Photos for Mac behaves VERY strangely since the upgrade to Sierra

Hi all.

I have improved my mid 2010 MacBook Pro for macOS Sierra September 21.

The first time I launched the Photos app after the upgrade, I got the usual message on photo library updated, but when that reaches 100%, I noticed that he was missing a large number of thumbnails in my library. The photos in question were display in miniature (or 'moments') view as pale gray rectangles with a cloud icon in their breast.

I don't immediately panic, because I assumed that they would gradually repopulate for a little while. I got "Storage optimize Mac", the value of preferences so all of my original pictures must be in iCloud. I have a Time Capsule, make automatic backups, and I made a backup Time Machine on which, immediately before the upgrade, so I am reasonably confident that I did not really lose my photos, (and all of my pictures and their thumbnails are present & correct on my iPhone).

But, almost a fortnight after the upgrade, most of my thumb nails is always reported missing since the Photos of Mac application, which makes it very difficult to find pictures of course.

Last night I noticed that the Photos app showed 'Uploading photos 10 985 nnnnnn' at the foot of the view of the times, with the first digit decreases slowly, so I disabled the options to ensure that my Mac doesn't go to sleep and I let it run until the download was complete energy saving. Then, he showed "updated... "at the foot of the view of the times for a while.

I was hoping that my thumb nail would be back after that, but they are not!

It seems that the Photos app is not sync with my iCloud storage, for any reason, or at least if it does not in fact what it has synchronized.

A double click on these thumbnails blank to open the photo is not consistent either. On some that I try to open, they do not open, and when I return to the thumbnail display the thumbnail is now also. But on others I try to open I just see a completely white area where the photo should be. However (and this is really weird!) when I return to the thumbnail display after those I see very very briefly the photos as they will shrink to the size of the thumbnail, and then they are virgins thumbnails with clouds still...

I wonder if I should change the preference of Photos of 'optimization of storage' to 'download the originals' in an effort to recover my thumb nails. It seems that I have almost 62 GB of free space on my Mac, and my Gallery of photos shows that there are currently 31GB. Or do I have to re - install the Photos app? (Is it possible?)

Or is there a better solution to the problem please?

Thank you for all the helpful tips.

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try to turn a thumbi = nail and reotating back - if it suits it you can do so for groups of up to about 1000 photos at once to correct quickly - how rebuild thumbnails in a photo library


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    Turn off the power of optimized storage and copy the files to your Mac.

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    Director general of Tallyfy - cloud-based process management

    Try restarting in safe mode (hold down the SHIFT key while booting). The problem persists?

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    In the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

    * Click on the projector.

    Make this mail and Messages is enabled on the results tab of research.

    * Click on the Privacy tab.

    * Drag your player to the list. Wait a few minutes.

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    Begin the recovery disk by pressing command + R during restart.

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    It is possible, that you will also need to re-index your Contacts.

    Let me know if it helps.

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    Yes, I noticed this also. After that I opened iTunes, it's just a matter of time before all the memory gets used up and all departure is wobbly. In particular, bluetooth really gets bug after a certain time, and as soon as I quit iTunes, that's fine.

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    I found out with the help if you go into preferences, then to the media and uncheck the box "Enable accelerated h.264 decoding (reboot required) Intel" then he corrects this problem. So if you are shooting with a Sony or anything that uses AVCHD format, then you need to do.

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    Everything else is reactive (office/menus/spotlight, siri, etc.).

    Docking station located approximately 147 percent CPU utilization.

    I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas as to what I can do to continue troubleshooting. Thanks in advance.

    You happen to have any antivirus, cleaning or other third party maintenance installed applications?

  • When you create a calendar in Photos for Mac, I can't work on the use of more than one Photo per month

    I created a calendar using Photos for Mac (picture 1,5).

    However, I can't create each month using several photos. It is the first calendar, I've done since the change of iPhoto pictures. I know I used to be able to choose various options for layout, including several photos in iPhoto. I just hope that it is something simple that I forgot.

    Thanks in advance.

    Right-click on a photo placed and select layout options - you have options from one to seven photos here


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    Download and run EtreCheck, created by one of his own assistants here in CSA. It is a diagnostic tool that is very useful for us to find problems. It will also give us additional specifications on your Mac. After his execution after the logfile here. It will never contain any personal information.

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    Migrating from iPHoto to Photos doesn't "destroy" anything - it keeps your albums events and converted into albums - pictures 2.0 vs iPhoto 9.6.1: features and capabilities - how many Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

    and of course iPhotos 9.6.1 still works very well - if you do not keep your system up to date see can't update iPhoto because it is not available in the App Store

    You can export Photos in keeping the Organization of moments - you can export iPhotos keeping the exporting from iPhoto event organization

    As to products - it's your choice - you can use the finder to organize into folders and preview to display pictures - or you can use one of the many programs available ranging from the free to the very expensive

    I use Photos so am not upward on the different options and I suspect most of the volunteers here are the same and the answer is going to be personal anyway - no one but yo can do


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    See the documentation for more information. Photoshop Elements and bridge use the same Photo Downloader: organizing elements does not recognize some devices | Mac OS 10.11.x

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    Thanks PeterCS5-Stamp-Bug.jpg

    Fortunately, this is an easy solution...

  • where to download photos for Mac (instead of iPhoto)

    I guess I'll have to go to El Capitan, so I can use photos for Mac instead of iPhoto I crashes.

    Are the Photos of Max, a free program, and where I can get it? I'm looking on the Apple site and find information on how it is good, but no place to download. Thank you.

    Update OSX to El Capitan, Photos is included

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