Photoshop CS4 Settings "save for Web".

I have two questions - my logic/explanation can be a little hard to follow, so please check screenshots:

1. when 'save for web', in the "presets" menu drop-down menu, I created a couple of presets and saved in the default folder name

[C:\Documents and Settings\Shandy Elliott\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Optimized Settings]

and I deleted those I want to use - never.


I even navigate in Explorer in the above path and make sure that no default presets are located in this folder (with Photoshop not running). Photoshop allows re-charging the defaults when I re - open Photoshop or whenever I have "save for web". Is there another place/file in Explorer, I need to delete the default presets, or is only a function of Photoshop to again fill the predefined default settings (which I think is boring if yes)?


2. When you save a .jpg file, there are two ways (at least in my case)-

a. FILE/SAVE AS / .jpg (then set jpeg options)

b. "save for web".

I want to do is be able to use 'save for web', create a specific preset for quality absolute maximum .jpg (JPEG - 100 in the screenshot - that simulate the same result as if I performed step 2 and used "quality 12 for jpeg options" [relatively]) and for Photoshop to DO NOT put dashes between words. I know that I can uncheck the Unix box in 'Compatibility file name' in change output parameters, but which seems to affect all presets and not just a simple "Preset". I guess it's just a global setting not be changed - sometimes I wish software has been a bit more customizable.


The reason why I want to be able to do that (in addition to the savings in step 2) in some cases, I would benefit from the extra allows parameters 'save for web' [to know be able to save a .jpg .psd in several different size simply by changing these settings].


I'm doing this instead of initially saving a .psd as an 800 x 800 .jpg, then open this 800 x 800 .jpg, resize like, say, 600 x 600, and then save again - which I am basically destruction subsequent .jpg because I re - compress an already compressed image. Record directly from of a .psd and have the ability to resize just the result, for me, seem to be my best option.

To conclude:

1. How can I keep specific 'save for web' presets while eliminating the predefined default settings?

2. How can I set a specific "save for web" pre-programmed to not put dashes between words while allowing dashes for all the other presets?


First rename presets in "C:\Documents and Settings\Shandy Elliott\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Optimized Settings" of *.irs to * .ir$ or something like that. " Then same procedure in "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Presets\Optimized Settings"

This will hide the unwanted presets.

You can try to remove too - I quite like rename that in order to remove.

:-) miss_marple

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    See you soon,.


    First of all, unless you have a compelling reason to record a "Open" command, you should not...

    In addition, since save it for Web is an export command, THIS command is your backup... you don't want to select a destination because the destination is already stored in the save for Web.

    You want to save a close without saving... otherwise all 350 images will eventually be opened in Photoshop, after the batch is executed.

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    MacBookPro3, 1, running all the updates (OSX 10.6.4), CS5 Master Collection.

    Luckily still have CS4 Master Collection installed (and Flash CS3).

    (I just what to get off my chest, CS5 has so many of the issues that I have stopped using it, I'm not being paid to play. crashtestdummie ) Please don't rush all future collections CS and try to fix bugs instead. )

    It's fixed!

    I deleted this file:

    / Users / ~ / library/Preferences/Adobe/Plugins/Adobe save for Web, Photoshop/CS5/Adobe save for Web CS5 pret.

    (apparently, yet another settings file?)

    I had to do it manually and all is good now.

    TX Jeff for your help, this thread can be closed.

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    Hi Jennlu11,

    This is the official page of Adobe about the permissions of LR. In particular, the #3 solution has a script that allows you to repair permissions automatically if nothing else works.

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    From the 2015 version of CC in Photoshop, the file > save for Web option has been moved to the File > Export > save for Web (legacy) alongside new export options.

    For these new export options, see export of work plans, layers and more.

    and this is the link need you:

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    Here is a screenshot of my problem...
    [IMG] [line]
    Help me please.


    1. were you able to see the front dialog box?

    2. did you of recent changes to the computer?

    This happens because your screen resolution is less than the required minimum of 1024 x 768.

    You can try to change the resolution of the monitor and check.

    For more information, see the link:

    Change settings display on multiple monitors

    Change the screen resolution

    You can also refer to Adobe support links and also post your request in the Forum from Adobe for assistance:

    Hope this information is useful.

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    Hello, you might want to re-create the backup of the levels of web preferences:

    According to, you must remove the file "Adobe save for Web CS6 Prefs"

    located in Documents and Settings / [user name] / Adobe/Plugins/Adobe save for Web CS6/Photoshop

    I've seen cases where Photoshop has no permissions to change this file, so the errors you got.

    I hope this helps you.

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    [Ask in the correct forum allows... Left non-technical Forum Lounge for forum specific program... MOD]

    You are on the bit depth of 8bits Document?

    If no, go to 8-bit

  • Save for Web function has stopped working in Photoshop CC - let's get a DEFINITIVE answer!

    I keep seeing this in the forums and nothing has answered this question, so I put another post on the forum.

    I am running Photoshop CC 64-bit in Windows 7. I've lived this exactly the same problem with Photoshop CS6 and was never able to solve the problem. Now I find that after using Photoshop CC for about a month, I'm going to save for Web and I get the error message: "the operation could not be completed. The system does not have the specified path. Motivated by nothing. Just randomly started to gush this error message Monday morning, and I had used the SFW function on all throughout the day on Friday.

    After that reading the forums and being on hold with Adobe supports for a half hour (with a "timeout of 3-4 minutes felt"), I was unable to reach anyone know what to do. Forum suggested other messages deleted the backup of the levels of preferences Web in AppData, what I've done. I also deleted all my preferences in Photoshop without result. The only step I've seen in the forums so far has been uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop CC. Surely, there must be a better resolution that uninstall the program.

    Can I please a representative Adobe real to help with this? I see it all the time in the forums is of course not a rare event. Thank you.

    WHOO! After that 45 minutes of tech support from Adobe, we discovered the issue. I don't know if this could be the problem with the many others that I've seen on these forums, but I hope it helps someone.

    Seems the reason mine stopped was a simple permission problem. I use PS to work and the administrator did not have TOTAL control over my Adobe programs. It is fine... until there is an update to Windows or the system update. Then you have problems. Basically the admin just restored all permissions for me for Adobe software and VOILA! It worked perfectly. If you use the PS to work, talk to your system administrator and see about getting full permissions for Photoshop CC.

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    It was mover file export.

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    I use Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, 32-bit with 512 MB of RAM.

    I tried to reinstall Photoshop, but it doesn't work - I still have the same error.  I also checked the updates, but not all are available.

    Uh, the system requirements for Photoshop CC state you need 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB recommended. This is probably your problem.


  • How can I add a Dropbox icon or a link to the window "Save for Web" in Photoshop?

    The link or a Dropbox icon appears in Windows Explorer when I open or save a PSD, but it is NOT available when I "save for web? It is only with Adobe products that this happens. All the places I looked online says it's specific application that this adjustment and the addition must be made and that it is not a question to add it through Windows Explorer itself or anywhere elsewhere in the operating system. Can anyone help? It's really frustrating because I use Dropbox heavily with Photoshop.

    Thank you.

    I use Adobe CC 2014 and Windows 7 64-bit SP1


    You want to Dropbox as an option in this pane?  See if that helps.

    Change the default save folder to Windows 7 libraries for something else (like your Dropbox)


  • Used to Photoshop "save for Web".

    Since I installed CC on my MacMini (end of 2014) under OS X 10.10.1 vanilla, I was not able to use the function "Save for Web" in Photoshop (2014.2.2 version, 20141204.r.310 x 64) more. I get an error message saying 'operation could not be completed. The file or directory is not found. »

    Unfortunately, Google and the forums have only come up with people with similar problems, but not with all the solutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, he does, and I found the directory for the prefs CC 2014 SFW, not where I expected them.

    First, you might want to know OSX 10.10.2 was released and I have updated with no problems. Upgrade than the first.

    In the Finder menu: go > go to folder:

    Parameters of 2014 for the Photoshop CC ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe

    This folder contains save for Web Prefs.psp you can drag this file out of the folder on the desktop, and a new will be when you launch CC 2014 (Cmd i (for information) on the file SFW. The permissions should be read and write for you)

    We'll try and see if the reconstructed prefs fixes it.


  • Photoshop save for web unknown error


    I'm trying to save my .avi file in animated gif using photoshop save for web option, but I get an unknown except for web error. The .avi file is about 1.5 GB. tried to save the file with CC Photoshop and Photoshop CC 2014. My os is Windows 8.1 and I have 8 GB of RAM.

    Other details:

    Document size: 1800 x 1200

    .avi frame rate: 50 images per second

    Please help me

    Hi thanks for the solution its OK for now.

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