Photos from the Web site do not appear on Firefox, but they do in Safari. Did I miss an extension or plug-in?

Site Web html content appears, but not embedded photos. For example, on the page of of goods, all data appear except the product photos. In Picasa, outlines of the pictures appear, but not photos. This problem occurred day after cleaning hard drive with OnyX Automator. I run the repair disk utility and rebooted the computer, but the problem persists.


Is he missing pictures then make sure you are not block images from certain domains.

  • Check the permissions for the domain in the active tab in tools > Page Info > permissions
  • Check that the images are enabled: Firefox > Preferences > content: [X] loading images automatically
  • Check exceptions in Firefox > Preferences > content: Load Images > Exceptions
  • Under the tab "tools > Page Info > media ' for blocked images (scroll images)

There are also extensions (Tools > Modules > Extensions) and security software (firewall, antivirus) that can block images.

You can use the following steps to check if the images are blocked:

  • Click on the "More information" button to open the "Page Info" with the Security tab selected (also accessible via "tools > Page Info").
  • Go to the Media of the window tab "tools > Page Info.
  • Select the first link of the image and scroll down through the list with the arrow down.
  • If an image in the list is grayed out and there is a check mark in the box "block Images of..." and remove this mark to unlock the images from this area.

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