Photoshop CS5 print color in black and white graphics

I have Photoshop CS5 12.1 x 64 on a MacBook Pro with OS 10.10.5 with a Canon Pixma MP560 printer. Until a few minutes ago, has been printing very good Photoshop, but now it prints all graphics in black and white color. Before posting this request, I tried the printer on several other applications, including Word, Firefox and Adobe Acrobat, and all are printed correctly. Apparently, I clicked inadvertently something in Photoshop which has not extinguished color printing. I've attached a screenshot of a dialog box print in Photoshop with a simple image two-tone. I hope someone here can help you.


Thanks for the screenshots, they are a great help

In the first screen, uncheck grayscale printing. It is another name for black & white.


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    I replaced both cartridges.  Only black and white prints regardless of the program on my computer that I print. The printer prints a copy scanned in color well.  Help, please.

    Here is a solution for this problem.

    Color image prints in black and white

    Let me know if that solves the problem.

  • in windows photo gallery, print color in black and white photos

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    any help would be appreciated. Thank you!



    This happens usually if the print options or preferences are changed for your printer. To select print options, you must open the image you want to print. Most print options are located in the print dialog box, which you can access on the file menu in the program that you are using. The options that are available to you depend on the program and the printer you use.
    To access some options, you may need to click on the link 'Options' or 'Advanced Options' button or tab in the print dialog box. To learn more about the print options for a program, see the information for the program.
    Printing options are determined by your printer capabilities are called printing preferences and may include printing separation pages, color or image quality options and Staples. Like program options, printing preferences are displayed in the print dialog box. Look for the buttons labeled "Préférences" or "Properties". You can choose preferences each time you print a picture or preferences to default configuration to use for all the photos you send to a printer.
    Try these steps and check the result.
    Step 1: Set the default printing preferences.
    1. Click here to open Printers.
    2 right-click the printer you want to use, and then click Printing Preferences.
    3. Select the preferences you want to use as the default the next time you print to the printer, and then click OK.
    Step 2: Use print preview:
    To see what the print will look like before you print it, open the picture in Windows Photo Gallery that offers a preview before printing. Print preview is typically located on the file menu. You can choose the print in preview mode options and then print directly from the preview.
    To solve printer problems, download and run the Microsoft fix it and check the result.

    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.

  • Printed colors colours - black and white

    I just replaced the ink cartridges in my hp photosmart printer, and now black and white images on my computer print with a dyed yellow pinky? How can I fix it

    In the paper here troubleshooting steps can help solve the problem. The test documents five catalog solution properly?

  • OfficeJet 6700 Premium: Print color in black and white and then back to the color?

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  • Set default color in black and white for HP Officejet 4500 driver

    Is it possible to set the default color setting black and white driver and not in color?

    I know how to change the setting for each document that I want to print, but I print almost all black and you want to set the driver up to always default to black so I did not change the setting in the properties of each time.

    Thank you

    Hi Ltaff,

    I can't wait to hear that you have questions.  This can be set in the preferences.  Please see the steps below.  If you would like more information about your product, click here.

    1. go to the device folder and printer

    2. right click on the device

    3. Select printing preferences

    4. on the quality tab, select the Advanced button

    5. in the aspect tab, find levels of grey or black only printing

    6. click on the text to fill the drop down

    7. Select printing in grayscale or black ink only

    8. click on ok

    9. on the Preferences dialog box, select apply (this keeps the setting)

    10. then click ok

    11. attempt print job

    I hope this helps!

  • Epson Aculaser C 1100 printer does not print after that the text of the error 'install C Tnr basket' black and printer doenst photography black and white or grayscale pages

    Epson Aculaser C 1100 printer does not print after that the text of the error 'install C Tnr basket' black and printer doenst photography black and white or grayscale pages

    the printer is not the shades of grey even print cartridge is not yet empty

    y at - it software for hauler color printing?

    Thanks for your comments

    Hello Nilsvolkel,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm sorry for the late reply.

    I appreciate your patience and time.

    Do not require any special software.

    However, you can use the steps in the following articles and check.

    Please keep us informed.

    Thank you

  • Color s black and white PDF conversion

    I bought a scanner at high speed and converted a ton of documents in PDF format, using the color as my default mode. I then learned that PDF in black and white have a much smaller size, so I want to convert the majority of my PDF that don't have no color in black and white images.

    I use Adobe XI and learned the following process:

    Tools > print > convert colors...

    Gray = Gramma 2.2 conversion profile

    Convert Options = Preserve black

    Who converted to grayscale. Then, I got another routine to convert it to black and white. The problem is the size of the file is larger than the original.

    I read something about a PDF Optimizer which can reduce the file size, but I can't find it; It may not be part of the XI Acrobat?

    In any case, can someone tell me the easiest way to convert a color PDF in black and white, with a reasonable file size?

    Thank you.

    You can check for a preflight check routine to perform the conversion. Are usually B & W not so good that you will want to probably, unless you have simple text. In fact, in this case you want to do an OCR recognition or text with editable text (not available).

    One of the key factors are to use Save under when you perform the process. Save does not remove old information.

  • Satellite C660 C660D - Webcam color or black and white?


    I was just wondering if the web camera on the Satellite C660/C660D is color or black and white?
    If its color, how can I change the color?

    Thank you.


    Of course he came s color.
    It s a common webcam you have just black and white webcam photo?
    In your case I would recommend you the webcam software options.
    Start the camera Assistant software, and in properties, you can find the option called backlight Compensation. Check this option.
    Also in the Image tab, you will find some controls like: brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and sharpness. Play with these settings.

  • HP officejet Pro 8610: change of print in only black and white by default settings


    I need to change the default print for only black and white settings.

    By default, so I don't have to select this option, whenever I print.

    How to do this?

    Thanks for your time.


    Yes, and thanks again. Anette

  • When editing in LR 6 and shipping. RAF (Xpro2) files to Photoshop CC files are in black and white

    When editing in LR 6 and shipping. RAF files Photoshop CC files are in black and white. TIFF and JPEG transfer correctly. Here are the files taken with a Fuji XPRO2.  Image settings are SRGB and the problem is only with the RAF files and seems to only be affecting the RAF shot down with a XPRO2, XT1 files files are around trigger normally. This issue appeared just in the last 24-48 hours I think. The edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments box is not come on fra


    Hi aporkalypse,.

    Please update the form of vintage camera for Photoshop CC 2015.

    Camera Raw installation of Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 program

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


  • Photosmart HP 6520 - print in color, not black and white

    I have had this printer for some time and configure options so that it used only the black cartridge unless I put it specifically to do otherwise when I wanted to color.  It worked well and I could switch between black and white and color very easily.  A few weeks ago, the printer started to ignore the options I would set and printed in color.  I double checked the parameters, and the printer is always set up for black and white, but now it completely ignores and still print in color.

    I tried the settings at the time of printing, and that indicates that the image in black and white, it still prints in color.

    I haven't added any software or made any changes to my pc.

    Can someone help me with this, please?

    Hi Lulu and thank you for the reply!

    I suggest to download and run the HP print and Scan doctor.  Once you have run the tool successfully, try again the configuration in black and white.

    Please let me know the results.

  • HP Deskjet 3050: deskjet 3050 does not print the JPG files in color - all other documents are printed only in black and white

    Dear all,

    I have a problem with my Printer 3050 Deskjet. (USB connected with my laptop).

    My printer does not print documents colors in color, but only in black and white (with the exception of JPGs (photographs) which are printed in color.

    Word or PDF documents (for example) are always printed in black and white - even if they are in color.

    Copy of pages in color on my printer is not a problem.

    This works perfectly well. The printer is connected to my PC via USB.

    Cartridges (color and black and white) are practically new and original HP cartridges.

    Could the problem be associated I could have changed by accident print settings.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.


    Hi Cheticamp,

    In controlling panrl → devices and printers.
    Right-click on the printer and select Printing Preferences.
    Cot the Advanced button and make sure that grayscale printing is set as stop and confirm.

    From within Word, click file > print and click settings.
    You will see the screen Lady printing preferences.
    Press Advanced Options and check the optio grayscale is set as off for Word as well.

    Hope that helps,

  • HP psc1317 print a few strips of color on black and white photographs

    Why my HP psc1317 print a few strips of black and white photographs of 'My pictures', but does not work when copy black and white pictures under the process 'copy - black '. ?

    What the cartrdige of color graphic impression is used to give the best resolution.  If you have selected the photographic support black cartrdige will serve not as pigmented black ink is not compatible with the photographic support.

    When you press the black copy button the printer will use black cartridge to print.

    You have probably one or more colors on your color cartridge is not enough.  document here can help the diagnosis.

  • OfficeJet 150 Mobile - print is not black and white!


    I have a few documents of color I want to print that really don't need to be in color. I assume here it makes sense to print in black and white except if required?

    Then next question is how can I do? I select 'Black & White' as a print option, but again, it goes ahead and print in color.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    Hello again,

    I am happy to see that (for the most part) information I provided gave you a positive direction to solve your problem.  Once you make the changes, the settings are good for a print job. If the print job is 20 pages, then it will remain for all 20. If the print job is 1 page is all settings will remain. The bottom line is, you need to go and adjust the settings for each individual print job.  Once more I'm always happy to help you.

    If the information that I have provided has helped to solve the problem, please click the "acceptable Solution" part at the bottom of MY post so that others can find this solution. If you are happy with the troubleshooting and you think that I've helped you, please click the 'Thumbs Up' from my post as well.

    It has been a pleasure to work with you and please let me know if I can lend a hand again.

    Thank you.

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