definition) and not speakers ;)
    However, have you checked the settings in the control panel-> Manager Realtek HD?

    Do it! There are a lot of different parameters that control the quality of the sound and there you can assign different audio effects

    I think you should check this certainly!

  • Unnecessarily low speaker volume. SmartAudio HD is not working correctly

    I have a lot of disappointments with my Thinkpad Edge 13, but most troubling is the extremely low volume and the inability to increase it.  The Unit came with a software called Conexant SmartAudio, and this software provides, among its features, an equalizer.  There the equalizer presets and those that have an effect on the sound, but there is an option of custom Equalizer setting and it does not work.  This software "lies" between the Windows audio drivers and audio amplifier.  It must be to think that if I maximize all Equalizer bands then the overall volume should however not only the volume overall does not, as does the only effect I can detect to simultaneously increase all bands it that high frequencies are becoming silent.   I looked around the internet for an update of this Conexant software but no luck, I have also been unable to find a replacement.  When I listen to audio from a video which is reproduced with a player such as Winamp, I have not hurt because Winamp comes with an equalizer (which has also a global gain adjustment), but when I watch videos through the socket of my browser (YouTube for example) sound through one media player is not an option , and the equalizer SmartAudio is useless.

    Any suggestions

    Thank you

  • Satellite L735-11W - low speaker volume

    Hello world

    As you can see my first post so please treat me gently & if this problem has already been covered please tell me the solution.

    The audio output is on headphones or external speakers powered by the Jack but try as I might I can't get adequate volume of the internal speakers. It is barely audible, so can not believe correct.

    Should I try loading the driver of sound card on the net & reloading?

    Thank you very much TChip


    The sound card driver has nothing to do with the volume level.
    The sound comes from the speakers so it s driver not issue.
    I m wondering why you thinking that it s a laptop problem

    The sound depends on the laptop speakers each series Mobile supports various stakeholders that the L735 seems to be equipped with common standard stereo speakers so don t too wait

  • Low speaker volume. Can't hear anything. A lot of echo. External speakers work fine

    HP Pavilion dv6 - 6155ca

    Windows 7-64 bit


    You have a few options as I see it.

    Go into Device Manager and uninstall the sound driver and restart and unit automatically installs the driver.

    Try to run the system restore to the date where the unit was working fine.

    Try to update the driver from for Audio & Bios site.

  • iPhone 6 s the ear speaker volume is low

    iPhone 6 s the ear speaker volume is low, I turned the volume all the way to the top and there is still no improvement and the volume of the phone's normal when on a call by speaker and earpods. Problem volume level is only known when using the earphone.


    Follow the steps here:

    If you do not hear a person on an appeal or a voice message or if the sound is not clear on your iPhone - Apple Support

  • Acer Liquid Zest 4 G more low volume too loud


    I just got the Acer Liquid Zest 4 G. I think it's a pretty awesome phone, except one thing. The smaller volume of media is still much too strong for me. For example, making it impossible for me to watch a video in the night without waking up everyone in the House.

    I tried to lower the volume with the 'Thin Volume Controll V2' app. That works a little, I'm able to lower the media far (the default lowest setting media volume I can adjust with my volume buttons is 49% according to this app.). But I can't change the volume a bit when I'm in the middle of the video without opening this app together again.

    Is there a way I can adjust the volume of minium I can change too with the volume buttons? Or any chance Acer goes to get out an update will fix this?

    I changed the values, so I'm not naked by default. But playing a mp3 and set values is for you the best.

  • The speaker volume in the computer sound control mixer is up and works well with the speakers, but with headphones, I can hardly hear.

    Original title: the headphone volume

    How can I activate the volume for headphones? the speaker volume in the computer sound control mixer is up and works well with the speakers, but with the headdphones that I can barely hear

    1. who is the operating system installed on the computer?
    2. What is the brand and model of headphones?
    3A this works much earlier?
    4. What is the brand and model of the sound card?
    5. have you ever tried to play the Audio using different media player applications and check?
    6. have you tried to connect the headset to another computer or phone and check if it works well?
    I suggest you follow these methods and check.
    Method 1: Run the audio troubleshooter.
    Method 2: Set the earpiece/microphone as default device and check.
    a. right click on the volume icon in the system tray at the right corner on the desktop.
    b. Select the playback device, go to torecording tab.
    c. make a right click and headphone/microphone as the default device.
    d. click on apply and ok.
    If above steps fails, proceed to method 3.
    Method 3: I suggest to disable the improvements and check.
    a. right-click on the icon "speaker" at the bottom right of the screen.
    b. Select "playback devices".
    c. right-click on the helmet.
    d. Select Properties
    e. click improvements
    f. check Disable all improvements
    g. click OK
    You can read this article for more information:
    Tips for solving common audio problems

    You can also contact the manufacturer of headphones and check.
    I hope this helps!
  • Spilled Coke, not too loud low speaker

    As the title suggests, I spilled coke all over my phone. The phone screen still works, but I noticed that the low speaker is much milder than the speaker at the top of the page. I know the imbalance in volume is not because of the lollipop bc update, I tried the phone thing with the bridge repair to Mac app on my computer, and the problem persists.

    Is this a hardware problem? I noticed many others have the similar problem. Only I don't spill water. The last time I spilled water, the speakers a bit soft, but as the phone dried speakers returned to normal.

    As coke has ingredients other than water, it might take others to dry up. Maybe you can wash with water, because there is little sugar or other stuff on the speakers.

  • How to lower the volume of the ringtone to start?

    Hello... How to lower the volume of the chime start? I can't seem to find out where to do or to go through the external speakers. I only power a market twice a week or more, and when I do it's really sooner or later really and I of the wake up everyone in the House when I

    Thank you

    To be honest, not sure you can.  To be honest, the only things I can think to do for you is to lower or turn off the sound.

    Also, see the links "more like this" at the bottom left of this page for possible solutions.

    EDIT:  In case you see more Like This:

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  • does not not all his sound and the device very bad speaker volume if not possible you help thank you

    Send OR you notice once more and I look forward to you helps maybe not possible with this problem-not working not not everyone - his device speaker volume and sound. Thank you



    ·         Have you tried the steps provided by Rob.C in this thread?

    ·         You receive an error message or error code?

    Please, try the steps indicated by the Rob.C of your previous thread and I would also ask you do not to create duplicate threads. This will not help you to get the instant solution to the issue that you are facing.

    Let us know the results so that we offer in addition to the steps to solve the problem of troubleshooting.

  • win xp speaker volume

    Hi in my win xp speaker volume is too low I treid a lot, but it is not working help me.

    Download the latest drivers for your audio device and install them.

    See you soon,.


  • How to increase the speaker volume?

    Using Win 7 HP and the speaker volume has been up and is still too low. I used task to the max the speaker icon. Is there another place to perform a volume control?

    On Wednesday, April 10, 2013 23:21:42 + 0000, JRHoot wrote:

    Using Win 7 HP and the speaker volume has been up and is still too low. I used task to the max the speaker icon. Is there another place to perform a volume control?

    Have you set the physical volume on the speakers control

    Ken Blake

  • The Smartphones blackBerry speaker volume

    Help, I have problems with my speaker volume when on the phone. I turned upward all the way, and I can barely hear the other person. The sound of the keyboard is normal when I push the buttons, but I can't hear the other person or voicemail via the speaker. The speakers work very well for the songs. Any thoughts?

    Give a soft reset to your BlackBerry by removing the battery for 30 sec. If that does not solve the problem then consider a device software reinstall or upgradation.

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