photos of finding deleted on the computer

I had deleted all the pictures on the computer, cause, they were old. And after awhile, they got emptied from the Recycle Bin. Is any way to recover?


You can try to recover with the free program of Recuva . Did you do backups of your PC? If so, you should be able to get them.

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    I have an iPhone 5 and after upgrading my phone and transfer pictures, my computer screen went to sleep while he was removing all transferred photos off my phone as I walked away. When I went back and opens the screen, deleting was stopped, and even if I tried to have the iPhoto to delete 517 photos that were transferred, it would not be. So, while my phone was still connected to the computer, I scored manually 88 photos on my phone, following on the computer, ensuring that each photo that I retreat the phone had been transferred to iPhoto. Then, I went in the "recently deleted" on my phone and deleted those as well, so they do not take place. When I got back to the computer for the next round, I realized every photo that I had just deleted my phone also disappeared from iPhoto! I even checked iCloud and they weren't there. How can I recover these 88 pictures I deleted from my phone and why the hell did remove it from the computer?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Note: My operating system is OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 / / iOS on my iphone version 9.2.1

    iPhoto or the new Photos application on your computer?

    Note that if you have settings > iCloud > iCloud library enabled in your phone and if you have the menu Apple > System Preferences > iCloud > Photos - Options > iCloud library enabled in your Mac, all the photos you delete phone, the Mac, or directly on iCloud will be removed from all 3 places. Intend to iCloud photo library must synchronize all your pictures on all your devices and iCloud. More information on iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

  • E-mail is automatically deleted from the computer

    E-mail in the Inbox is automatically deleted from the computer it is read.  Using Windows Mail.  How can I stop this?  How can I return mail that I never had the intention to delete?

    Go to the Inbox > view > current view > check show all Messages.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Can I recover photos that I deleted from my computer? also deleted from the Recycle Bin.

    can I recover pictures I deleted from my computer? also of Recycle Bin

    Perhaps with this tool. but no guarantee.


  • Files and folders-photo will not delete, keep the reproduction

    Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8,.

    I try to delete multiple photos and whenever I hit ctrl, hold down the key and left click on photos, remove, they breed

    and now I have more than 68 copies of less than 10 images, help!

    Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8,.

    I try to delete multiple photos and whenever I hit ctrl, hold down the key and left click on photos, remove, they breed

    and now I have more than 68 copies of less than 10 images, help!

    Unwanted copies have file names with
    copy "prefix of"?

    Example: Copy of IMG_1455.JPG

    If_yes_maybe the following tutorial, I wrote
    for XP offers a few ideas:

    Also... There is a link to another method
    at the end of this tutorial.

    Here's how to reproduce the unwanted
    copy of...

    Hold down your CTRL key and select multiple files...

    Place your pointer over the selected group
    (holding the key ctrl) and left click / drag
    the group even just the slightest bit... now
    release the mouse button.

    Oooops... multiple copies...

    Maybe the following will help:

    Sometimes most of the person who
    trying to select multiple by holding the CTRL
    or the SHIFT key down while clicking on the left to select the
    image files.

    Copies are created when you are unable to
    completely release the mouse button before
    you move the pointer to another file. When a group
    the selected file is dragged... even the slightest
    release the mouse button will produce a bit...
    copies of all the files previously highlighted.

    It's a little easier if you have your folder
    Options set at single click... that way you can
    select/deselect a file with just a mouse more
    and you don't have to click. For multiples you
    I have to keep... CTRL or Shift.

    Do not click on... no slip... no copy... maybe that of
    your solution. To adjust the click...
    Open a folder and go... Tools / folder
    Options / General tab... Check... 'single click '.
    To open an item"/ apply / OK.

    If you want to delete all the files in a folder
    You can try the following:

    Reach... Edition / select all... or type... CTRL / has...

    With all of the files selected... go... Drop / delete...
    or press your delete key... or... click on the
    Group and choose 'delete '.

    How do I find and remove unwanted 'copies '.
    of your image files.

    Open the folder that the images are saved in and
    on the left, click on the button 'Search' in your toolbar.

    (If you view the files from a montage
    program and do not know where the record is... right
    Click on one of the image files and the menu...
    choose... Properties. The path to the folder will be
    in the tab 'General' to 'Place').

    In the research pane select... "All files and folders".

    In the "All or part of the file name" field. Come in...

    a copy of

    Now... on the left, click on the search"" button.

    When the search is complete... go to... Edition / select all...

    Then go to... Remove / delete.

    You will see a dialog box asking if you are sure
    you want to delete the files, click Yes.

    Now... on the left, click on the 'Back' button in your toolbar.

    Now the remaining files should be your originals.

    If you delete the wrong files... recover from
    your basket now.

    Also see the following article:

    Trouble fixing: stop Windows copy
    Files accidentally when Ctrl-click selecting

  • Calendar items are deleted after the computer restarts

    Hi, I continue to have this problem with my calendar items is deleted/deactivated after I restarted my computer. Basically, I synchronize my computer pocket on two computers, one is working PC and the other my PC at home. The changes on both computers. I have edit items on my work PC and then synchronize with your handheld. When I go home, especially during the weekends, I also synchronize my phone with my PC at home. No changes are made on the handheld. These days, I just noticed that my calendar items in Palm Desktop items I have added/changed one day ago is no longer there. I've already lost a few appointments because of this. Help, please.

    With Palm desktop 6.2, there is a problem with data loss, but seen especially on Vista systems. This question was refitted at Palm Engineering.

    You close when shut down you your PC, Palm desktop or leave it open? We saw leaving Palm desktop open, when the PC is turned off, to cause a loss of data. Another cause of data loss can occur through the presence of Palm desktop open when occurs a Windows Update. If you do use a Palm desktop, close it.

    Here is a procedure to retrieve the data.

    You can recover data from your user folder as long as you only Sync once with the PC when you discovered the missing data. When synchronize you with the PC there are files created for each category of PIM in your user folder. For example; datebook.dat or appointment (according to the version of Palm Desktop) and datebook.bak. Use of Palm Desktop version 6.2 file names are .mdb and mdb.bak. 6.2, the files are in the folder of user name in PalmOSdesktop in my documents.

    The files are named .dat and .bak. When you synchronize, the current data is stored in. dat. The next time that you synchronize the data in the .dat file is copied to the .bak file. You can rename the .dat to .old. then rename the .bak to dat. If the data in the .bak file is intact, it will now be in Palm desktop when you reopen Palm desktop. I have included a link to show you how to find the userfolder on the PC.

    Here's another link about the loss of data;

    The best way to backup your data is to use the export function in Palm Desktop. Create a new folder on the desktop named Palm Desktop Backup data. Then, select the category that you want to export. You will get a window asking you where you want to save the file, save it in the folder created on the desktop. There is a button that allows you to select the record currently selected, or all, select all. If you do not select all, only the highlighted record is exported. You will need to name the file for export then I suggest the name of the category, for example: calendar (with the current date). Do this for all the essential data in each category. With the data exported to the folder on the desktop of the computer, you can save this data to a flash drive, external hard drive or a CD - RW. With this method, you will have your data in a separate place than Palm desktop and the device. If 'Lose you' data again, you can import the data back into palm desktop.

    Make sure that when you make changes in palm desktop or the device to export data to the folder created for the backup.

    Here is a link for other options for backing up your data;

    Here is a procedure to save your data for disaster recovery, like this situation.

    The best way to protect your data is to export the data in each category of Palm Desktop in a separate folder on your PC.

    Create a new folder on your PC somewhere that suits. Name it something like Palm Desktop data. Click on the link below and follow the instructions on this page for the export procedure.

    Make sure you only select everything for the beach in the export window.

    With the data stored in the created folder, make a copy of this file and save it on a USB key, cd - rw or external hard drive.

    Whenever you change in Palm Desktop, export the data that has been changed in this file and save again to external media.

    With this process you can always import the data in Palm Desktop, whenever you have a problem with the data in Palm Desktop, or if your computer/hard drive/device crash.

    Message relates to: Palm i705

  • Recover files that were deleted from the computer trash!

    Can someone help me? I was told you can always recover your deleted files after what they have been deleted from the Recycle Bin. Any suggestions on how to fix this? It was documents for a major project and it is urgent that _____.

    Stop using your computer immediately.  Don't do anything else with him except in execution of a recovery program.   I had luck with Recuva .

  • Serial number of xp windows lost/deleted from the computer that was purchase 4 years ago.

    Dimension 3100 Dell. Where can I find the original serial number purchase with the computer? Thank you

    Hi JMQ2318,

    You can see the following article for more information on the same.

    How to identify, locate, and replace a product key

  • Impossible to download and install Adobe Flash Player. The program says that it installed successfully but unable to find it on the computer

    Original title: I downloaed and installed Adobe Flash Player but can not find

    I need Adobe Flash Player 9.0.125 in order to read a perticular website. I downloaded and installed the latest version of Flash Player. The program said I installed successfully, but I away find it on my computer and the site always told I need. What did I do wrong?

    Hey Papi Williams,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community Forum.

    From the description of the problem, it seems that you are unable to download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player on your computer. I understand the inconvenience.

    1. What version of Adobe flash player you have downloaded?
    2. What Web browser are you using to view the website?
    3. Which site did you download Adobe Flash Player?

    Let us try the following steps and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    You can read this article and check if the Flash Player is installed correctly on the computer.

    Flash Player help / find the version

    The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.135 and you can download it from Adobe's official website: If you have a lower version of adobe flash player installed on your computer, try the following steps to uninstall and reinstall the latest version.


    Method 1: first of all, use this utility to uninstall the existing flash player


    Method 2: Reinstall Adobe Flash Player
    Once you have uninstalled properly, and then try to install it from the following link. The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.135 and you can download it from Adobe's official website:

    You can also see the link listed here for Flash Player, games, video or audio does not work in Windows questions.

    I hope that helps! For any help about Windows, you can still post on the Microsoft Community Forum.

  • Vista Snipping Tool - accidentally deleted from the computer. How can this be restored?

    I accidentally deleted the tool cutting on my windows vista computer.  I sent the tool cutting on the desk and I should have created a shortcut on the desktop. I thought I was remove a shortcut and not the actual tool. I looked on the computer of the tool, but it seems to have disappeared completely.  I can't run system restore because it was some time before I realized my mistake and you do not have a date for the restoration. Searched in the downloads of Microsoft but only capture tool is for tablets.  Please help as I really like this tool

    Hi GailWilton,

    If you open your Windows Explorer program, go to the C:\windows\System32 folder, you see the file Snippingtool.exe?

    If so, you should be able to right click and do a sortcut to your desktop or add a shortcut to the Quick Launch bar

    Otherwise, you can try the following steps and check.

    Step 1:

    Try refreshing the Snipping Tool installation. This tool is part of the Tablet PC optional components in Windows Vista.

    a. open Control Panel, click Classic view in the task pane.

    b. double-click programs and features.

    c. click on the 'activate Windows features and turn off' in the task pane.

    This window may take a few minutes to display.

    When the options appear in the list, scroll to the "Tablet PC Optional Components" and remove the check mark for this element.

    d. click OK, leave everything and restart the computer.

    Once the computer restarts, go back to control panel and repeat the same procedure.

    This time the check box adds the "Tablet PC Optional Components".

    This will install these components in the system with a new copy of all the files.

    Step 2:

    You also, try to run a SFC scan to check all corrupted files.

    You can read the following article to launch the SFC scan:

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Also check out the link:

    The cutting tool: frequently asked questions

    Hope this information is useful.

  • S.N.I.D. Where can I find it on the computer?

    I need to know my snid number or serial number of the computer system. How can I find?

    Hi Sandra,.

    If that is the serial number of the real computer, then it should be on a sticker on your box. Usually the sticker indicates the model number of the PC and the serial number. My PC is an E-machine (desktop PC) and the serial number is right at the front (near the Bay of DVD player). If you have a laptop, then it should be on the bottom of the laptop. You may also like to check the documentation that came with the PC, like the serial number is usually among this paperwork. You can also have a warranty card between the paperwork that shows the serial number.

    If, however, you are referring to your number of system operating 'product key' it will be on a label on the back or the bottom of your PC or, if you purchased the windows like a detailed packagae operating system, then the product key number will be on the box the DVD provided in.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Desktop Experience: Web:;  Web:;  Web:;  Web:

  • I play a cd of education. He is supposed to have video with it, but the message States cannot find the vids:iv32 decompressor. I have, it's not sure of 1v or iv. What is a vidsiv32decompressoe? How do you find it on the computer?

    I have an education program. The program is supposed to show a viedo in several sections. In a staatement that displays a message that States cannot find vids:iv32

    Hi GreenPhantom,

    1. where you can play education program CD earlier?

    There is a possibility that this may be due to some corrupt codec installed on the computer.
    I suggest you uninstall third-party codec available on the computer and check.

    Codecs: Frequently asked questions

    Check also in the program if any adjustment needs to be configured.
    For further assistance, contact the program vendor.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • User account is deleted whenever the computer is turned off

    Hi, a few days ago, when I started our computer my account (admin) has been authorized. The browser had no Favorites and my files could not be found in "my files". The files are located if I go to C:. Whenever I turn on the computer, it seems that I connect for the first time. I made a new account and that seems to work ok.


    When you face still problem with the old account user, I suggest you to transfer the data from the old user account for the user account and delete the old user account.

    You can transfer the files from the damaged to the new user account by using the article user account "difficulty a user profile is corrupted.

    Difficulty a user profile is corrupted:

    I hope this helps.

  • Printer Adobe PDF is deleted when the computer restarts

    I use Adobe Acrobat X with a Windows 7 platform.  Whenever I restart my computer, the 'Adobe PDF' printer disappears from control "printer and peripheral area.  To reinstall the printer, I need to go through the help > routine to repair the Installation of Acrobat.  Is there a way I can fix this so the printer Adobe PDF 'twigs' when I restart my computer? Thank you.

    Hey peterg63910540,

    Please try to install the printer manually & then check whether or not it is deleted after the reboot.

    Kind regards


  • I'm trying to match the computers with numbers licens. In any case to find it on the computer?

    I have all the many computers loaded with Adobe Acrobat Std. I'm looking to match the numbers of activation/license with computers.

    I need to reboot a computer that has lost its installation somehow.

    Y at - it a tool that will do this?

    Thank you


    You could try a product key finder application that will search your computer for the product in the registry keys. Here is a link to an article listing 22 free product key finders. - 22 Product Key Finder programs free (June 2015) -, the author seems to like the Belarc Advisor and Adobe is listed as a "other software" that he finds the key. When you consider that these look for those that you can order from a flash drive instead of install on the computer itself. This would make your job easier if you do not have to be installed on each computer.

    I hope this helps you.


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