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I get phone calls from a person who claims to be in the "computer center", saying that my computer is affected by malicious software and is close to crush them, he asked me to go on my computer and perform actions via instructions on the phone on his part, he claims to work for MSN.


Don't listen to him, it's a scam

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  • Is that what you can get siri on the Apple Watch (series 2) to make a phone call, but on your iPhone, so when you're driving it then would come by phone from car speakers?

    You can get siri on the Apple Watch (series 2) to make a phone call, but do it on your iPhone, so when you're behind the wheel, he would then come through car speaker?

    You can also long are you your phone is connected to the car blu tooth. Not tried myself.

  • Our phone will make more phone calls, and we do not know how to change the settings to restore the capabilities of phoning.

    Our phone will make more phone calls, and we do not know how to change the settings to restore the capabilities of phoning.

    Greetings jenniferfrom46,

    From your post, I see that you are unable to make phone calls. I count on the ability to use my phone a lot to make calls, so I can understand your concern. I will be happy to provide you with some information for you.

    If you can not make or receive calls on your iPhone, this article goes on measures to take to help with the issue you are experiencing.

    Have a good!

  • Ios10 updated and now can't make or receive phone calls. Help!

    Ios10 updated and now can't make or receive phone calls. Help!

    Try a forced reboot. He can heal really weird unexpected behavior. To force the reboot your device, press and hold the two buttons of sleep/wake and home for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

  • How can I make a phone call from Apple Watch after the update of the software lasted?

    I don't know how to make a phone call from my Apple Watch after this update. I need help


    Under watch OS 3, the friends feature (which was available in previous versions) comes over and there is no direct replacement for it.

    When making calls or sending of new messages, contacts instead can be selected via the phone and Messages applications or using Siri:

  • remove all logs of phone calls at a time.

    How can I delete all calls in my log of phone calls (and made) both and not one at a time?

    Hi there, GWS007.

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! I see that you are wanting in a more easy way to erase the call logs on your 6s iPhone on iOS 10 one both. I tend to mine accumulate over time, and I'll be happy to tell you how to do it en masse.

    When you open your application for phone, tap recent, then at the top right you will see 'change '. Once you touch that, you should see 'Clear' on the left side. Tap on that, and it disappears!

    Have a great day!

  • iPhone 7 micro cut the phone calls

    I have a 7 32GB iPhone. Im running iOS 10.0.1.

    The problem that I am running is that when on a call FaceTime Audio, regularly call FaceTime or a regular phone call, my microphone seems to be cutting out and sounding very scrambled according to several appellants, when a speaker. They say I look fine and clear when not using the speakerphone, but the moment I switch to speaker mode on any type of call, by default for FaceTime, callers are immediately reporting that I'm cut in and out, and when I'm not cut I garbled sound. As soon as I put the call on the ear mode, I look very well again and it isn't a problem.

    To diagnose this I tried to have friends use my phone and I hold the phone in different positions away from them and in environments of different intensity. No matter what either the environment, people report that using the speakerphone, the phone cuts and is blurred. I don't have this problem when I was running iOS 10.0.1 on my iPhone 6 before I updated, so I'm assuming that it is a hardware problem with my new iPhone 7.

    For the first time poster, so I hope that was enough information and enough I hope to get some clear comments.

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm having the same problem only the exact opposite. Callers can hear me well on speaker, but not on phone normal ear mode. I tried with case and without breakage. Question has been lived with more than one caller.

  • Siri can not make phone calls

    After the passage of an iPhone 7 from an iPhone 6 via iTunes backup everything (well almost) works very well.

    However, Siri refuses to launch phone calls: 'sorry, I can't make your phone call. Each component seems to work separately: Contacts can be consulted and have found with the help of Siri, contacts can be called, and the phone is very good as well. I do not use any Bluetooth device, just the phone.

    I tried to restart, a soft reset, re - insert the SIM card, restart Siri and through all relevant parameters in iOS10.0.1, Siri in the lock screen as well as after having unlocked the phone with several of the contacts and the types of numbers.

    Don't forget: I can put any call I want, but not with Siri.

    As I have yet to find advice through Google I hope that here, experts can provide further advice!

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards, Kay Hidde

    Talked to the hotline from Apple Support today. They convinced me to try reset the network settings. However, this does not have the problem.

    So I decided to reinstall from backup again (their second and final suggestion): I stored the new pictures that I shot with the phone before restore the device with exactly one that I used when the new machine was delivered two days ago:

    If it was the same data as iTunes sent to the same device, it worked!

    Interestingly other small issues were fixed as well (for example some photos were missing in camera rolling despite the fact that they were on the phone) and the whole process was not too long, since iTunes stores now sync settings for the lists of reading, books, movies, and photos on this unit (except for the initial setup of the new device two days ago).

    In my opinion the iOS in the update interval can be the reason of this problem-free second run: 7A iPhone shipped with iOS 10.0.0 but I updated to 10.0.1 after initial installation.

    Thanks for listening and I hope, the description may help someone else in a similar situation.

    Best regards!

  • Update IOS 10. Phone calls does not.

    Yesterday, I downloaded IOS 10 for my iPhone 6.

    When I now phone calls, others cannot hear me on the phone. I can hear the person I talk to a fine, but they don't hear me. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, is it possible to fix it?

    I'm also not a T-Mobile customer. I'm with Verizon.

    Hello jackhahahahaha,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding that since the update to iOS 10, the other appellants are unable to hear you when you use your iPhone 6. Understanding can be the most important part of a phone call. I want to assure you that others are able to hear you clearly.

    I recommend first restart your iPhone. This can solve many unexpected behaviours. Follow the steps below to restart, if necessary.

    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Red slider appears.
    2. Drag the slider to turn off your device completely off.
    3. Once the device turns off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If the problem persists, test the microphones on your iPhone and follow the "Get help" section in the link below.

    Get help with microphones on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Have an amazing day!

  • Unable to make or receive phone calls after installing IOS 10

    Unable to make or receive phone calls after installing IOS 10

    Hi Drovers run,

    I understand that after updating your iPhone to iOS 10, you are more able to send or receive phone calls. I know it's important to be able to use your iPhone as a phone, so I'm happy to provide assistance.

    Read this article to help to make and receive calls:
    If you cannot make or receive calls on your iPhone - Apple Support

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

  • phone calls do not use the apple device

    I get phone calls, saying: do not use your apple device, are these legitimate calls... I'm afraid that I'm a target? I recall once and they wanted me to hang on to my desk top (I have not)... I can't afford to mess up, so I just haven't used :-/

    No, they are not legitimate calls, ignore them.

  • Has had a phone call saying that my computer has sent warning messages. They want to guide me through the changes to stop the problem. Is it a scam?

    Has had a phone call saying that my computer has sent warning messages. They want to guide me through the changes to stop the problem. Is it a scam?

    It's a scam. Give them nothing.
    Contact your local police.

  • I just got an iPhone SE. But when I make a phone call, that I don't hear so good. The volume is all

    I just got an iPhone SE. But when I make a phone call, that I don't hear so good. The volume is. How can I fix

    Did you remove the plastic that covers the face off the iPhone when you buy?

  • Stop text Notifications during phone calls

    How to stop text message notifications sounds while I'm in a phone call without silencing everything? It is very annoying and unprofessional when you talk to someone and there is the same constant beeps heard on their end.

    I do not have a setting for it there, but I agree it's annoying to be interrupted during a call. The notification should be delayed. Why not drop a line to iPhone Feedback?


  • is there a newspaper in Thurderbird to keep track of daily tasks and phone calls

    I would like to keep track oh my phone calls and daily routine in a certain type of newspaper don't Thuderbird have this feature?

    Not in the Thunderbird base.

    You can try some addons.
    3.3.3 - a lightning calendar project

    Journal Collection:

  • Apple Watch is no longer display of contact names - only the phone numbers on the texts and phone calls

    PROBLEM: When I receive an SMS or a phone call on my IWatch, it now shows only the phone number or e-mail address of the sender, rather than their names.  At the same time my IPhone matched 5 c displays the names of my contacts perfectly list view text message or phone call.  This problem just started occurring in the past week.

    CAUSES: unknown - it worked one day and the next day it didn't.  I don't remember edit particular parameter associated with it. Although my circle of friends on the IPhone appears differently now, too, without the my change.

    TROUBLESHOOTING: I turned off my Iphone, tried resetting, powering my iwatch and checked the settings for the IWatch on my Iphone and my Iphone settings.

    PRODUCTS: My software on my Iwatch says it's updated: OS 2.2.1.

    My Iphone's software is also updated: IOS 9.3.2

    My sister is also having the same problem with his Iwatch paired with a phone SE 5.

    I wonder if this is a recent development and how to fix it.


    It can help restore your sync data:

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go: Watch My (tab) > general > reset > tap reset sync data.
      • Nothing seems to happen when you tap it, but the process will be executed in the background, invisible to you, so allow a few moments it ends.

    If you have not already done so, you can also activate iCloud Contacts:

    • On your iPhone, go to: settings > iCloud - turn on the Contacts.

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