photos sent via e-mail receiver cannot open their discovers, his computer stops immediately, will not open?

I send photos that I take all the time through my email, I sent a few pictures of my sister and she said his computer is turned off and it would not even open the pictures. I had a virus in the past, it's a security thing, or maybe that I have sent too many pictures and his computer could not handle all the?

How is your sister receive emails and attachments? Webmail in Firefox? Alternatively, a like Thunderbird mail client?

What is the size of the file of these images? Maybe you could do the smaller picture of their performance through a graphic program like G.I.M.P.. No point sending an image that is 4 times the size of the screen.

I doubt if a virus (in the past) on your PC could affect his PC. I expect its webmail portal to track the virus before you let him see these images. And if it uses an e-mail on his PC client to collect his email, I would hope that his virus downloaded images before scans themselves in his e-mail client.

Overall, I think that the images you sent him are too big for his PC, or she has something wrong with his PC and needs to have it fixed. But I don't know how Firefox is involved, without knowing the situation of the customer email webmail vs.

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    I'm surprised that others did not have this trouble. Thanks again.

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    Very curious! At least, he went.

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    Please mark this resolved. Thank you.

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    I ran NOrton, AVG, MalWare Bytes, Windows Defender, Spybot AV and the other that I forgot the name of that time. ALL showed nothing found after each live scan success. I'm reasonable sure, I have no malicious software.

    Emails from this account are quite important, and I don't want to lose them if possible; they are for a Committee planning the 50th high-school reunion.

    Windows 7 HP, Dell XPS L702, 6 Gig of RAM, Intel i7 processor and lots of disk space. I've also compacted without change. The messages are all still there, but nothing shows in my Inbox; It is empty. I only see them using Find Messages from words I know are in them.

      Happy to provide any other info needed to evaluate this.  Oh, the account Sends OK too; it's a POP3 account setup.

    Any help would be most appreciated!


    In main menu, make sure that you have seen (Alt - V) - topics - all.

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    Lights on would be much appreicated I am too much pulling hair ATM, and the bald look doesn't work for me :)

    Moved from Vista to install, upgrade and activate Forum.


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    2 what is Windows Mail or Internet Explorer?
    3. that you get an error message when tried to open the clip?
    4. is the item sent by a user by electronic mail is running Vista or any other operating system?
    First, download the clip, save it to the desktop and try to open it using Windows Movie Maker.
    "Thanks to jakeludington for providing the following valuable information."
    How to convert Windows Movie Maker files in a Mac compatible file?
    Windows Movie Maker files are the format of Windows Movie Maker project. The files say things to Windows Movie Maker on your video editing project like video clips are used, which audio files you have imported, go to what transitions between clips, and whose effects are used. These files are essentially readable only in Windows Movie Maker and certainly doesn't work on a Mac. Two options to save a video file in Movie Maker are DV - AVI or WMV. To create a Mac compatible video file, open the file in Windows Movie Maker in Windows Movie Maker, save the movie to the highest quality WMV or preferably as a DV - AVI file format. Import the AVI or WMV file ended up in iMovie or another Mac video editing application.
    To convert Windows Movie Maker files in Mac format, please post your request here:
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Syed V
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.

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    Hello rdfields,

    Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know how important is able to share pictures in Photos for OS X is for you! Based on what you said, it seems that you may be having problems with sharing photos by mail directly from the Photos for OS X app. Because this process is not sharing the metadata you need, I suggest you export the images in a lossless, like TIFF or PNG format, because they work better. Then join these images to e-mail and test if the metadata have come through this way.

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