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Hello community,

I have Photoshop CS2 runtergeladen, which kostenlos ist fur das MacBook Pro. Depending on ich're runtergeladen habe, ging ein Ordner auf und ich habe auf den Installer geklickt und dann kam eine Fehlermeldung. » ... PowerPC-program werden nicht supported? Was kann ich steer tuen-A


You must have an OLD Mac to run the OLD program... it will not work on a new Mac

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  • I've upgraded my macbook 10.6.8 in 10.7.5 lion I had photoshop CS2, but no longer works. Now, what can I do?

    I've upgraded my macbook 10.6.8 in 10.7.5 lion I had photoshop CS2, but no longer works. Now, what can I do?

    Upgrade from CS2? Buy another version and which?

    TKS for help


    CS2 is a PPC software and was working under s 10.6.8' emulator Rosetta.

    You can try the Creative cloud photography Plan for $10 each month and get Photoshop CC 2014, or if you want to have purely and simply, Photoshop elements 14.


  • I have 2 MacBook Pro, we are years and the other is 8 years old, I got photoshop cs2 on the former. After cleaning the disc hard I couldn't load the cs 2 on any of my laptops. Can I purchase an upgrade for it? I have all the DVDs, serial number and pack

    I have 2 MacBook Pro, we are years and the other is 8 years old, I got photoshop cs2 on the former. After cleaning the disc hard I couldn't load the cs 2 on any of my laptops. Can I purchase an upgrade for it? I have all the DVD, the serial number and packages, but I can't use it.

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  • Photoshop CS2 for Mac - mistake 1 laptop


    I have a MacBook Air laptop that does not have a slot on the side of the disc. Adobe Photoshop CS2, I bought a few years ago, when I bought my first MacBook Air. I had saved the program on a USB key after installing it on my desk and had no problem to install on my laptop. Now, every time I try and open it, I get a "error: 1" and cannot take place before. I had saved the program as a zip file, if I could install it on my laptop.

    What does the "error: 1" mean and how do I get Photoshop to install successfully on my laptop?

    Thank you!

    How can I get Photoshop to install successfully on my laptop?

    You can not. CS2 requires a PPC Mac and these moments are long expired. even if she had to install, this would be relevant:

    Error: "Activation Server is not available. CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

    In any case, it's a moot point. You need new software.


  • HELP: I was told to uninstall my photoshop cs2 and now I can not reinstall it - also cannot access my adobe account and it is the United States no. CS plus.

    Told me to uninstall my photoshop cs2. My macbook pro went repair and I had to restore from a backup, after which I got this error message when you try to use photoshop: a license for this product has stopped working: restart the computer and try new blah blah blah error code 150:30. I uninstalled stupidily program on the advice of someone in adobe CS in India and now I can't reinstall. Can someone help me please? I am not interested in buying a newer versioin of adobe cs photoshop or cloud or none of this. I'm pretty happy with it, I just want to come on my laptop. I also run on my desktop computer. Also, I couldn't access my original account due to be told that I had to change my password. An e-mail was sent to the e-mail address associated with this account, but I have more access to this email. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH ADOBE AND THEIR SUPPORT MOSHE. We spend hundreds and it's the support that we receive?

    I oringinalyspent about $4-500 on this program and I would like someone to tell me how to get this back up and works without licensing issues and spend thousands more please. Agent original CS, I spoke with after waiting on hold for more than 1/2 hour was immediately rude to me and told me that I was tyring to understand something, when in reality he was not listening to a word I said to my questions. I am more disappointed, I'm DISGUSTED. I really wish I had not uninstalled it because I fear now, as I suspected, that I will never be able to get it back and I will be FORCED to spend more money. This is ridiculous. I wish I never sent my laptop for repair. I took them several days to understand this bulb and some cables have been damaged, and there is no real reason to wipe my computer everything. I wouldn't have to deal with all of this if I didn't have and that the original problem is still there, when I opened the laptop, screen out draft and it takes a minute or two to start the operation, but it is another matter.

    I tried to access the chat 24 hours again, but that doesn't work more or the other.

    Can someone help me please? Thank you!

    you have licensed ps cs4 mac and you have a way to find your serial number.

    If so, download an install the installation file.  If you already have the installation file, what is his name and the file extension?  (for example, whether it is a file, to use a dmg file).

    If you need the Setup file,

    Downloads available:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

  • Satellite M40X-183: Impossible to install photoshop CS2

    I have a Satellite M40X-183. I tried to install Photoshop CS2 and it installs everything but the help files and I wait for hours complete the installation, but it is not. Before it took me a long time to set up but once I updated my toshiba software he showed some changes and installed more quickly but still stuck using the part files. It seems to install but it does not actually install anything this either fight the help files and I install Photoshop CS2 on my desktop from the cd, it works very well.

    I have similar problems with some other proggrams running.
    Is there anyway I can install photoshop? has anyone else had the same problem I have?


    It's really not easy to say what can be the problem. You will be very happy if someone has exactly the same problem and can give you some explanations. I have installed and tested a lot of different software on my Tecra and up to now, everything works fine.

    Problem is that Toshiba is not responsible for the non-Toshiba software and if no one can help you try to contact Adobe support.

    Sorry, but I don't see any other solution.

    Good luck!

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2

    Do you still offer free download of Adobe Photoshop CS2 software?

    See this thread for the right link and instructions of John Waller. CS2 cannot install disks to form

  • Impossible to get an activation code on Photoshop CS2 to load

    I installed Photoshop CS2 from the disc. He asks for an activation code, I can simply not Adobe. I have the serial number, but it's more didgets than allows the activation code. I'm totally frustrated!

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  • Photoshop CS2 download link

    It seems that Adobe finally withdrew the possibility to download media from Photoshop CS2. The old URL goes now to a purchase for creative cloud page

    Desktop adobe Creative Cloud applications. Adobe Creative Cloud

    It seems so that if someone now impossible to activate the CS2 is towards the top of the Creek without a paddle. I guess that's a good thing like here, nobody really knew for sure the legality of telling the first users of Photoshop version to download, but it's a little rough on someone who spent $1000 buy ten years ago because they are forced to spend and spend more money now. If anyone has the old URL for the download back could you try to confirm if I'm wrong?

    CS2 can always be downloaded from

    Download Adobe Acrobat 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 2

    Linking bypasses incorrect links in the Adobe Help article you are talking about.

    Incorrect links to error: "Activation Server unavailable". CS2, Acrobat 7, Audition 3 have been reported to and recognized by Adobe, a few days ago. I am pessimistic that they will ever be fixed.

  • Photoshop CS2 began to have questions about the other windows.

    About 2 months ago, I started to notice that Photoshop CS2 has started to have problems with me open or do it before all other windows, such as Explorer or Chrome for example. This is what my PS normally looks like:Clipboard01.png

    and if I try to bring another program, it will act as if I clicked on the start bar and the PS is more picked up (you have to click the program again to interact with him)

    Then when I go to color/clear/do almost anything on the Web, my tools will vanish like this:Clipboard02.png

    and reappear when I click on the gray background of the PS window. They may not be disabled.

    Sometimes, and I don't have a screenshot because I can't reproduce right now, the new program (Chrome, Explorer, etc.) is displayed, but the windows tools will remain.

    I dealt with it for a while, but I would like to first of all streaming my art and I won't continue to happen. I like to use CS2, so please don't recommend just other programs unless it is just absolutely not repairable.

    I ran CS2 on this computer since September of the year last with zero problems, so I don't know why it started

    Thank you, I'll check the wire, but I tried to reset my default preferences, and that seems to have fixed.

  • Photoshop CS2 free?

    Hello world!

    My name is mark and I have a hard time trying to figure out the legal uses of program Adobe Photoshop CS2. I read the Internet that some people say that it is free and some say that it is not. Let me quote some opinions.

    Person 1: PS CS2 isn't free, Adobe has only given a new serial key for people who had bought in the past.

    Person 2: PS CS2 is free, Adobe, I called and they said that the program is free to download and use.

    Person 3: Yes you can download PS CS2 and use.

    Now what is this then? Some say that it is not free, and some say it is. I couldn't get Adobe on the phone now to ask them directly about this issue. It would be great if an Adobe representative could respond.

    My question is more or less on legal issues. Is Adobe Photoshop CS2 free to download and free to use (LEGAL AFFAIRS).



    the first person is correct. CS2 is not free, but it is slightly more complicated. Until the product Adobe Creative cloud needed activation. Adobe closed the server who has activated the CS2 which means that owners could not reinstall. As a gesture of goodwill the company has created a modified version of CS2 that doesn't require activation, just a generic serial number and this is the version which is downloadable. The web page with it on makes it clear that you must own existing CS2 or earlier to download it, but they do not have checks in place to prevent anyone on the web to download for free. For this reason, various reputable sites gave the URLS, and have probably downloaded it thousands of owners not Photoshop. I've never heard of someone at - he continued, but then its not exactly going to make the first page of the time if they did. From a legal point of view its probably illegal, but Adobe framework would difficult to win a trial. What they have done is in the real world is equivalent to having a candy store and leaves the door wide open during the night and then waiting for anyone to enter and take chocolate. Either incidentally, it will not work on a modern with a processor Intel Mac, but it looks good on the Windows platform.

  • I want to aktivate my Photoshop CS2 again. I need a telefonnumber

    I want to aktivate my Photoshop CS2 again. I need a telefonnumber to aktivate the product.

    Activation for CS2 has been closed.

    Adobe has provided a free replacement without activation. Use the serial number provided, not your old.

    Download Adobe Acrobat 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 2

  • Using Photoshop CS2 on the PC of the company


    I just want to know can I use Photoshop CS2 (now free) on the PC of our society?

    Or we can use it only at home, only on PC at home?

    What are the terms of the EULA for that matter?

    Best regards.

    CS2 is not free and has never been free.

    See the free CS2 download

  • Photoshop CS2 activation problem

    I installed Photoshop CS2 on my computer but it wont let me turn it on.  I need an authorization code.  They no longer have the phone for this program we have had for 10 years.   Can someone help me?

    Adobe, stop the server to activate CS2 several years ago. You will never be able to activate CS2.

    Uninstall your CS2.

    Now you need to download a special version without CS2 activation of

    Error: "Activation Server is not available. CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

    Install, then enter special serial number, without activation, provided at the link above. Your existing serial number will not work.

  • Ativar Photoshop CS2

    Good afternoon,

    I can not ativar o Photoshop CS2 online.

    Mensagem erro; Servidor nao available.

    Activation por telefone. Método nao available.

    Question - Como devo ativar o Photoshop CS2.

    Agradea§o resposta.


    Activation for CS2 is discontinued. Adobe has provided a free replacement, but not in Portuguese.

    Download Adobe Acrobat 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 2

    Select a language, you can use and download. Use the serial number provided, not your old serial number.


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