Photosmart 5520 (but also others) duplex printing cleared at the bottom

Very recently, I bought a Hp Photosmart 5520 and I found that sometimes the bottom of a page is cut off when printing double-sided. I looked in this forum and found that this problem is hardware related and can not be solved, but there are solutions. I did a few tests with my current setup and I want to share my discoveries, here for other users waiting for HP to add a FAQ for the photosmart 5520 entry. (but also for the 6520 and 7520, probably)

The problem is clearly stated in a few messages, dating from September 2013 and Nov 2013, although it is not very easy to find

Basically, the margin of the low printable area is 3mm side simple impression, while it is 15mm (at least!) for the first page, double-sided printing. This is due to the fact that the printer must keep the paper in the output roll after that that he finished printing the first page. It is therefore IMPOSSIBLE to duplex - print a document with text or graphics that extends beyond the margin of the lower 15 mm, unless the page size is reduced so that the effective bottom margin is 15 mm. On the other hand, if the document does not contain text or graphics beyond bottom margin of 15 mm it CAN be printed double-sided without reduction.

IMHO, the problem is that the default behavior of the firmware of the printer, the drivers of operating system and/or applications do not always properly address this limitation leading to surprising or unsatisfactory results.

To better understand the limits and behavior of the printer, I have carried out tests under the following conditions:

(1) copy 2-sided vs 1-side in the printer display

(2) Windows 7 applications: Word2010, Foxit PDF reader, Acrobat PDF reader

(3) 4.3 android: Cloud Print and HP ePrint apps

The firmware in the printer is MGP5CN1351AR (Sep 12, 2013)

The windows version of printer drivers is 28.8 (October 30, 2012)

For tests 2 and 3, I have prepared a document word of 2 pages with headers and footers located exactly at 15 mm of margin top and bottom of the page and I have produced a PDF with CutePDF (unfortunately this forum does not allow attachments, otherwise I would have attached it).

The results were as follows

(1) in 2-sided copy the last 15 mm on part and on the other copy of the output are empty, even if the text of the content entry page, while, in 1-sided copy only the last 3 mm are empty (resizing is turned off, of course)

(2) double-sided printed of Word2010 gives a duplexer not resized when the printing preferences, advanced options, "Arrangement" is disabled. If it is set on, the output is reduced. Print PDF files is tricky: there are several different options in Foxit PDF and acrobat PDF. Auto-Centre and adjustment - on the page to print double-sided, but do not keep the right size in Foxit PDF reader; If preserve layout is off a significant part of the bottom of the page is not printed, apparently due to the fact that the margins are not properly managed by foxit PDF. Acrobat PDF instead, leave a good impression both sides preserve the page layout and scaling are disabled (obviously up to 15 mm).

(3) android Cloud Print prints the word and pdf files WITHOUT a provision to 'preserve', this is why some clipping may occur; HP ePrint prints two word files and pdf reduced in size, as if "preserve layout" option has been set.

In summary, I'll leave the "preserve layout" options always on in windows and I'll take a cut on the side of double-sided printing and I use hp eprint instead of cloudprint. If the correct size is important to a PDF file, it is best to experiment with Acrobat PDF (even if it is not a light program). iI would be expected at HP improved the behavior of the windows printer drivers to print a PDF file.

I hope that this post may be useful to other people.


You are right, that the effective page size is reduced because of the extra margins required to manage the document in automatic duplex mode.  From the rear is donated in the printer from the bottom and bottom printed in the top margin is also higher top for the back to the front.

The checkbox 'Keep the page layout' is important for results appropriate, although it will reduce the effective print size.

I've seen reports before of Foxit PDF printing problems, I avoid and use Adobe Reader.

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    Follow the steps below to perform pprinting Duplex of Office for Mac:

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    I literally just got my HP 6700 and he bought mainly for double-sided printing function, because I'm a student. When I went to print double-sided, it was only an impression on the short edge no matter what setting I put it on (impressions short edge to edge settings long both the short side in the printer dialog). I checked every setting I could think perhaps, but the printer still refuses to orient the pages correctly. It is extremely frustrating, especially when I spent a lot of money on a purchase of this new printer. Is it possible to fix this?

    I use Mac Os X version 10.9.4 and print normally on Google Chrome. All the software has been downloaded automatically when I connected my printer to the network.

    Oh wow, thank you for providing such a post detailed!

    If you do not have the driver tab, then something is wrong with this driver; You install the correct one or not install the full features software. Before going further, please uninstall the HP software currently installed on this HP document uninstalling the software of the printer.

    Please perform method 1 and 2 of this document. Once this operation is completed, you will need to download this software from HP:

    I even provide the link right here for you, so you can download it now. Please let me know if that makes a difference.

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