Phone number not an option for iMessage on iPad mini


So my ID Apple was recently hacked and had to change my password on all my devices (iPhone 6 and mini iPad). But now that I changed, my iMessage works well for my iPhone, but on my iPad, I have no option to choose my phone number. I tried to reset iMessage, reset my iPad, everything. Now I'm curious to know why, that's happened what else I can do for an option again.

Thanks in advance for helping me!

To go through all these steps?

Use continuity to connect to your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch - Apple Support

Use this feature with any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that satisfies the requirements of continuity system. Make sure that your devices are configured as follows:

  • Each device is connected to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
  • On iPhone, go to settings > Messages > Send and receive. Make sure the Apple ID at the top of the screen is the same Apple ID you use for iMessage on other devices. Add a check to your address, phone number, so that you can be reached by both iMessage. Do the same on your iPad or iPod touch.
  • On iPhone, go to settings > Messages > transfer, text messages, then choose which devices to send and receive text messages from the iPhone. A verification code and then on each device. Enter this code on your iPhone.
  • On Mac, open Messages, and then choose message > Preferences. Click accounts, and then select your account from iMessage. Make sure the Apple ID shown here is the same Apple ID you use on other devices. Add a control to your phone number and email address.

Use the SMS and MMS messaging

To use this feature, simply start conversations as usual in the Messages application on any of your devices. Alternatively, you can start a conversation by clicking a phone number in Safari, Contacts, calendar, or other applications detecting phone numbers. All your incoming and outgoing messages on all your devices.

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    Only, I imported my contacts from my phone to my Macbook Air, but whenever I get a notification of text at the top right of my screen, it shows the phone number, not the name of the contact. Once I go into iMessage, the name is displayed. That's all just annoying that I don't know who texted me until I actually open iMessage. iCloud is enabled for my Mac and my iPhone.

    Check system preferences > Notifications > view Message

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    On the tool Options bar, right click (Cmd + click on Mac, if I recall) button (far left) of the tool presets > reset all tools.

    You'd probably want to chart a path to achieve what you want (with dotted lines). Google or Bing "shot on way photoshop cs4" for more details.

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    I would like to buy and install a stand-alone version of Lightroom on my iMac. I do not want to join the CC program. The CC is not an option for me. I'm iMac late 2009 user, osx el capitan, installed on a formatted hard drive 1 t, 16 GB of ram with1066 MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM. Everyone uses LR6 on iMac late 2009? anyone has any experience with el capitan and LR6 osx?

    Hi Piotrsta,

    With the last update of Lightroom, most of the problems have been corrected.

    Also, you can read the following article: Lightroom and El Capitan | Mac OS 10.11

    Kind regards


  • How can I remove phone numbers under settings for iMessages on ipad to my daughter?

    I have a question about iMessages on ipad to my daughter. Our family shares the same Apple ID On my ipad to girls I go to SETTINGS/MESSAGES/then YOU CAN BE MET BY IMESSAGE and I see all of our numbers associated with my Apple ID is it possible to display only the telephone number of my daughter on his ipad? I will not provide / GIVE access to other telephone numbers? I know that I can only check his phone number, but I don't want to give him access to display phone to the other Member of the family iMessages. It is why, besides checking only his number. Is it possible to delete the other numbers of ipad to my daughter?

    Unfortunately, it isn't there. It's because you all share the same Apple ID. You could look in get separate Apple ID to iCloud and then sharing family. Family shares - Apple Support

  • int, long variables print 03444482399 phone number not correct on console

    Hi all

    my code is public class {student

    private String name;
    private int rollNo.
    private String stclass;
    private phoneNo long;
    program on the private channel;

    public void setName (String name) {}
    myIdName = name;
    {} public void setRollNo (int rollNo)
    this.rollNo = rollNo;
    {} public void setstClass (String stclass)
    This.stclass = stclass;
    {} public void setPhoneNo (long phoneNo)
    this.phoneNo = phoneNo;
    {} public void setProgram (television program)
    This.Program = program;
    public String getName () {}
    return the name.
    public int getRollNo () {}
    Return rollNo;
    public String getstClass () {}
    Return stclass;
    public long getPhoneNo () {}
    Return phoneNo;
    public String getProgram () {}
    back to programs;
    public student (String name, int rollNo, stclass, long phoneNo, program of the string String) {}
    setName (name);
    setRollNo (rollNo);
    setstClass (stclass);
    setPhoneNo (phoneNo);
    setProgram (the program);

    public String toString() {}
    Return "\n" + name + "" + rollNo + "\t" + stclass + "\t" + phoneNo + '\t' + program;

    {} public void finalize()

    Please find below the console out put of my program of javac.

    Student REGISTRATION 1

    : S-NAME: S-ROLL No.: S-class: S-phone number: S-PROGRAM

    : ali raza hasan: 15: HE 633338943: GCS

    I want my phone number in the correct format to print console.

    The real reason for your problem, it's that a phone number is normally not a long or integer type, but more as a string type. Long and wide are signed numbers, so you are in trouble if the phone number is greater then the positive long more important or integer (unsigned: 2³²-1 = 4·1024³-1; signed:-2³¹.. +2³¹-1, because the sign bit is the highest bit).
    Think about international phone numbers that start with a sign '+' as an abbreviation for the combination to get an international line.
    I suggest to use String as a type for the phone number.


  • perfect cushion s6000 do not have options for developers

    in the settings of my pad is not developera options... where is the problem?

    In settings, click "Build Number" seven times.

  • not enough options for the SSD drives?

    I intend to buy a desktop XPS 8700 special edition. I am disappointed that it doesn't give options for this model - for hard drives, only "2 TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive 6.0 Gb/s + 256 GB SSD"-which is obviously a good combination, but for me, I think that a smaller SSD drive would be nice. "" Otherwise, I like the rest of the system. A friend who built his own PC says it has installed an SSD of 128 G and it is sufficiently large with Win8, MS Office, Photoshop and other large programs installed.

    So it of just a comment, is not a problem, but I hope that Dell would offer more options, including a drive to 3 or 4. A Dell technician suggested going to road work stations - but when I looked there, I was a little confused on the readers - workstations all seem to have several readers, probably for Raid configurations, which is something over my head and on my needs.

    Or is it a good idea to have a lot of free space on the SSD drive?

    Hi Hellogoodby,

    Thanks for your comments. It isn't that much of a difference in cost between the 128 GB and 256 GB SSD. Dell is probably buying in bulk from the right and customer demand now, most people want 256 GB or more. You are absolutely right that 128 GB is plenty for the OS and applications. I have a 250 GB Samsung Evo and have used less than 50 GB for the operating system, office and all my other apps.

  • Windows 8 to 8.1 update is not an option for me.

    A story as old as time: I do not wish to upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 reasons.

    Before anyone insists on the fact that I update, I want to mention that I've updated several times (each time thinking "maybe my programs and drivers will work this time!") But unfortunately - even after the 8.1 update third - I still can't run some of my programs/drivers that are very VERY important in the area that I work in. Whenever I have to restore my OS to 8, a window prompts me to upgrade again! I always see, but eventually I'm forced to upgrade and then I have to go through all the trouble to restore and re-installing EVERYTHING. It's frustrating.

    I know that upgrading to 8.1 is useful, maybe even better, but it isn't just an option for me right now, because I have to work with these programs and drivers everyday. Maybe when they're compatible 8.1 (Yes, I check the updates) I will be happy to join the club, but I can't, so my question is:

    Is there a way I can stop this 'forced' update? Is there a power option in the settings? Or am I convict?

    Thank you in advance!


    In short there is no easy way to not upgrade.  Microsoft is pushing it to all the users of Windows 8.0.  At some point in a close future you would be forced to update anyway.

    Your best bet is to solve the problems when you do not upgrade. (Or jump and move win 10 beta).

    He should know that Microsoft will push updates to all users on the new OS in the future.

  • Port channel is not an option for the Destination RSPAN reflector Port


    The trunk of our N3024 and N2048 is a channel port LAG (m 1).

    When you set the destination to distance type VLAN, it ask Destination Port of reflector which I guess must be the chest. 1 Q. Among the registered interfaces, in. interfaces are not an option.

    Why? How to proceed now?

    Thank you!

    I just checked and the switch will not let you set the destination to a vlan remote without going through a reflector port. The only thing I can think is to run another line between switches and use it as a reflector port. Or get rid of the channel port.

  • Phone number not showing up on top of mobile or tablet site

    I have a muse site (2015) ready to live, but when the mobile phone site is used, the client phone/fax number disappears. It presents on the version of office and in preview, but when live what we get is ph 703-555-1212 ph No. Does anyone else have this problem?

    A URL would help. But more likely is that the phone number is automatically converted into a link on phone/Tablet and the link color can be the same color it's the background on that. If so, you can always create a new link in the Site properties and apply the new style to link to the phone number.

  • Why does not update my wife to ios10 ipad mini?

    My wife has a mini iPad, the first iteration; Despite my trying various solutions of workaround that seems not believe iOS 10's of about; I tried a hard reboot among other things, but this is the message I get every time. According to the lists that I've seen, it should be eligible...

    The first generation iPad Mini doesn't support iOS 10 (there no RAM/processing for her power), iOS 9.3.5 is as high as possible

  • Why can't I download pages from apple for free on iPad mini 4?

    I was under the impression that iWorks is now downloadable for free on new devices, however, I am unable to dl mini apple iPad pages 4? Someone knows why? Or how can I? App Store gives me only option at $9.99

    Hello, Msquared23!

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!  I see you are trying to download the app to Pages on your new iPad mini 4.  I use iWork apps on my iPad all the time, so I can see why you would want to get it for yourself!  I'd be happy to help you.

    According to this document, it appears that these applications are free on the new iOS devices: get Apple apps for free on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    As you see a price there instead of a 'Get' button, we will have to get you in touch with one of our counsellors in the iTunes Store, so they can focus on this with you.  Click on this link to reach:

    Contact the Apple Support - when you get there, click on "iTunes and Apple Music" and then "iTunes Store".

    Have a great rest of your day!

  • I can not connect my iPhone and my iPad mini after ios10

    Hey guys,.

    so I upgraded my iPhone 5s as well as my mini iPad 2 to iOS10 today. I couldn't find any problem on my devices to date. Everything seems to be ok. But now I wanted to sync new music from my iMac to the iPhone but the connection of the usb cable, iTunes gives me an error message. My system works in German, so I can only give you a translation of the error message that might not be how it reads in English. The message says something like: "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because there is an invalid response".

    The same error message when I connect my iPad mini update. My guess is that my iTunes version is not compatible with iOS10. I'm still on an old iMac with OSX 10.7 since 2006. The latest version of iTunes that I can install is When I try to download a newer version of the apple download page, the browser will automatically return to 12.2.2. and wants to download this version. Is there no work around or there at - he become a compatible version of iTunes? Does anyone have the same problem and it can confirm that it has to do with iTunes?

    Because you can't run the latest version of iTunes on a Mac running v10.7 Lion (very outdated OS X) see if your Mac can pass to El Capitan > update of OS X El Capitan

    In this way, you would be able to run iTunes 12.5.1then update your iOS 10 devices.

  • I have a simple question, not mentioned in one of your suggestions.  Plaids, a phone number, I can ask for help.  I promise you it will take five minutes > > > > >

    I'm expecting someone answer or do I just start?

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